Colonial Pettipool-Poole-P'Poole Families

IV.b. Peter[4] Pettypool (of William[1] , William[2] , Seth[3] ) and Elizabeth Journey.

Lunenburg County, Virginia
updated 28 December 2010
Note, that James Pool, Revolutionary War soldier of Laurens County, South Carolina, has been ruled out as a Pettypool by DNA comparisons.

Peter[4] Pettypool, son of Seth and Martha Pettypool, was born 05/17/1727 in Prince George County, Virginia (1). He was in his father's household in the 1748 and 1749 Lunenburg County tithe lists. He was listed separately in the 1750 tithes in the district between Hounds Creek and the Meherrin River (which included Couches Creek, the same district as his father in 1749), which suggests that he married and stayed in upper Lunenburg County.

1748 Lewis Deloney's District (present Mecklenburg County)
Seth Petty Poole, 4 tithes [married Martha]
 -Seth Jr Petty Poole [married Mary]
 -Peter Petty Poole [married Elizabeth Journey]
John Pettypoole, 2 tithes [married Sarah Sanford]
-John Sandford [son of Ann Sanford Pettypool and Robert Sanford, dec'd]

1749 Between Hounds Creek and Meherrin (Couches Creek, present Lunenburg Co.)
Seth Petteypool 5 tithes
John Petteypool
Peter Petteypool
Seth Petteypool, Jr

1750 Hugh Lawson District (present Lunenburg Co.)
Peter Petteypool, 1 tithe

1750 Cornelius Cargill's District (present Halifax Co.)
Sith PettyPool, 4 tithes
 -Sith PettyPool Jr
John PettyPool, 1 tithe

In 1752 Peter Pettypool was in Lunenburg County on the list of tithes whereas his father lived in the area present Halifax County. A land patent in 1753 confirms his location in Lunenburg County on Hurricane Creek, a tributary of the Meherrin River, near Couches Creek (2).

1756 June 24, Peter Pettipoole, 400 acres joining the county line beginning at [Cumberland] Parishes upper corner

1757 August 2, Katerine Gwin to Peter Pety Pool, both of Lunenburg County, 100 acres on branches of Hurricane Creek, granted to Thomas Nance 27 Jul 1753, near Johnson's old William's line; Signed: Catran Gwin

In 1758, Peter was a tithable laborer to build a road from Great Owl Creek to Juniper Creek, another branch of the North Fork of the Meherrin River, in Lunenburg County (3). In 1762 Peter sold his land on Hurricane Creek. His wife, Elizabeth, was named in the deed (4).

1762 December 15, Peter Petty Pool, wife Elisabeth, of Lunenburg County to Anthony Fullilove, 100 acres; Lunenburg County, branches of Hurricane Creek, by patent to Thomas Nance 27 July 1753, adjoining Williams, Johnsons's old path; recorded: 14 July 1763

Granville County, North Carolina

Peter[4] can be found next in 1763 in Granville County, North Carolina on Aaron's Creek (5).

1763 February 7, Joseph Harrison to Peter Poole, 100 acres on Aaron's Creek at Drury Smith's line; witnesses: Henry Phillip Hart, Luke Landers.

Peter Pettypool was in Granville County, North Carolina on the 1767 Tax List of Philip Pryor, along with his brothers - Seth[4] and John[4], as well as with Robert Sanford, step-son of John Pettypool.

1767 Granville County, NC Tax List of Philip Pryor
John Pettypool, Robert Sanford 2WP
Seth Pettypool 1WP
Peter Pettypool, negro man Sippione 1WP, 1BP

The last records found for Peter in Granville County are in 1769, namely a land deed to Robert Sanford, and also a court trial for one of his slaves who was accused of a felony, found guilty and sentenced to fifteen lashes at the public whipping post (6).

1769, Peter Pettepool and wife Elizabeth, deed to Robert Sandford of Granville County, North Carolina

A Peter Pettypool received a land warrant in Ohio for three years service in the Virginia Continental Line (7).

