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Yosemite, Art, and Pottery Page

reflections of Yosemite 

Hello there!  I am creating this page to share my love for art, Yosemite photography, and pottery.   My "real" name is J.R. Dunster, and "Bear's Clover" is actually a plant that grows abundantly in the Sierras.  I am an artist, potter, and I love to take lots of pictures of my favorite place, Yosemite National Park.  So, without further ado, let me share some pictures of Yosemite, plus Art, and Pottery!

I have a nice collection of Yosemite photos here from my 1998 (and earlier) trips. To see LOTS more Yosemite photos, including several pages from my 2001 Yosemite trip, check out my new domain, Bearclover.net.

Cowboy Bill

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"Cowboy Bill", acrylic, 5x7 inches

This is a portrait from my "T.V. Cowboy" series, an homage to my love for those old, bad '70s westerns I loved when I was growing up. To see more of my portrait art, go to my portrait page.

Sentinel Dome

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Beautiful Yosemite Valley

Taken in the fall of 1992, in Cook's Meadow. Some fall trees contrast against the stark, magnificent rocks of Yosemite Valley. To see more of Yosemite, visit my Yosemite page.

Earthenware Redwood Mug


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Earthenware Redwood Mug.

I enjoy working in both stoneware and earthenware, but the vibrant, rich, earthy colors I wanted to use for this Redwood Mug seemed to require earthenware. To see more pottery, visit my pottery page.


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