Photographer's Statement and Purpose:

I find the visual record of our modern times remarkably lacking, as the “reality” presented to us through the media is unrepresentative of what I feel real life is.

This can be seen on our nightly news and in the newspapers of our country. They are filled with images of alternating high/low points in life comprised of kids laughing, mothers crying, parades, car crashes, fires, meetings, graduations, and so on. The spectacular is saved. The mundane is not.

As a working photojournalist, I see these limitations first hand. No matter that an anti-war protester could be surrounded by dozens of photographers photographing him. It is an unwritten rule to not show the presence of other observers. Truth is no longer the standard for the visual record. Illustration of pre-conceived ideas is.

I am on a quest to find a “truer” reality through photographic documentation.

I have found clues to this reality, in the contradictions, absurdities, alienation, boredom, and exhaustion of life that are not so easily translatable into visual clichés.

By capturing the subtle nuances between the extremes of emotion, I work to present a more realistic portrait of our modern time, showing the numbing steady state that constitutes the unacknowledged majority of our lives, as well as preserve this contextual visual record so that we do not forget that this is how we truely lived.

This is, in my opinion, a more accurate representation of reality. Where we rely on our native confusion, rather than pander to a pre-conceived notion of what we would like our world to be instead.