The maiden name of Peter's wife, Elizabeth, was probably Journey as suggested by a Lunenburg County will entry for Catherine Journey (8).Catharine Journey was born Catharine Crews, and was the mother of Elizabeth Journey Pettypool, and the wife of William Journey of Juniper Creek (9).

1753 Account of Sales of the estate of Samuel Baker, deceased, as it was sold January 5, 1753 and February 3, 1753. Buyers: John Wood, Mark Thornton, Silvanus Stokes Jr, Isham Malone, Argill Blaxtone, Joseph Billups, Thomas Thornton, William Willingham, William Arven, John Thornton, Lewis Duprey, Richard Ashly, Stephen Petty Pool by his wife, Andrew Grymes, Henry Boulton, Thomas Nance, Kathrine Journey, William Harwel, Daniel Malone, John Willingham, William Snelgro[ve]. Total: 66.11.9. Per Mark Thornton; recorded February 6, 1753.

1774 September 8, Will of Catharine Journey: daughter Elizabeth Petty Poole; granddaughter Catharine Petty Poole; son John Journey; grandson William Journey, son of John; grandson Seth Petty Poole; Executor: son John Journey, grandson Seth Petty Poole; witness: Richard Crews, Ann Crews, John Stokes; recorded: 9 March 1775

Ninety Six District and Laurens County, South Carolina

Peter Pettypool moved from Granville County, North Carolina, to South Carolina in about 1772, when a deed was proved in court in Tryon County, North Carolina, for land in present day South Carolina (10).

1772 A Deed of Sale dated February 27th 1772 from John Howell of St. Paul's Parish, Georgia, to Peter Petty Pool of Tryon County, for �70 proclamation money, 202 acres on Black Walnut Creek, otherwise Mitchells Creek (above James Mitchell), a branch of Fair Forrest, granted 26 March 1755. Witnesses: Jeremiah Routh, Elisabeth Carson; acknowledged in open court and ordered recorded April term, 1772

Brent Holcomb has traced this deed in his book North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina (11) to Anson County, North Carolina. John Howell surveyed the land in 1754 and he was issued a grant in 1755. Following resolution of the state line between North and South Carolinas, the land was located in present Union County, South Carolina, just west of the town of Union at Buffalo, South Carolina.  Peter Pettypool and John Journey were residents in 1779 in 96-District, which included present day Union County, South Carolina, as they were named on the Spartan Judicial division (96-District) juror lists (12).

1779 Spartan Judicial Division-Grand Jurors
John Journey

1779 Spartan Judicial Division- Petit Jurors
John Liles
Peter Pattypooles
John Journey

Peter's son, Seth[5] Pool, also lived on Fairforest Creek near his father (13):

1775 January 13, Joel Farmer, 200 acres on small branch of Fair Forest called Rocky Creek. Bounded northeast by Hillory Guy, north by Seth Pettypoole, northwest by Thomas Summersall, southwest on James Mitchell, east on John Lyle, and vacant land. Survey certified 5 May 1773; granted 11 August 1774. Quit rent in 2 years. Wm. Wofford, D.S.

Additional piece of circumstantial evidence to Peter's identity was the presence of a John Journey in Union County, South Carolina in 1782, most likely Peter Pettypool's brother-in-law (14).

1782 October 22, John Journey of South Carolina, Ninety Six District, planter, bound to Joseph East of same, for 5,000 South Carolina money, for 300 acres of land to make title. Signed: John (I) Journey (seal); Witnesses: Alex'r MacDougal, James Crawford; recorded 24 March 1789.

In 1783, a Peter Pettypool, along with a Robert and Peter Pool, and John Lyles, were listed as Loyalists (Tories) to the Crown, and enemies of the state, by Thomas Brandon of Fairforest Creek, a colonel in the Whig militia (15). The lands of those listed were subject to confiscation. John Lyles was a Lt Colonel in the Whig ranks, who joined briefly with the British in 1780, but then returned to the Whig ranks.

