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I'm the Looking Back Clothier. I was awarded my first costuming contract in 1994 and felt silly not having a business name. A friend suggested Looking Back and it stuck. Actually, I'm quite fond of it.



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This website is a portfolio of my work. I have, on average, two costuming contracts a year and numerous private commissions. I don't have photos of most projects. Sounds silly, but when focused on the design and sewing I don't think about digging out the camera. I've always relied on my customers to provide me photos. I'm getting better though.

On the right you will find links directing you to my portfolio galleries. You will notice some of them aren't sewing related. When I need a break from staring at the sewing machine I crochet, embroider and etch glass. I also have dabbled in making soap, faux stain glass, hair jewelry and quilting.

You will also find a links section. There you will find information fabric, sewing supplies and patterns that will be of interest to Steampunks, Victorian enthusiast, and historical reenactors.

I reside in the north suburbs of Atlanta, GA. In addition to contract sewing, I teach individual sewing lessons at my studio on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. If you are interested in commissioning an outfit or lessons please email me.

I will consider long distance commissions on a case by case basis.

I don't do alterations. My partner is an amazing alterationist who is extremely fair priced. I keep telling her to increase her fees but she always refuses. Her specialty are wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and formals. Don't worry, she will also happily hem your pants or replace your zipper. My partner is farther north than I am. She resides near Lake Lanier. Send me a note along with a description of what type of alterations you are interested in and I will pass the information along.

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