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Pettypool Immigrants to America (William [1]).

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Recent work (1) by Carolyn Hartsough uncovered the importation record of one William Pettepoole into Virginia by a John Davis, who in 1659 claimed headright for transporting William and eight other persons into the Colony of Virginia (2). This was likely Samuel and Alice's son, William Pettipoole, born in 1630 and 28 years of age when John Davis filed his claim.

1658/9 February 25. Thomas Merridith, 450 acres in New Kent County, 25 Feb. 1658, p. 254, (355). On both sides of Rickahock path, beginning by Burchen Sw[amp]., to land of Mr. Richard Barnhouse &c. Trans[portation], of 9 pers: Jone Nicholls, Rich. Charlwood, Robert Peacocke, Wm. Pottpowler [sic, Pettipoole], Nich. Hedge, Joane Rayman, Ann Cloomer, Joseph Morris, Wm. Newman. Assigned by Jno. Davis.

This William Pettipoole was indentured to John Davis in York County, Virginia as found in court records in 1660 (3). John Davis had extensive land holdings in the York River area.  William married another indentured servant in the Davis household, Ann Smith, in about 1661 (3).  William and Ann were released from indenture to their masters, John Davis and his wife Mary, respectively, between 1660 and 1661, which suggests that their indenture, and hence their importation into the colony was about 7 years earlier, or no later than 1654.

William and Ann were involved in a tobacco stealing incident (3).

At a Court Held for York County, November 13, 1660
Present: Col. George Reade, Esq., Capt. Ralph Langley, Mr. Edmond Peeters, Lt. Col. William Babar, Capt. Daniel Parke, Mr. William Hay, Maj. Joseph Croshaw, Maj. James Goodwin, Mr. Robert Baldrey, Mr. John Hansford, Mr. Xopher Harris and Mr. Mathew Huberd:

In difference between John Raughan, plt. and John Davis, deft., concerning tobacco plants of said Raughan, bought of Emanuel Alvis and carryed away by order of said Davis by his servants William Pettipoole and Ann Smith, plaintiff craves a jury. Ordered that a jury be impanelled as follows: George Gill, foreman, Daniel Tucker, William Pattison, Nicholas Seabrell, Thomas Whalley, James Moore, Thomas Allin, Alexander Tyre, John Gland, Richard Smith, John Davis and William Walker. Verdict: We find for plaintiff 300 lb. tob.[acco] and order John Davis to pay John Raughan.

In difference between Emanuel Alvis, plt. and John Davis, deft. concerning his stealing and carrying away, by his servants William Pettipoole and Ann Smith, tobacco plants belonging to plt, plt. craved a jury which was impanelled as follows: George Gill, foreman, Daniel Tucker, William Pattison, Nicholas Seabrell, Thomas Whalley, James Moore, Thomas Allin, Alexander Tyre, John Gland, Richard Smith, John Davis and William Walker. Verdict: We find for plt. 300 lb tob.

Whereas it appears to the court that John Davis ordered his servants William Pettipoole and Ann Smith to take away tobacco plants of Emanuel Alvis and John Raughan, it is ordered that they be committed to sheriff's custody till they give bond for good behavior.

John Stanly says he heard John Davis say, about 27 Oct. 1660, that he would give William Pettipoole and James Stanly a seat of land between them for 20 years and 20 head of cattle and a bull and 10 head of hogs, which they to have the increase; and Davis to build deponent a 30 foot dwelling house with deponent's labor and furnish them with too. 13 Nov. 1660.

Ann Smith says that last May she was ordered by her master to go with William Pettipoole, then both servants, to steal plants of Emanuel Alvis and John Raughan in an old field called Burrough's field, denied John Davis and wife, she being her master and dame; and Davis said "No matter, I'll let it alone till a season comes." When season came, Davis came to the bedside and called her in all haste, it then being a cruel tempest of thunder, rain and lightning, that she go with William Pettipoole to steal the plants, but unwilling to go, Davis departed to another room and deponent fell asleep; and Davis came again with a darkk lantern and said, "What, are you not up yet?" Than she told him she had no shoes. Davis said, "Take your freedom shoes and wear them, and be careful you keep not in the path." She said she had no knife and Davis gave her his. Having stolen the plants, bare three days later Davis promised her a heifer, which she refused. Then he offered her another which he said was his own. Deponent said, "Truly master, I'll have none of your cattle." She was forewarned of going to Alvis's house. He promised deponent many large gifts [torn] if she not divulge the stealing.
12 Nov. 1660 Ann (x) Smith

Deposition of William Pettipoole [Weisiger: says essentially as above with similar promises by Davis].
12 Nov 1660 William (W) Pettipoole

Ann (Nann) was named as the wife of William Pettipoole, and both were described as "thieves" with "scandalous and dangerous behavior" (4).