Colonel Thomas Brandon's List
John Liles
Peter Pettypool
Peter Pool
Robert Pool

Robert Pool[e] had previously been arrested in 1779 and convicted as a Loyalist in 96-District by the Whigs (16), and was a casualty of war by 1782 due to his loyalty to the Crown (17). No relationship of Robert or Peter Pool to Peter Pettypool has been proven, but they are possibly his sons.

Seth Pettypool[5], son of Peter[4] and Elizabeth Pettypool, of Laurens County, South Carolina. Catherine Journey's grandson, Seth Pettypool, son of Peter and Elizabeth Journey Pettypool, was an adult by 1774 since he was named as an executor of Catherine's will in Lunenburg County, Virginia. He was born c1750 and died 29 September 1837 in Laurens County. Seth moved from his land on Fair Forest Creek to Laurens District in c1785 where he owned a grist mill on Warrior Branch of the Enoree River, near the Waldroup family who also migrated from Granville County, North Carolina (18).

1785 June 14, George Berry, Pl.[anter], to Seth Petty Pool, Planter, for 100, 100 acres, part of 450 acres granted 17 April 1767 to Wm. Berry, Decd. on north side of Warriors Creek of Enoree River. Witnesses: Peter Brooks, Andrew Cuningham, John Hall; recorded 7 July 1788

1788 July 18, John Waldrop, planter and his wife Elizabeth to Seth Petty Pool for 100, 100 acres on Enoree River granted 1772 to James Waldrop, conveyed by lease and release. Witnesses: Peter Brooks, Wm. Berry; recorded 16 September 1788

Seth[5] Pettypool was enumerated on the 1790 US Census in Laurens District along with his brothers-in-law, William and George Berry. He was listed as "Seth Paul", however, given his location in the listings near his brothers-in-law, the reasonable concordance of the numbers of underage males and females in 1790 as compared to 1800, and the lack of a "Seth Paul" in other Laurens records, the entry in the 1790 Census is more than likely for Seth [Petty]Pool.

1790 US Census, Laurens District, p. 447
Seth Paul 1mo16, 4mu16, 1f, 1sl
William Berry 1mo16, 1sl
George Berry 1mo16, 1mu16, 3f, 3sl

Seth and his family of 10 were recorded in 1800:

1800 US Census, Laurens District, Captain William Garretts Company, pp. 15-16
Thomas Berry 1mu10, 1m26-45, 3fu10, 1f10-16, 1f16-26
George Berry 1mu10, 1m26-45, 2fu10, 2f10-16, 1f26-45, 5sl
William Berry 1mu10, 1m16-16

Seth P. Pool 3mu10, 2m10-16, 1m16-18, 1m45+, 3fu10, 1f45+, 2sl

Two sons, William and John, were identified in the following deed in Laurens County (19).

1803 July 16, Wm. Taylor & wife Marthew to Seth Petty Pool for $200, 200 acres on Buckhead Creek of Enoree River, bounded on Henry Meredith, Luke Waldrop. Witnesses: Wm. Petty Pool, John P. Pool, Wm. Rountree, J.P.; recorded 1 February 1804

Seth Pettypool married Elizabeth Berry, daughter of William (died 21 May 1784) and Ursula Berry of Lauren District. Ursula died c1792 in Laurens County (20). George and William Berry were Elizabeth's brothers, who settled Ursula Berry's estate along with Seth Pettypool.

1792 February 10, Appraisement of the estate of Usley Berry, dec'd, total 17, 17 shillings, 8 pence, by John Attoway, Seth Petty Pool, Harley Attoway. Purchasers at sale: George Berry, Thos Farrow, Jo. Deen, Wm. Berry, Wm. Waldrop, Nicholas Brown; Wm. Berry, administrator.

