John Peter Vautrin (1640-04/12/1713), was a Huguenot miller from Hellering, Lorraine, France. John Peter was an elder of the Reformed Church at Hellering and was buried at Kirrberg, just across the border in Alsace (German speaking). Four sons are known: John Peter (c1670) married Esther Ludwig, Abraham (c1674) married Catharine Brodt, Jacob (c1680), and John (c1682) married Eleanor Grosjean.

Jacob Vautrin (c1680) married Maria Grosjean, sister of Eleanor, on 09/02/1703 in Rauwiller, Alsace. Their children were Abraham (09/26/1709), John Daniel (06/24/1711-04/15/1786), Maria Suzanna (01/01/1718), Johannn Jacob (04/12/1720), Jost Peter (04/07/1722), Jost Jacob (09/17/1724), Jost Joseph (06/16/1726), and Christian (12/18/1729). They lived in Hellering and Kirrberg. John Daniel and first cousins Abraham and Samuel, sons of Abraham Vautrin, immigrated to Philadelphia (1733-1749) to escape persecution and war.

John Daniel Wotring (06/24/1711-04/15/1786) was born in Hellering, served in a regiment of dragoons at age 17, deserted and went home to Alsace. He married Eva Kuntz in Hellering in 1733. Their children were: Mary (09/05/1734), (Mary) Elizabeth (01/06/1737-1739), and Susanna (08/06/1738-1739). They arrived in Philadelphia on 09/03/1739 on the ship Robert and Alice, and five weeks later Eva and two daughters died. He lived at Germantown and near York, PA, where he was converted by the Moravian pastor, Lischy. John married Anna Maria Rebmann (01/09/1715-11/20/1786), daughter of Conrad Rebmann, in 1740. They moved in 1759 to Graceham, Frederick Co., MD in the Moravian community. In 1761, John became a naturalized British subject. Their children were: John Daniel Jr (12/21/1741-11/16/1779) married Elizabeth Glett, Anna Maria Salome (03/18/1743-died young?), (Anna) Catharine (05/16/1745-08/14/1759), Juliana (08/03/1746-09/10/1803) married Phillip Weller & Henry Peizel, Maria Salome (1749), (Anna) Elizabeth (02/20/1751), Maria Elizabeth (03/16/1754) married Nicholas Kuntze, and Barbara. John Sr died of congestive heart failure (dropsy), Anna Maria died of sepsis brought about from eye surgery, and were buried at Graceham.

Barbara Wudring (Wudringerin)(02/27/1757-c1835) married Michael Teffeteller (c1755-c1839), step-son of Frederick Cramer, in 05/04/1775 at Owens Creek, Frederick Co. Their children born in Frederick Co. and baptized at Apple's Church were: Elizabeth (1776) who married Peter Yount, Maria Magdalena (02/15/1778), Jacob Heinrich (09/18/1780) who married Charlotte Plum and Parthenia Ray, Catherine (1782) who married John Shook, Johannes (06/01/1784), Jacob (03/25/1787-1856) who married Rachel Curtis, and Daniel (02/25/1789) who married Patsy Curtis. After 1790 they moved to Lincoln Co., NC to join nephew Daniel Woodring, son of John Wotring and Elizabeth Glett, his wife Susanah Sipe, and her brothers, Daniel, Abraham and Paul Sipe. Later children of Michael and Barbara were: Joseph (c1795-1884) who married Elizabeth Martin, and William "Waddy" (c1797). In 1809, Michael Teffeteller can be found in Haywood Co., NC, home of several of Barbara's Woodring cousins. By 1814, Michael and Barbara Teffeteller were in Blount County, TN. Michael owned land on Crooked Creek which was left to his heirs. Michael and Barbara are thought to be buried in Lutheran Cemetery on Duncan Road, Maryville, TN.

William "Waddy" Teffeteller (1797) married Ann Cupp (01/10/1807), daughter of David Cupp (1777-1857) and Elizabeth Niamon (Nyman, Neiman, Newman)(1780-1845), in Blount Co. on 03/13/1802. Their children were: Barbara (02/08/1827-09/04/1902) married James Washington "Buff" Hall, Mahala (c1838-04/10/1906) married Samuel Hall, Catherine (1840) married William Christopher, Nancy Jane (04/03/1841-07/14/1900) married James "Hook" Simerly, Samuel Monroe (06/03/1846-02/14/1927) married Elizabeth Lucille Whitehead, William Henry (1851-1879), and Margaret "Peggy" (c1835) who married Henry Simerly, Asa Whitehead.

Much of the early family history is from two books on the Woodrings:

"Woodrings of North Carolina. Daniel Woodring 1764-1825 His Ancestors and Descendents", 1992, by Harvey and Mildred Ritchardson, Rt 2 Box 163 Hindsville, AR 72738

"The Wotring-Woodring Family of Pennsylvania", 1968, by Raymond Martin Bell and Mabel Ghering Granquist with assistance from Edna Jourdan, Washington PA, 3rd ed.


From "The History of Blount County,TN and it's People" pg. 352, article 1023 "Pioneer family from DEFFITAHL to TEFFETELLER"

In 1748, a young man named Johannes DEFFITHAL left southern Germany. He traveled to Rotterdam, Holland where he boarded a ship to America. The ship was the "Hampshire" and it docked in Philadelphia,PA. Due to "Americanization", the immigrant's name was translated into " John DEVENDALL". John later moved to MD and his name was changed again, this time to TIEFENTELLER. He died in 1775. That same year, his son Michael was married.

This year 1813 was very important for our family. This was the year Michael TIEFENTELLER moved to Blount Co. from Lincoln Co. NC. Michael was between 55 and 60 years old when he settled on the land along side Crooked Creek in the Hubbard Community. He had 13 children, but we only have record of three sons. Joseph, Jacob and Daniel, who came to TN with him.

Kindly provided by Shirley Henel (66476@ef.gc.maricopa.edu)


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