Colonial Pettypool-Poole-P'Poole Families

Phillip Pettypool[5], and Ephraim[6] and Henry[6]Pool
(of William[1] , William[2] ,William[3], ?Stephen [4]).

Edgecombe County, North Carolina

During the French and Indian War, the militia in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, had three Pettypool soldiers on a muster roll from the 1750's (1). Corporals Phillip Pettypool and Stephen Pettypool were brothers, sons of William and Frances Pettypool of Lunenburg County, Virginia.  This third Pettypool was another Phillip, probably younger, since he was a private soldier.

Muster Roll of Edgecombe County Militia, Captian Aqueler Suggs Company
   Pettefole, Stephen, corporal
   Pettypool, Philip, corporal
   Petypool, Phillip, soldier

The possible age for the second Phillip can only be crudely approximated by making assumptions about the date of the muster roll, say 1759, and the minimum age of soldiers in the militia, about 16. Soldier Phillip would then have been born before 1743. Corporal Phillip was born 13 March 1730 (2) and therefore was not likely to have had a son at age 13. Corporal Stephen Pettypool was born 30 October 1721 (2), and would have been age 22 when Phillip was born. Stephen and Phillip had two other brothers who came to North Carolina in the nearby county of Dobbs, namely Ephraim (b c.1735) and Abraham Pettypool (b.c1730-1734). Of these choices, Stephen Pettypool (wife Sarah ?Colwell) was the oldest, and more probably the father of Soldier Phillip Pettypool.  It can not be overlooked that this Phillip could also have been a son of an as yet unknown Pettypool.

No further record of Soldier Phillip can be substantiated in North Carolina. Corporal Phillip Pettypool lived in Edgecombe County and Dobbs County, North Carolina. Several of the sons and/or their offspring moved to Camden District, South Carolina, in about 1768 -1770, namely Corporal Stephen Pettypool, Abraham Pettypool, and Ephraim Pettypool. It is likely that the Revolutionary War soldier, Phillip Pettypool of Camden District, South Carolina, and Warren County, Georgia, was the younger Soldier Phillip Pettypool of Edgecombe County.

Camden District (Formerly Craven County), South Carolina

Phillip Pettypool moved to Camden District, South Carolina by 1770 (3). Philip married Mary Tapley, as will be shown below. Also joining Phillip was Ephraim Pettypool, Jr., likely his son, who married Lucretia. They settled in what is now Sumter and Claremont Counties, South Carolina.

1770 A memorial exhibited by Philip Pettypool to be registered in the Auditors Office of a plantation or tract of land containing 93 acres situated in Craven County St. Marks Parish SW on land granted to Isham Rees and John McIntosh, NW on land laid out to Sherwood James and one Hopkins, NE on land granted to Alexander Campbell, SE on William Rees land. Survey certified the 25th Sept. 1770. Also of another plantation or tract of land contaning 250 acres situated in Craven County St. Mark's Parish near the High Hills of Santee in Wateree River Swamp bounding NE on land granted to Sherwood James, S on land granted to Lewis Evans, all other sides vacant land . Survey certified the 27th Sept 1771 and both granted the 22nd day of Nov  1771.   Set this hand Jan 14 1772  - Isham Moore D.S.

1778 February 28, Lease & Release. Philip Pettypool of St. Marks Parish, planter, to John Gabriel Guignard of same parish, for 650 pounds South Carolina money, 93 acres in Craven County on north east side of Wateree River granted to sd Philip Pettypool 25 September 1771. Witnesses: David Reynolds, Josiah Gayle. Proved by the oath of Josiah Gayle before Nathl. Moore, J.P., 23 February 1778. Recorded 30 April 1778.

Philip Pettypool supported the Patriots in the Revolutionary War, as evidenced by indent accounts in 1783 for Philip Pool, John Pool and Abraham Pool (4). No record exists of him serving with troops, although he signed the South Carolina Association for Public Defense roll in 1776 (5)

Public Defense Roll 1776, Camden District, South Carolina
Abraham Pettipool
Philip Pettypool
Ephraim X Petey Pool
Saml Tynes
Adam Tapley
John Tapley
Matthew Singleton
Isham Moore

Ephraim's name is difficult to read in the 1776 defense roll, and has been mistranscribed as Ephraim Wesley Jr. The "Pool" in Ephraim X Petey Pool has a smudge over "oo" and the signature is extended into the next column, crowding the adjacent signature of "Thos X Woodard"

Philip Pettypool
Scan of two columns
erase names above & below
remove line between columns
remove + below Pool 
(+ found adjacent to every name in list)
remove Thos his X mark Woodard
the "t" in Petey is not crossed
remove smudge above & below "oo"
open "oo" in Petey Pool

Ephraim Pettypool, Jr., son of Phillip Pettypool, served the Camden militia, under Captain Matthew Singleton, Isham Moore and John Singleton, of the High Hills of Santee, Camden District, St. Mark's Parish. Muster rolls show him present on 6 August 1775 and 13 September 1775 (6).