At a Court held for York County, 23 May 1661 at Capt. Daniel Parke
Ordered that Mr. Daniel Wild have a warrant from the clerk to bring before us on sight at Capt. Daniel Parke's house, William Pettipoole and Anne his wife.

On request of William Pettipoole and Anne his wife for a discharge from comittment till they give bond for good behavior, court discharges them, they paying all costs.

On petition of John Davis, court discharges him from his bond for good behavior of Nov. last

John Thomas vs. William Pettipoole referred to next Court.

At a Court held for York County, 26 August 1661
James Stainsby, committed by last court to sheriff's custody, and guilty by his own confession, this day craves King's most gracious pardon. Court remits his punishment, but his testimony to be invalid in future in all cases.

Ordered that William Pettipoole and Ann his wife, on William's recovery, being now sick, be taken into custody until thy give bond for good behavior, being persons of scandalous and dangerous behavior.

At a Court held at George Reade's House, 27 August 1661
Present: R. Hon. Governor of Va., Col. Francis Moryson, Esq., Col. George Reade, Maj. Thomas Beale, Esquires, and Lt. Col. Henry Gooch

Deposition of James Stainsby, age 28, examined 1 May 1661, says that in difference between John Davis and John Thomas, by the devilish instigation, vile and cruel persuasions of William Pettipoole and Anne his now wife did suborne your deponent to swear falsely concerning his master Thomas, that he should give your deponent a certain sum of tobacco to swear that John Davis had killed a steer, which now I do here pronounce under oath, that my said master Thomas, nor his wife, nor none belonging to them never offered me no such thing, nor never desired nor persuaded me to swear for or against anyone in any matter, knowing my master Thomas behaving himself civil and honest to all persons; and that William Pettipoole and Nann his wife swore concerning him is false, and proceeded out of malice and envy, because my master Thomas checked them from stealing several bags of tobacco from John Davis and called them "thieves", and forbad them his house. Further saith that what tobacco and other things Pettipoole and his wife stole from John Davis, they sold aboard sloops in Queens Creek and converted it to their own use, and sold a case of drams to the negro Emanuel Anvill. Said Pettipoole often persuaded me to accept stolen tobacco at my master's house but I denied them, thereupon they hid it in a hollow trees about the plantation, and so by night would carry it aboard sloops.
James (~) Stainsby
Sworn before me, Wm Babar

I, William Pettipoole and Anne my wife, name Master John Underwood our attorney in difference depending between John Thomas & us. 24 Aug. 1661. Wm ( ) Pettipoole, Ann (X) Pettipoole

At a Court held for York County, 31 October 1661
William Pettipoole and Anne his wife are by court discharged from their bond for good behavior.

Tobacco exported from York County on sloops went directly to London, including Stepney, in adjoining Middlesex County.

John Davis, master of William Pettypool, died about 1665 in York County. John Davis's wife, Mary, remarried to Thomas Holder (5). Thomas Holder died about 1670, and Mary Davis, widow, may have been the same who was mentioned in Henrico County, Virginia, records as having remarried to Charles Russell. John Davis' name reappeared in records of Henrico County in 1720, along with William Pettypool.

At a Court Held for York County April 1665
George Gill and Robert Weekes are security for Thomas Holder, his being accountable to the children of John Davis, dec'd.

Division of estate of John Davis, dec'd:
To Mary, the relict, livestock to value 10/19/7 2/3
To William Davis, same, to value 27/6/5
To Thomas Davis, same, to value 27/6/5
To Benjamin Davis, same, to value 27/6/5
Signed: John (JT) Thomas, Ralph Graves, Henry (H) White

John Baskervyle to be paid by Thomas Holder, who married the relict of John Davis, dec'd, 800 lbs tobacco for taking the inventory.

Court Held 24 August 1665
Bond of Thomas Holder and George Gill of Marston Parish, York Co., and Robert Weekes of Middletown Parish, York Co. 3 May 1665. Condition is that said Holder married Mary, the relict of John Davis, dec'd, and shall cause estates to be delivered to the children:
To Thomas Davis, 9 head cattle; to Benjamin Davis, 11 head cattle; to William Davis, 9 head cattle and to each of the three 27/6/5 money.
Witness: John Baskervyle, Mr. Chas. [?]
Signed: Thomas Holder, George Gill, Robt. Weekes
Recorded 24 Aug 1665.