The 1810 US Census lists Seth and growing family, now 13 persons in the household:

1810 US Census, Laurens District
Seth Pool 3mu10, 5m16-26, 1m45+, 3fu10, 1f45+

Several family members were heads of households in 1820:

1820 US Census, Laurens District (all listings alphabetical by first name)
Berry Pool 1m16-26, 1fu10, 1f16-26
Elizabeth Pool 1mu10, 1fu10, 1f26-45
Peter Pool 2m10-16, 2m16-26, 1m45+, 1f10-16, 1f16-26, 1f45+
Seth Pool 2m10-26, 2m16-26, 1m45+, 1f10-16, 1f16-26, 1f45+

There were two William Pools, one was Seth's and one was James
William Pool 1mu10, 1m26-45, 2fu10, 2f10-16, 1f26-45
William Pool 1m16-26, 1fu10, 1f16-26

The identity of Peter Pool of 1820 is unconfirmed. If this was the elder Peter Pettypool, he would have been 93 years of age, although Seth had a son Peter. There was a deed for a Peter Pool in Laurens County two years earlier (21):

1818 January 27, Ware Long to Peter Pool for $250, 100 acres whereon I now live on Mountain Creek, middle fork, waters of Raborns Creek, conveyed by Mary Arnold, widow, to Garlington Coker to said Ware Long. Witnesses: Chas & Joshua Saxon; dower relinquished by Patsy Long. Jonathan Downs, J. Q. Proved by same; recorded 2 March 1818.

Mountain and Rabon Creeks feed into Reedy River, west of Laurens, South Carolina. The above Peter could be the elder Peter Pettypool, but more likely he was his grandson, the son of Seth Pettypool (see below). In addition, there was a Loyalist militiaman named Peter Pool in the Camden District militia, whose identity is not confirmed (22).

Some of Seth's descendants were listed on the 1829 Tax List and 1830 US Census of Laurens County, South Carolina, namely John, Berry, Seth, George, and Peter.

1830 US Census, Laurens County, p. 275
Berry Pool 2mu5, 1m5-10, 1m30-40, 1f5-10,1f10-15, 1f30-40, 5 slaves
Jno Pool 1mu5, 1m30-40, 1f5-10, 1f20-30, 1 slave
Sythe Pool 1m20-30, 1m60-70, 1f50-60, 11 slaves
George Pool 1m10-15, 1m30-40, 1f15-20, 1f20-30

Elizabeth Berry Pettypool died 7 March 1837 and Seth died a few months later, on 29 September 1837, both in Laurens District.Seth Pettypool named some of his sons in his will:

...I, Seth Poole, of District of Laurens...First, I bequeath to my son Martin Poole as much out of my estate as will be sufficient to pay all his lawful debts at this present time. Second my estate, real and personal shall be sold and the proceeds be equally divided between the said Martin Poole, my son, and all the balance of my children or their legal representatives...I leave my sons John Poole and Peter Pool my executors...this 27th, September, 1837. Signed: Seth P. Poole; Witnesses: William Cowan, Lucy Poole, Emily Poole.

Children of Seth and Elizabeth Berry Pool were Berry Pool (born 1792- died 1847, married 1820 Mary "Polly" Blackstock, all in Laurens County), Terry Pool (born 1792, twin of Berry), William Pool (died 15 October 1842, married Elizabeth Terry, in Laurens County), John Pool (born 17 August 1797- died 27 July 1868, married Susan Brooks, Laurens County), Peter Pool (married Nancy Prior and died 1849), George Pool, Nancy Pool, Robert Pool (died 9 February 1819 Laurens County, married Elizabeth Davis), Martin Pool (born 1805, married Elizabeth Martindale), Seth Pool Jr, Betsy Pool, Martha Pool (died 1855 Forsyth County, Georgia, married William Terry), Caroline Pool, and Anna Pool (died 26 September 1840 Georgia, married Cottrell), and Susan Harriett Pool (died 2 December 1815) (23).

