Colonial Pettypoole-Poole-P'Poole Families

III.c. Henry[4], John[4] and Seth[4] Pettypool (of William[1] , William[2] , William[3] ).

III.d. Henry Pettypool[4] (of William[1], William[2], William[3] ). Henry Pettypool, aside from the record of his birth in the Bristol Parish Vestry Book, does not appear in extant records. In 1782 in Dinwiddie County, the tax rolls contained John Pettipool, Seth and also a William Pettipool. There was a Henry Pettypool in the 1787 tax list, although he was listed as under 21 years of age. This younger Henry was also in the 1789 and 1798 Tax lists. In 1837 Dinwiddie County was recorded a law suit naming children of this Henry Pettypool. They were John, Stephen, David, Peterson and Elizabeth (married Pettipool Massey). It has been suggested that Henry (born 1740-1) was Henry John Pettypool who married Anne Brawder. This needs to be proven, but is discussed below.

III.e. John Pettypool Sr[4] (of William[1] , William[2] , ?William[3] ) and Anne. There is no direct evidence that William and Frances Pettypool had a son named  John. The John Pettypool who married Anne Brawder, however, appears to have been their son.  The Albermarle Parish Register of Surry County, Virginia listed a baptism entry naming a John and Anne Pettypool as parents of John Pettypool, born 02/14/1762 (1). John Sr would have been born before 1742.

There is a gap in records for John Sr[4]. John Sr[4] was on tax lists of Dinwiddie County in 1782 and 1787. Tax records of 1795-1799 and 1802-1809 indicated that the land was on Sappony Creek (2). John later married Rebecca Wilkinson in Sept 1785 in Brunswick County (3). John Sr. probably died c1809 since he was not present on the 1810 (or subsequent) US Censuses.

John Pettypool Sr.[4] had at least three children, John Jr.[5], Stephen Sr.[5], and a daughter. John Jr.[5] appeared in the Dinwiddie County, Virginia tax list of 1787. John Jr. (born 02/14/1762 Albemarle Parish, Virginia) was married to 'Polly'. Their known children were: Stephen[6] (born c1792-died 1859 Dinwiddie County, Virginia, married 11/10/1831 Greensville County, Virginia Mary S. Payne), Caderick[6] (born 1780-90, married- 1 12/03/1813 Dinwiddie County, Virginia Elizabeth Vaden, married-2 03/18/1828 Chesterfield County, Virginia, to Rebecca Garey), and a daughter who married Jeremiah Rowland.

There were two Stephen Pettypools, Stephen Sr (born 1760-70) and Stephen Jr. (born 1790-1800), in Dinwiddie County in the 1810-1820 US Census. Stephen Sr[6] was a brother of John Jr.[5], whereas Stephen Jr.[6] was the son of John Jr[5] and Polly Pettypool.

There were other Pettypools in Dinwiddie County who could have been sons of John Sr[4] and Anne Pettypool, namely Henry (born before 1766; under age 21 in 1787 tax list), David (born bef 1766; 1788 tax list), Robert, Perkinson (born bef 1772; 1790 deeds), Frederick (born bef 1776; 1794 deed), and Claiborne (born bef 1779; 1797 deed).

III.f. Seth Pettypool Sr (of William[1] , William[2] , ?William[3] ) and Ann Tucker.There is no direct proof that William and Frances had a son Seth, although there was a Seth Pettypool in Dinwiddie County on Sappony Creek after the Revolutionary War. This Seth and wife, Anne Tucker, were named as godparents of Robert Winfield (born 6 June 1762), son of Peter and Lucretia Winfield, in Albemarle Parish of Surry County, Virginia (4). Peter Winfield was a son of William and Sarah Winfield (5). Several Winfield families of this generation lived on Sappony Creek and Monk's Neck Creek in Prince George Co, including Edward, William and Sarah Winfield.

Seth's family has been documented (6). He married Ann Tucker and they had ten children: Seth Jr. (born c1764 married 12/1785 Brunswick County Virginia to Lucretia Winfield, born 1764), Dolly (born 02/15/1767 married bef.1794 Virginia, Buckner Nicholson), William (born 01/19/1769 married Nancy Parham), Lucretia (born 11/11/1772 Virginia-died 1856 TN married 1794 Sterling Tarpley), Martha 'Patsy' (born 01/17/1774 married Coleman Tucker), Joseph (born 08/12/11775 married Susan Cox), Ann (born 06/11/1777 married Daniel Evans), unnamed (born 12/09/1779), Frances (born 03/26/1780 married Richard Lock), Rebecca (born 03/29/1784-died 1788), and Sally 'Lee' (married William New.) Seth was listed on the 1782 Diwiddie County tax list, and on the 1787 and 1800 tax lists along with son Seth Jr. Seth Jr was appointed surveyor of roads in Dinwiddie County in 1789.

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