Volunteer Company of Horse, Captain Matthew Singleton's Company
Matthew Singleton
Isham Moore
John Singleton
Epheram petty pool junr
Caleb Gayle
Saml Tynes
Edward Hill

Ephraim Pettypool Jr next enlisted on 7 May 1776 in the Sixth Regiment under Colonel Singleton, along with the sons of Abraham Pettypool of Camden District, namely, William Pettypool and Seth Pettypool (7). Isham Moore was previously in Johnston County, North Carolina, where he and John Avent witnessed a deed of Newt Tapley for land close to Stephen Pettypool (8).

1767 September 29. Samuel Clark and Mark Moore of Northampton County to New. Tapley of Johnston County, for 25 proclamation money, 200 acres in Johnston County on the north side of the Little River the waters of Neuse, beginning at a white oak on the river bank running N 3 ch to a white oak, W 50 ch to a hicory, a strate [sic] line to the river to a stake, down the courses of sd river to begining, it being land granted to John Moore, dec'd; witnesses: Isham Moore, John Avent.

Newt Tapley was the brother-in-law of Phillip Pettypool. John Avent was related to Ursula Avent, wife of Ephraim Pettypool of Dobbs County, North Carolina and Camden District, Fairfield County, South Carolina. Isham Moore and Samuel Clark also moved to Camden District adjoining Phillip Pettypool, as revealed by the following deeds (9).

1776 January 7 & 8, Lease & Release, Isham Moore of St. Marks Parish, to John Gabriel Guignard of same, for 1500 South Carolina money, 338 acres on the High Hills of Santeee on north east side of Wateree River in Craven County, granted to Samuel Hopkins 7 & 8 August 1763, and by him conveyed to said Isham Moore, 6 & 7 February 1771. Witnesses: Wm Richardson, Mattw. Singleton. Proved by the oath of William Richardson 3 April 1777 before Jno Colcock, J. P.. Recorded 26 April 1777

1777 March 4 & 5. Lease & Release, Ann Clark, widow and executrix of Samuel Clark, deceased, and William McConnico, executor, both of St Marks Parish, South Carolina, to John Gabriel Guignard of same, for 1500 South Carolina money, for 150 acres on the High Hills of Santee in St. Marks Parish, Craven County, adjoining land granted to Arthur Richardson, John Beckman, John McIntosh, Philip Pettypool, land granted to Samuel Hopkins; witnesses: Robert Singleton, Richard Singleton. Proved 4 March 1777 before Nathaniel Moore, J. P., by the oath of Robert Singleton. Recorded 26 April 1777.

Ephraim and Phillip Pettypool were in Camden District through 1784 (10).

1781 Estate of Watson Brumfield, Charles Brumfield, administrator, of Wake County, North Carolina, and John Westbury and Robt Dearington of Camden District, South Carolina, securities, 15 December 1781. Inventory by Robt Dearington, John Westbury & Anthony Lee. Buyers at sale: Charles Brumfield, Susana Golden, Elisabeth Brumfield, John Wheler Jr., Robt Moses, Richd Singelton, Wm Brown, Membrance Williams, Jas Golden, Ephraim Pool, Isaac Jackson, Gilbert Croswell, Albert Fort, Wm Williams, George San, 14 January 1782.

