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Ambrose the Six-Toed Cat

Ambrose is a 14 year old Flame Point Siamese cat with six toes on his front feet, and five toes on his back feet.  (In other words, an extra toe on each foot!)  Cats with extra toes are called "Polydactyl" cats.  Sometimes they have even more than six toes---seven, even eight on the front paws! 

Ambrose the six toed cat

Look at those toes!

Some polydactyl cats have an extra "toe bone" on their back feet, but Ambrose does not.  His extra back toes are basically a tag of skin with a claw attached.   His front feet have what looks like a rather curled up "thumb" where the extra toe is attached.  He cannot retract this extra toe well, and it often gets caught on blankets, and clothing, etc.  (Very irritating...)

Six Toes on Cat Close-up

An Extreme Close-up of Ambrose's feet.

Got a close look?  Good!  Pretty freaky, huh?

Polydactyl cats (nicknamed "Footies" by our family) can have all sorts of freaky feet configurations.  We had one kitty that was the son of an extremely well-endowed "footie" that, at first glance, looked normal.    His front feet had only 5 toes.  But, the problem was, so did his back feet.  Cats are only supposed to have 4 toes on the back feet, and he had that extra toe attached to both his back feet!

Well, that's what I have to share about Ambrose the Six Toed Cat right now.   Here are some links to my other web pages, and also another polydactyl cat link:


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