Elizabeth Terry Pool, widow of William Pool (son of Seth and Elizabeth Berry), left a will in 1850 in Laurens County naming five children, William Pool (married Nancy Brown), Berry (Little Berry) P. Pool, Mary Pool (married Bartlett Coleman), Nancy "Nanny" Pool (married James M. Compton), Rebecca Pool (married Robert Patterson) (24), and Eliza Pool (married Thomas Henry Moseley).

In the name of God, Amen. I Elizabeth Pool of Laurens District and State of South Carolina, being of sound and a disposing mind and memory, and calling to mind the uncertainty of life and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with, do make and ordain this my last will in the manner following, viz., 1st. I desire that after my decease all my estate both real and personal be sold and divided between my children. 2nd I give to my granddaughter Mary E. Mosely one tenth of my estate to be held by my son Berry P. Pool until she attains the age of twenty one. 3rd. After the above legacy I desire that the balance of my estate be equally divided between my children Berry P. Pool, William Pool, Rebecca Patterson, Nancy Compton, and Mary Coolman. 4th. I desire that if my grand daughter Mary E. Mosely should not live to attaine to the age of twenty one the interest she may be entitled to under this my will be disposed of according to the third clause of my will. 5th. I give and bequeath the interest to my daughter Mary Cooleman may be entitled to under this my will to my son Berry P. Pool to advance to her as he may think she stands in need. And lastly, I do constitute and appoint my son Berry P. Pool executor of this my last will and testament by me heretofore made. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 24 day of September, 1850. Signed sealed and acknowledged in the presence of us. Signed: Elizabeth (her X mark) Pool. Witnesses: W. S. Smith, Sam'l Mills, A. S. Hutchinson. Proved 23 October 1850.

Benjamin[5] Pettypool, possibly a son of Peter[4] and Elizabeth Pettypool, of Halifax County, Virginia. Benjamin Pettypool, a potential son of Peter and Elizabeth Journey Pettypool, was born around 1753. Benjamin may have been a son of another Pettypool family member, as yet no proof of his parentage has been found. He married Rhoda Overbey, daughter of Peter and Sylvania Anne Vaughan Overbey (25). The children of Benjamin and Rhoda were documented in probate records in Mecklenburg County (26, 27) as Nancy (first cousin once removed of husband Seth Pettypool, son of William and Sarah Tynes Pettypool), Martha (first cousin once removed of husband Caldwell Pettypool, son of William and Sarah Tynes Pettypool), Peter (married Elizabeth Shotwell), Jechonias (married Sarah Wilson), and Sarah Pettypool (first cousin once removed of husband Allen T. Pettpool, son of William and Sarah Tynes Pettypool).

1803 Chancery Court, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
Pettypooles Heirs vs Pettypoole Admin
To the Court of Mecklenburg County in Chancery sitting Humbly complaining heir to your worship your orator & oratrixes Seth Petty Poole & Nancy his wife Peter Peter [sic] Pettypoole - Colwell Pettypoole and Martha his wife of lawful age also Jechonias Pettypoole & Sally Pettypoole infants under the age of twenty one years by their guardian and next friend Seth Petty Poole, which said Nancy, Peter, Martha, Jechonias & Sally are heirs and distributees and representatives of Benjamin Pettypool dec'd.

That sometime in the year of our lord _______ a certain Benjamin Pettypoole departed this life intestate in this County possessed of a certain number of slaves and the personal property that in pursuant of his intestacy aforesaid, letters of administration upon his estate were granted to a certain Jechonias Overby, who having given bond & security as the laws of this County in such cases made & provided requires, took upon himself the burden thereof that all the personal property of which his intestate died possessed of or having a title to was taken possession by him - & has since come into his hands, particularly a certain number of slaves to wit: Harry, Jincy, Annica, Mary, Amey, Sally, Charles, Joe, children of a certain slave named Jane, who has since died, also Hannah & four of her children, also Tom, also Tom a child of Annica all of which came into his hands this present year.