1782 Edwin Rees, planter, will proved 29 July 1782. Wife Mary, daughters Sally and Elizabeth. Executors Brothers Hugh Rees and Isham Rees, Edwin Rees; witnesses: Philip Pettypool, Sarah Rees, Thos Andrews. Inventory by Isham Moore, Huberd Rees, Abijah Rembert, 17 August 1782; mentions Philip Pool, Matthew Gayle, Adam F. Brisbane, Samuel Hatfield, Robt Dearington, Thomas Andrew, Dr. Wright, Capt. Josiah Furman, Peter Brunson, Henry Whelar, Mr. Hardis, George Spain, David Neal, Col. Nathl Moore, Wm Moore, Wm Rees, James Habersham, Wm Dinkins, Flemin Tynes, Mr. Grimes, Henry Clark, Caleb Gayle, Wm Barden, Greenberry Caper, Isaac Knighton, Edward Lane, Willis Ramsey, Charles Leflour, Alexander Campbell, James Borough, Benjamin Holloway, Lenard Powell, Capt. Lewis, Matthew Peterson, Mr. Skiner, Robt Moses, Ephraim P. Pool, Golbert Crosswell, Archabald Henson, John Denny, Philip P. Pool, John Hamilton.

1784 William Arledge, John Arlarge, administrator; Joseph Arlage, Isaac Arledge, Clement Arledge, bond for 3000 pounds sterling, 18 August 1784. Witness: Amos Arledge. Warrant of appraisement to Bartlet Hinson, Isaac Arledge, Chas Gavin, Benjamin Perry & Isaac Gibson. 18 August 1784. Sworn appraisers: Isaac Arledge, Charles Gavin, Bat. Henson, 30 August 1784 before Charles Pickett, Esq. Debts: James Love, Ephraim Pool, Joseph Thompson, James Bishop, William Kitche, John Wrens. Appraisement 2 September 1784.

1785 Camden District, Tax District Eastward of the Wateree, William Murrell, returned on 1 Sept 1785
Abraham Petipool 450 acres 6 negros
Philip Petipool 1 negro

Wilkes and Warren Counties, Georgia

Philip and his son, Ephraim Pettypool, were in Wilkes County, Georgia by 1788 (11).

1790 Tax Returns, Wilkes County, Georgia, Capt. Fretwell's District
Ephram Pooll 200 acres, Wilkes County
Stephen Pooll
Thomas Jones 240 acres Wilkes County, 200 acres Washington County [son-in-law of Stephen Pettypool]

Philip and Mary Tapley Pettypool's daughter, Mary, married Henry Graybill, Justice of the Peace in Greene County, Georgia (12).

1790 June 13. William Gilbert of Greene County and Susana his wife to Randolph Rutland of Greene County, for 40 pounds good and lawful money, 150 acres of land from a 350 acres tract granted originally to James Wood by Governor George Matthews, Esq. on 1 March 1782, adjoining Butler, Henry Graybill and James Harvey; witness: Phillip Pool. Recorded 7 October 1793

1792 October 13. Henry Graybill & Mary his wife of Greene County to James Harvey of same, for 100 pounds specie, 287 1/2 acres on the Oconee River in Washington County at time of survey, now Greene [County], granted to Jonathan Hobbs 26 April 1787. Signed: Henry Graybill, Mary (X) Graybill. Witnesses: Jno Cessna, Philip Pool. Proved by Jno Cessna, Esq. 27 October 1792 before Thos. Baldwin, J. P. Registered 20 March 1793.

Mary Pool, wife of Phillip Pool, was the sister of New Tapley, Elizabeth Tapley, and Judith Tapley Wilder, all daughters of Joel and Mary Avent Tapley (13). Mary Avent Tapley was the sister of Ursula Avent Pettypool, wife of Ephraim Pettypool of Dobbs County, North Carolina and Fairfield County, Camden District, South Carolina (not the Ephraim Jr. being discussed here).

1790 May 14. Joel Tapley and Mary, his wife, of Richmond County to Robert Thompson, for 50 pounds, land on Deep Creek granted to sd. Tapley 3 January 1786; signed: Joel Tapley; witnesses: Ezekiel Smith, John Ragland. Recorded 29 November 1799.

1790 May 10. William Bush & Mourning his wife, of Wilkes County, Georgia to Joel Tapley of Richmond County, for 12 pounds, 200 acres in Richmond County, on east side of Beachtree Creek, adjoining Andrew Crawford, Bowlings, Thomas Johnston, granted 28 May 1788; signed: William Bush, Mourning Bush; witnesses: James Homphill, Evin Tapley. Recorded 15 May 1799.

