After the Election:

The 2004 presidential election between President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry was one of the most bitterly fought in our nation's history. Many of the people voting cited this as one of the most important elections of their lives. Legions of new voters flocked to the polls for the first time, many of which were college students.

With such inflamed passions and the direction of the country at stake, the loss of Senator Kerry to the president on Nov. 2nd became an unbearable defeat for many liberals. Even more so for first time college voters who staked their trust in the electoral process on the 2004 vote.

At San Jose State University, the air filled with talk of Kerry's defeat. Students walked around in a daze, weighing in on the consequences of another four years of the president they had fought so hard against.

This is a photographic record and interpretation of the mood on campus the day after the election.