1810 Mecklenburg County Chancery Court October 1810
Bill and Answer
The answer of Jechonias Overby [cut off on top of copied page] Pettypool the [Bill] ____ of Complaint exhibited against him in this Chancery Court by Seth Pettypoole & afores'd M__   as heirs and representatives & distributes of Benjamin Pettypool dec'd
And this respondent as far as he is advised it is natural for him to answer, Answers & Says, that he admits all allegations in the Complainants bill to be true - & that he is willing to account for any hires of slaves which may have come into his hands since his possession of the same, and also to deliver with the said slaves to be divided in any manner the Court may or think proper or that such other decree or order may be made as this Court may think just & proper & this Court us he prays to be hence dismissed & I will ever pray
Filed for Deft

Seth Pettypoole and Nancy his wife Peter Pettypoole Colwell Pettypoole and Martha his wife also Jeconius Pettypoole and Sally Pettypoole infants under the age of twenty one years by Seth Pettypoole their guardian, which said Nancy, Peter, Martha, Jeconias and Sally are Heirs distributes and representatives of Benjamin Pettypoole dec'd Plts
Jeconias Overbee Administrator of Benjamin Pettypoole dec'd. Deft
By consent of the parties by their counsel and guardian respectively, this cause came on to be heard on the Bill and Answer, on consideration whereof it is decreed & ordered that John Wilson, John Speed, Joseph Townes, Charles Hamlin and Stephen Pettypoole or any three of them do ascertain the hire of the slaves in the Bill mentioned since they came into the possession of the deft [defendant], and do divide & distribute the same together with the slaves aforesaid among the complainants as heirs and representatives of the said Benjamin Pettypoole dec'd and make report thereof to the Court in order to a final decree.

Benjamin Pettypool was gifted land in Halifax County, Virginia by his grandfather, Seth Pettypool Sr., probably close to the time that Benjamin married Rhoda Overby (28)

1773 March 4, Seth Pettypool of Halifax County to Benjamin Pettypool of Halifax County, for the love Seth has for his grandson, Benjamin, Seth has given Benjamin a certain tract of about 4 acres of land in Halifax on the south side of Hico Creek, bounded by John Murphy, Howard Hurst, Pinson's branch, Byrd, Thomas Wiler. Signed: Seth (his + mark) PettyPool; Witnesses: William (his x mark) Pettypool, Hayden Pryor, Ginor (her + mark) Roach, Martha (her + mark) Crook, John (his + mark) Whit, Frederick (his + mark) Tally; recorded 17 June 1773.

The large number of witnesses is a clue to the interrelationships in the Pettypool family. William Pettypool was possibly Peter's brother. William sold a portion of the home place on Aaron's Creek and Benjamin was a witness, along with William's mother, Martha Pettypool (29).

1773 June 12, William Pettypool of Halifax County, to Haden Pryor of Halifax County, for 3 pounds 6 shillings and 3 pence, a certain tract of about 5.75 acres of land in Halifax, bounded by Aarons Creek, Pryors Spring branch. Signed: William (his x mark) PettyPool. Witnesses: Peyton (his TA mark) Tally, Benjamin (his x mark) PettyPool, Martha (her M mark) PettyPool; recorded 17 June 1773

Benjamin sold the land gifted by his grandfather Seth Pettypool three years later, and William sold more of the home place (30).

1775 November 3, Benjamin Pettypool of Halifax County to John Heath of Halifax County, for 12 pounds, one certain tract of land in Halifax County bounded by John Murphey, Howard Hurst, Pinsons branch, Byrd, William Wilson, about 64 acres. Signed: Benjamin (his + mark) Pettypool. Witnesses: Henry (his H mark) Tally, William (his x mark) Pettypool, Haden Pryor, John Wade, Moses (his ++ mark) Parish; recorded 15 August 1776

1777 January 7, William Pettypool and Haden Pryor of Halifax County to James Jones of Granville County, North Carolina, for �50 about 210 acres in Halifax, and bounded by Wm Pettypool, Pryor's spring branch, Aarons Creek, Pryor's Fish dam, Re[e]dy fork. Signed: William (his x mark) Pettypool, Haden Pryor, Sarah (her | mark) Pettypool. Witnesses: Obadiah Overby, Benjamin (his + mark) Pettypool, Peter Overby. Sarah, wife of said William, voluntarily relinquished her right of dower to the lands conveyed; recorded 17 June 1777