1793 August 6. Philip Pool & Mary Pool, executors, and New Tapley, Elizabeth Tapley, Judith Wilder, and William Tapley, heirs of Joel Tapley, dec'd, to Henry Harp, for 12 pounds sterling, 50 acres in Columbia County on Rocky Comfort Creek, part of a grant of 287 1/2 acres granted to heirs of Mark Tapley, 15 August, 1788. Signed: Philip Pool, Mary (X) Pool, New (N) Tapley, Elizabeth (X) Tapley, Judith (J) Wilder; witnesses: John Wilder, William Gray.

Phillip and Mary Pettypool lived in Warren County, close to his brother-in-law and sister, Thomas and Sarah Pettypool Jones. Also on nearby land was Phillip and Mary's sons Ephraim Pettypool, Jr., Henry Pettypool and James Pettypool (14). The land that Phillip and Mary lived on in 1794 was likely the tract of land purchased by her father, Joel Tapley, in 1790 from William and Mourning Bush.

1793 July 15. Robert Moses Senr. of Wilkes County to Peter Goodwin of Columbia County, for 130 pounds, 160 acres adjoining Evan Thomas, Ephraim Pool, John Moses, part of 400 acres granted to sd Moses 29 May 1785; signed: Robert Moses; witnesses: Peter Hodo, Robt. Moses Junr. Recorded 1 July 1799.

1794 Tax List, Warren County, Georgia, Capt. Lawson's District
Thomas Jones 1 WP 80 acres, Warren County, Deep Creek, adjoining Crawford & Mitchell
Goldman Tapley 1 WP
Philip Pool 1 WP 1 BP 200 acres, Warren County on Beech Tree, adjoining Bowlen & Crawford
New Tapley 1WP 2 BP 350 acres, Warren County on Rocky Comfort, adjoining Barrow & Bowlen
                                    250 acres, Washington County, Buffellow Creek, adjoining Clay & Raglin

1794 Tax List, Warren County, Georgia, Capt. Neal's District
Ephraim Pool 1 WP 100 acres B[rier] Creek, adjoining Neal & Goodwin
James Pool 1 WP

1801 February 23. James McCormick of Warren County to David Neal of same, for $300, 1250 acres in Warren County adjoining E[phraim] Pool, Thos. Neal, Thos. Jones, Jas. Gray, Phillip Pool, Castleberry, Newman, Creswell, except for about 40 acres granted to James Creswell. Witnesses: Joel Neal, James Neal. Recorded 25 February 1802

1801 Tax List, Warren County, Capt Joday Newsom's District, p. 15
Phillip Pool 1 slave, 200 acres, Wm. Burst grantee, on Beech Tree Creek
                                260 acres Mark Tapley grantee, Rocky Comfort Creek
Henry Pool

Philip Pettypool Jr died  between September 26, 1801 and March 2, 1802 in Warren County, Georgia (13). His wife, Mary Tapley, was executor, and his children were Mary (married Henry Graybill, J. P.), Ephraim Jr. (married Lucretia), Henry, James and Susannah Capps (15). Phillip Pettypool was buried in Warren County, Georgia (16).

1801 September 26. Philip Pool of Warren County for good will to my son Henry Pool give a sorrell horse. Signed: Philip Pool; witness: John Bruton. Recorded 5 December 1801.

19 September 1801 Last Will and Testament of Phillip Pool.  "I lend the whole of my property that I am possessed of unto Mary my beloved wife to hold during her natural lifetime and afterwards to be equally divided between five of  my children (to wit) Mary Graybill, Ephraim Pool, Henry Pool, James Pool, Susannah Cass."

 Executors: Wife, Mary, and son-in-law, Henry Graybill. Witnesses: John Bruton, William Porter.

1802 March 2. The will of Phillip Pool, deceased, was duly probated and letters testementary ordered to issue to Mary Pool and Henry Graybill, executors.

1812 Tax List, Hancock County, Georgia, Capt. Harper's District
Henry Graybill as exr. Philip Pool 16 BP 435 acres Hancock County, Oconee River, ajoining Butts
                                                 430 acres Warren County, Beechtree Creek, adjoining Bruton
Michael Graybill 4 BP 100 acres Hancock County, Oconee River, adjoining Spivey

According to Ephraim Pettypool Jr.'s Revolutionary War widow's pension application (17), he stated in a Montgomery County, Tennessee Court deposition that he served in South Carolina during the war as a volunteer private from Camden District on High Hills of Santee under Colonel Matthew Singleton, in Captain John Singleton's Company, for three months. Lucretia Pool deposed on 2 October 1839 in Montgomery County that she married Ephraim in Camden District, South Carolina in March 1781 or 1782. She also stated that they moved to Georgia and remained but a short time before moving to Tennessee forty years ago. Ephraim moved to Wilkes County, Georgia by 1785 where he received a land grant for 200 acres (18). He served on a jury in Robertson County (later Montgomery County), Tennessee in 1797 (19). Ephraim and Lucretia Pool's eldest son was William Pool of Mississippi, born c1782. Ephraim was a clergyman in Montgomery County, Tennessee where he died on 11 September 1834.