I, Thomas Holder, now of Marston Parish in Yourk Co., Planter, appoint living friend Benjamin Lillingston my attorney, 9 Jan 1670.
Wit: William Woorll, Will Wetherford
Signed: Thomas Holder

At a Court Held for York County, 1 December 1671
Nathaniel Bacon, Esq. is to be paid out of the estate of Thomas Holder 2880 lb tob.
Mr. John Leake is to be paid out of the estate of Thomas Holder 1745 lbs. tob.

At a Court Held for York County, 10 January 1671 [1672]
Upon petition of Mr. Robert Weekes, one of the securities of Thomas Holder, about the orphans of John Davis, dec'd, it is ordered that Benjamin Lillingston, as attorney for Holder, possess Thomas Davis of what part of the estate is belonging to Holder in his hands, and no order is to issue agst Holder's estate until the orphan's dues be served.

In October 1665, across the James River from York County, William Pettipoole was empaneled on a jury in Surry County, Virginia, to view the body of a man who drowned at Upper Chippoakes Creek at Benjamin Harrison's landing (6,7), a short distance from the home place of our proven William[2] and Elizabeth Pettypool in Charles City County.

Whereas the Corps of an Unknowne young Man was this day found att the Landing of Mr. Benjamin Harrisons which by reason of ye. weather will forth with putrifie & become offencive the Law requiring a Jury first to Enquire the Cause of all accedentall deaths before buriall of such p:sons as doe not dye naturally These are therefore to will & require ye. whose names are here subscribed that ye. repaire to the sd. landing to Morrow Morninge by Sun risinge to View ye. sd. Corps, & to give yr. Verdict undr yr. hands how ye sd. stranger came by his death that he may be buried Whereof yo. may not faile as yo. will answer the Contrary att ye. uttmost p:rll dated at my house this 7th ffeby. Anno 1664 [1665]. Geo. Jordan. Directed to Ffrancis Hogwood Constable Whoe Impannell ye. ds. Jury & bury the dead Mann.
Mr. Henry Brigs, foreman. Mr Mathew Battle, Mr. Mathew Hogson, Tho. Webster, Richard Attkins, Wm. Pettepole, Mr. Sam. Coop:, Mr. Ben. Harrison, Robt. Carthrayt, Maruice Burcher, Tho. Harker, Mr. Wm Norwood. Ffrancis Hogwood Constable. You & every of yo. haveing viewed the sd Corps & subscribed to ye. same are alsoe required to come to ye. house of Mr. Henry Brigs to Make oath to ye. Verdict. G. Jordan.

Wee whose names are above Written in Conformaty to this warrant have viewed the Corps herein named, & have seriously Considered what might be the instruementall Cause of his death but he haveing been soe Long dead that his body is putrified & brooke soe that wee are only able to adjudge that he hath been drowned in the River but by what accident or by what means is impsseble to Judge but that he is drowned & Cast up by the tide att ye Landing aforesd he is a Midle aged Man of indiferent stature with sad browne hair he had an old shirte & striped Drawers & this wee subscribe to be our Verdict. The Juries s___tion are on the other side.
Signum Henry Briggs, Mattw. Battle, Sam. Coop:, Ben. Harrison, Robt. Carthwright (R), Maurice Burcher, Thomas Webster (I), Joh. Kepin (I), Richard Atkins, Wm Pettypole (+), Wm Norwood (77) Ffran. Hogwood (H). All sworne to the Verdict within Written the 8th July 1664 before Me Geo. Jordan and pr:sented in the Courte of ye. sd. County by the Constable wth:in named whoe reffers him selfe to yr. Worps. for what yo. will allow for his paines & hinderance of his owne busines att that busy time, for he went to the mens houses to warne them dug ye. Grave & buried ye Corps & was sick from that day for a fort night. Recorded 5th Octobr. 1664. Test Geo. Watkins, Cl.

William and Ann Pettipool demanded headright on 28 Nov 1665 for themselves and son William in Talbott County, Maryland, for emigrating into Maryland (8), possibly where they removed after their legal entanglements in York County, Virginia four years earlier.  Importantly, by 1665 they had a son, William Pettipool, designated William[2] Pettypool.