Benjamin moved to the Mecklenburg County side of Aaron's Creek (Tewahomony Creek) in 1785 (31):

1785 September 12, Drury Overby of Mecklenburg County to Benjamin Pettypool, for 10, about 175 acres in Mecklenburg County on the drafts of Tewohomine Creek, and bounded by Nicholas Overby, Abraham Talle[y], Peter Overby, John Jones. Signed: Drury Overbey; recorded 12 September 1785

1789 April 27, Benjamin Pettypool of Mecklenburg County, to Joshua James of Halifax County, for 20, about 200 acres in Halifax County, bounded by Thomas Wilson, William P. Pool; recorded 27 April 1789.

1790 August 23, Halifax County, Virginia, power of attorney to Obadiah Overbee concerning ejection of John Hackney by John Overbee who sold land to Jeremiah Overbee; witnesses: Gray Buggs, William Ruffin, Benjamin B. Pettey Pool, Herod Overby

1800 Tax List, Mecklenburg County, Virginia
Benjamin Pettypool 1WP
Seth Pettypool 1WP
Stephan Pettypool 1WP

Peter Pool of Iredell County, North Carolina. Of unproven relationship to the above Pettypools was a Peter Pool who was enumerated on the 1815 tax list of Capt. Thompson in Iredell County, North Carolina (32). No other record for him has been found in Iredell County, although an exhaustive search has not been conducted. There is a marriage bond for Peter Poole to Mary Cross on 7 July 1789 in Rowan County, parent county of Iredell, with John Jennin[g]s, bondman and Will Alexander, witness. It is possible that this Peter Pool was the son of Peter and Elizabeth Journey Pettypool who was found on the juror list of 1779 in 96-District, South Carolina.

1815 Tax List, Capt. Thompson
Peter Pool 60 acres $75 S. Yadkin

Of probable importance, however, was the residence in Iredell County of the Nathaniel Bacon Journey family along with a John Piles (see above for James Pool). Nathaniel Bacon Journey was a grandson of William and Elizabeth Crews Journey of Lunenburg County, Virginia, through son William Journey and wife Elizabeth Bacon.

1820 US Census, Iredell County, North Carolina, p. 5
Elisha Journey 1mu10, 1m26-45, 2fu10, 1f16-26, 5 slaves
Nath'l B. Journey, 1mu10, 1m16-26, 1m26-45, 1fu10, 1f16-26, 1 slave
Nath'l Journey, Sen'r 1m10-16, 1m16-26, 1m45+, 1f10-16, 1f45+, 18 slaves
William Piles 3mu10, 1m26-45, 2fu10, 1f26-45
John Piles 2mu10, 1m26-45, 3fu10, 1f26-45

Nathaniel Bacon Journey Jr left a will in 1827 (33):

1827 October 2, Nathaniel Bacon Journey. To wife Jane, use of 148 acres whereon I live to raise family until youngest is of age then divide equally between children and wife. Executor: Father, Nathaniel Journey, Peter Claywell, Sr. Witnesses: Solomon Hall, A. Blankenship, jurat; probated November 1827.

Nathaniel's father, Nathaniel Journey, left a will in 1840, and his mother, Lucy Journey, left a will in 1846, both naming their children: Thomas Journey, Lucy E. Welch wife of Samuel Welch, Edmond P. Journey, Nathaniel B. Journey, deceased (who named a son Peter C. Journey), Elisha E. Journey, and Mary Oliphant, wife of Matthew Oliphant (34). Lucy E. Welch moved to Winston County, Mississippi, and appointed William Welch of Newberry, South Carolina, as her attorney to settle her father's estate (35).

Catherine Pettypool. Catherine Pettypool was named as the granddaughter of Catherine Journey. No further information.

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