Those eyes, that mouth! CFC Lips!

Creative Football Cookie

lips are ALWAYS
in season.
Fashion colors for your every mood!

les lipstiques! FABULOUS

You know which colors suit you best. And Creative Football Cookie's NEW Fabulous Frostlings line gives you an array of unique, intriguing colors for any time, day or night. Going to a dinner party? Try TREVOR with a lovely sheath dress. Casual outing with friends or family? Dip into a little HERBERT for luscious lip color that goes with any outfit.
Our Pearl-dipped pales for lips AND nails are sure to make a sensation! Quick young colors with a non-razzle dazzle! (Now other frosteds seem hard and cold. Even old!) Be cagey. Be vivacious. Lock up a flock of Frostlings now. Creative Football Cookie says: It's the big change of sheen.

Pick from the selections on the left to get the most of your lips. After all, they are what people look at first. Make sure yours say, "Hey! I'm me!" in that Creative Football Cookie way. That way that makes people want to KNOW you better. Forever.

And sleep easy knowing that Creative Football Cookie's Fabulous Frostlings are made with all-natural ingredients, including aloe vera, to give your lips a lifetime of softness, smoothness and charm!

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