William Pettipoole demands land for transporting himself Ann Pettipoole his wife and William Pettipoole his son into this Province tho which he assigns away thus,
I William Pettipoole do assigne over all my right title or interest of me to the right aforementioned unto Daniele Jenifer, Gent, his heirs and assigns for ever from me and my heirs forever,
Witness my hand this eight & twentieth day of November one thousand six hundred sixty five.
The mark of
William + Pettipoole
Edward Savage

William and Ann sold title to the Talbott County, Maryland land to Daniel Jenifer. Daniel Jennifer married Mary Smith, widow of Captain William Smith. William Pettypool was named as indebted to the estate of Captain William Smith, an inn holder, who died testate in St. Mary's County in about 1667 (9). The executor was Mary Smith Jenifer and later, Daniel Jennifer.  It is unclear if there is any familial connection between Ann Smith Pettypool and Mary Smith Jenifer.

1667 December 18. Will of William Smith,  St. Mary's County, Maryland. Innholder. Bequests to Mary, Mr. John Morecroft; brother Joseph; son William. Overseers John Morecroft, Thomas Nottley, Daniel Jenifer. Executrix: wife. Witnesses: William Harper, William Fardel. Proved 8 January 1667/68.

1667 [sic] December 11. Inventory of Capt. William Smith, St. Mary's County, Maryland. Plantation on the Eastern Shore. Appraisers: Daniell Clocker, Thomas Wynne. Additional inventory. Amount: 20,6300 pounds tobacco.  Debts...John Davis, Sr....William Pettipoole...John Smith...William Cole...Pope Alvey...John Davis...George Smith...Isaack Winslow...Samuell Winsslow. Debts:...Pope Alvey...Daniel Smith...William Pettipoole...Henry Smith...William Cole...John Davis, Jr....Richard Smith... Mathew Smith...Richard Tilghman...Robert Wellen...John Smith.  Debts: John Smith. Debts:...William Smith...Alexander Davis...
Accepted by: Mary Jenifer alias Mary Smith 19 May 1671 at St. Mary's County before Sir William Talbot . Daniell Jenifer Saint Mary's granted administration on estate of Capt. William Smith innholder 24 December last. Estate was unadministered by Mary Jenifer his late wife & lately Mary Smith executrix of said William. On the same day, said Daniell was granted administration on estate of said Mary Jenifer. Continuance granted.

In November 1668, William Pettipoole was issued warrants for 100 acres of land in St. Mary's County, Maryland, of which 50 acres was assigned from Thomas Gadd for servitude to Thomas Davis, the remaining 50 acres assigned from Mary Compton for servitude to widdow Shack.

November 6th MDCLxviii
Came Thomas Gadd of the County of St. Maries and proved right to fifty acres of land due for his time of Service performed to Thomas Davis and also came Mary Compton, and proved her right to fifty acres of land due for her time of Service performed to the widdow Shack by which said rights the both assigne away in these following words, Viz.
Know all men by these presents & that wee Thomas Gadd and Mary Compton of in and to our above specified rights to and unto the said William Pettipoole for the only use and behoofe of him the said William Pettipoole his heirs and assignes for ever Wittnesseth our hands and seals the fifth day of November in the xxxviith year of the Dominion of Cecilius &c Anno Domini MDCLxviii
                                                                                    the mark of
Witness, Edward Savage                                      Thomas N Gadd              Sealed
                                                                                    the mark of
George Charlesworth                                           Mary  M  Compton          Sealed

November the vth MDCLxviii
Came William Pettipoole and demanded warrant for one hundred acres of Land by virtue of the Considerations aforesaid
Warrant then issued to lay out for William Pettipole of the County of St. Maries one hundred acres of land to him due by the assignment from Thomas Gadd and Mary Compton, to them due for there times of Service performed as aforesaid.  Certret: the vth day of Feby next
Maryland Patents Liber 11 (copied from Liber GG (1667-68) folios 70-548), p. 543.

In December1668, Ann filed a civil suit at the Provincial Court in Baltimore, Maryland (11).  In order to file suit in court in her own right, she would have been a widow (femme sole), suggesting that William was deceased between November 5, 1668 and December14, 1668. She did not appear in court so the suit was dismissed.

All mett as on Satterday this being the 14th day of Decembr 1668
Francis Cole being bound Over to this Court by Ann Pettypoole who swore the peace agt hime and to appeare this Court to answere her Complaint doth accordingly appeare but the said Ann nor any other prson coming in agt him is Clear'd

The composite William Pettypoole, of Middlesex County, England, although unproven to be the same man as in the Colonies of Maryland and Virginia, will be referred to as William [1] and the son of William[1] and Ann Smith as William[2] Pettypool.

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