Colonial Pettipool-Poole-P'Poole Families

IV.d. Seth Pettypool Jr.[4] (of William[1], William[2], Seth[3]) (born c1733 Virginia) married Mary.

Seth Jr., son of Seth and Martha Pettypool, was listed in their household in the 1748-50 Lunenburg County List of Tithes, on the Aaron's Creek land in present day Halifax County, Virginia. He was on the 1755 tax list of Halifax County, Virginia (161).

1755 Poll List in Halifax County:
Seth PettyPool, Jr 140 acres, 0 negroes

Seth Jr[4] moved to Granville County, North Carolina at about the same time as his brother, John[4] having settled their families on on lands between Aaron's and Bluewing Creek (162).

John Harris, warrant to William Churton, to survey 640 acres in Granville County of both sides of Aaron's Creek, joining Sith Pool; 6 December 1758, entered 9 October 1758; signed: Frances Corbin, execution delayed; granted 1 Dec 1760

Robert Glidwell to Seth Pettypool, 50 acres on Aarons Creek, part of tract granted to Glidwell; witness: R. Harris, John Pettypool; 19 June 1759

Robert Glidwell to Seth Pettypool, 100 acres on Aarons Creek in Granville County, being part of tract granted November 4, 1757 to Glidwell. Witness: R. Harris, John Pettypool; 19 June 1759

We can be certain of which Seth went to Granville because Seth Jr's wife, Mary, was named in a land deed in 1762 (163).  Mary’s surname has not been documented, although Mary Wood is the name that has been traditionally used to identify her.

Seth Pettypool and wife Mary to James Bridges, 100 acres in Granville County, North Carolina.; witness: Robert Harris; 11 May 1762

Seth Pettipool entered 640 acres in Granville County on west side of Aaron's Creek, bordering a red oak marked "SP" near Tuckers School path; 28 May 1778

Seth Pettypool entered 200 acres in Granville County on south side of Aaron's Creek bordering John Pettypool, down the creek to Ambrose Jones, crossing the creek and running up to John Pettypool; 28 May 1778

Seth was listed in the 1767, 1780, and 1782 tax lists of Granville County. In 1787 Seth Sr.[4] was released from paying tax by his son son Seth.[5](164).

Seth Pettipoole released from paying tax on Seth Pettipool Jr for 1786; 7 August 1787

Seth Pettypool Jr.[4] left a will in Granville County North Carolina in 1789 and named his children, but not his wife: Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Jane, Nancy, William (born 09/12/1755 Halifax County, Virginia-died 07/10/1849 Greenville County, South Carolina married Anna Street born 1758-died 08/19/1842 Greenville County, South Carolina), John (known as John Jr. in Granville County records, died 1837 Greenville County, South Carolina, married Elender Green), Seth (born c1762- died 1843 married Elizabeth), Young (born 04/17/1765 Granville County, North Carolina- died 11/10/1843 Greeneville County, South Carolina married Sally McVeigh, born 1771), Jesse (born 1745-64 married Tabitha Green), Claiborne (born c1774), and Phillip (married 04/07/1808 Granville County, North Carolina Annie Winfrey) (165). Sons William and Young Pettypool were the executors.

Seth Jr.'s[4] son, William[5], was a Revolutionary War soldier who died in Greenville South Carolina. His pension application record states he was born 12 Sept 1755 and lived in Granville County North Carolina in 1779 and Caswell County, North Carolina in 1781 (166). He named a son, Seth[6], and another family member, Young[5] Pettypool, his brother. William died 10 Jun 1849 and is buried in the Pettypool Cemetery in Greenville, South Carolina along with his wife, Anna Street, and son Seth[6] Pettypool and wife Maiden Pace. In his will William named his wife, Anna, and children Seth, John, William, Erwin, and Rebecca Stephens (167).

Seth Jr's[4] sons, Jesse[5] and John Jr.[5], had moved to Union County South Carolina by 1791, as indicated in Granville County North Carolina deeds. The land adjoined their uncle, John[4] Pettypool (and Sarah) (168).

John Pettypool and Jesse Pettypool of Union County, South Carolina, deed to Seth Pettypool of Granville County for all that land bequeathed to them by their father in Granville County adjoining John Pettypool Sr's old line; 17 February 1791

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