Revolutionary War Service Pension Application of Thomas Hunter, Robertson County, Tennessee (#R4411)
We Ephraim Pool, a Clergyman residing in the County of Montgomery in the vicinity of the above applicant, and Conrad Coon residing in the County of Robertson, hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Thomas Hunter who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration that we believe him to be 70 years of age. That he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that opinion.

Ephraim (his mark) Pool, Clergyman
Conrad Coon

Henry Pettypool was born c1759 in South Carolina and he served in the Revolutionary War in South Carolina, although one source stated he was born in England (20). He moved to Warren County, Georgia (20).

1805 Tax List, Warren County, Georgia, Capt. Neal's District
Henry Pool 1 WP 2 BP, 100 acres Warren County on Rocky Comfort or Stamp Branch, adjoining Newsom

1805 Tax List, Warren County, Georgia, Capt. E. Bakers' District
 Nicholas Pool 1 WP 50 acres, Warren County, Alexander grantee, Williams Creek adjoining Allen
James Pool Jr. 1 WP 211 acres, Warren County, Few grantee Williams Creek, adjoining Kelly
    for James Pool Snr 1 WP
    for Jere Pool 1 WP
    for Jesse Pool 1 WP

1818 Tax List, Warren County, Georgia, Capt. Neal's District
Henry Pool Junr. 1 WP
James Pool 1 WP 100 acres, Warren County, Rocky Comfort adjoining Newsom
    [James married Rebekah Matthews 27 March 1811 Warren County]
Henry Pool Sr 1 WP 300 acres, Warren County, Stamp Branch adjoining Matthews

1820 US Census, Warren County, Georgia, Captain Hutchinson's District
Henry Pool Jr  1mu10, 1m16-26, 1m26-44, 1fu10, 1f45+
Reuben Reese 1m10-15, 1m16-25, 1m45+, 1f1-15, 1f16-25, 1f45+, 1 male slave 14-25
Henry Pool Sr 1mu10, 1m16-18, 1m16-25, 1m45+, 1fu10, 1f16-25, 1f45+
Richard Reese 1mu10, 1m16-25, 1fu10, 1f16-25
James Pool 2mu10, 1m26-44, 3fu10, 1f26-44

In 1830, Henry Pool Sr was listed as Henry P. Pool on the Warren County census.

1830 US Census, Warren County, Georgia
James Pool 2m5-10, 1m10-15, 1m30-40, 2f5-10, 2f10-15, 1f15-20, 1f30-40
Henry Pool 1m5-10, 1m10-15, 1m30-40, 2fu5, 1f5-10,1f10-15, 1f30-40
Hugh Reese 1m20-30, 1fu5, 1f15-20
Henry P. Pool 1m15-20, 1m60-70, 1f40-50, 1f60-70 [m1 Susan Ratcliffe]
Samuel Pool 1mu5, 2m5-10, 3m10-15, 1m30-40, 1fu5, 1f30-40

1831 Land Lottery Grants to Veterans of the Revolutionary War
Henry P. Pool of Warren County land in Troup County, granted 7 May 1831

1840 US Census, Warren County, Georgia
Henry Pool III 1m15-20, 1m20-30, 3f15-20, 1f20-30, 1f40-50
Henry Pool Sr 1m70-80, 1f20-30, 1f40-50 [m3 Mary Hutchinson]
? Pool 1m5-10, 1m15-20, 1m20-30, 1m4-50, 1fu5, 1f5-10, 1f10-15, 1f15-20, 1f40-50

Henry Pettypool died in Warren County, Georgia and was buried there in 1852 (22). He married three times (23), first to Susan Ratcliff in 1784, second to Polly Wilson in 1832, widow of John Wilson of Warren County, Georgia, third to Mary Hutchinson in 1839, and last to Elizabeth (Eleanor) Hutchinson on 13 December 1844 in Warren County, Georgia (24).

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