Colonial Pettypool-Poole-P'Pool Families


Recent information uncovered from Granville County, North Carolina estate settlements documented that the parents of Elizabeth Pettypool Jones of Rutherford County, North Carolina, wife of John Jones, were John and Sarah Pettypool of Granville County, North Carolina (1). Many Pool, Jones, Green, and Buchanan families from Rutherford, Cleveland, and Yancey County, North Carolina descended from these Pettypools. The Buchanans of Mitchell County, North Carolina are related through Elizabeth Pettypool and John Jones' daughters, Sarah and her husband Joseph Buchanan, Elizabeth and her husband William Buchanan, and Martha and Nancy both of whom married Greens.

This article will document the lineage of Elizabeth Pettypool Jones as:

Samuel Pettipoole (died 1667 Stepney, Middlesex County, England) and Alice Jackson

William[1] Pettypool (married c1661 York County, Virginia) and Ann Smith
William[2] Pettypool (born c1661-65 Virginia-died c1726 Prince George County, Virginia) and Elizabeth
Seth[3] Pettypool (born Charles City County, Virginia-died c1773 Halifax County, Virginia) and Martha
John[4] Pettypool (born 01/06/1725 Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia-died 1803 Granville County, North Carolina) and Sarah Sanford
Elizabeth[5] Pettypool (born 1750 Lunenburg County, Virginia-died 09/20/1818 Rutherford County, North Carolina, married 07/21/1771 ?Granville County, North Carolina) and John Jones (born 02/19/1750 Lunenburg County, Virginia-died 05/30/1821 Rutherford County, North Carolina)
This article will also document relationships among many early Lunenburg County and Prince George County, Virginia and Granville County, North Carolina Pettypool families and their descendents.

References Cited

(1) Patterson B (1991) Moving the Poole-Jones Line Back A Notch, Bulletin of the Old Tryon County Genealogical Society, vol. XIX, Forest City, North Carolina, p. 130. [return]

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