Kodiak bear

Kodiak Bear

Pictures of Kodiak Bears at Larsen Bay, Alaska

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Kodiak(63kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager.
Kodiak Bear running on beach near Kodiak Salmon Packers cannery at Larsen Bay, Alaska.

bear (35kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. "Kodiak bear making waves"
Kodiak bear captured trying to walk on water.

Kodiak (35kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Just cooling off.
Cooling off in very cold water. High summer temperature hover around 50 to 60-F. The water temp is much cooler.

carnivore(55kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Spotting the photographer.
Bear noticing he is being photographed. The four pictures above are of the same bear as he ran the beach near Kodiak Salmon Packers cannery at Larsen Bay, Alaska.

bear(43kb jpg)
2001-Photo Bill Jager.
Getting up close and personal with a Kodiak Bear at Larsen Bay. I was about 10 feet from this Kodiak bear when this and the following picture was taken. Kodiak bears are not usually agressive unless a person gets inbetween the bears food, or its cubs. Still, I would warn anyone not to do as I do.

 Kodiak(45kb jpg)
2001-Photo Bill Jager.
Another close up of a Kodiak Bear at Larsen Bay.

wildlife(102kb jpg)
2001-Photo Bill Jager.
Look at those claws on that Kodiak Bear.

wildlife(85kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Short cut.
Kodiak Bear passes through Kodiak Salmon Packers cannery at Larsen Bay, Alaska.

wildlife(85kb jpg)
2001-Photo Bill Jager.
Kodiak Bear just resting, or sizing up the situation?

wildlife(68kb jpg)
2005-Photo Bill Jager.
Nothing like a good meal. This bear is enjoying a deer bone meal so much he pays no attention to me as I take his picture.

Kodiak Bear (88kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Kodiak bear fishing in pink salmon spawning creek.
Kodiak bear fishing in a creek in Larsen Bay, Alaska. This pink salmon spawning creek is about one quarter of a mile from my childhood home. The Kodiak bear that feed on salmon may attain a length of more than 9 feet and over 1500 lbs., and is the largest bear in the world (sorry polar bear -- you come in second). Pink salmon often called the "humpy" because of the large hump the male pink salmon get when they go up streams to spawn. Pink salmon is the smallest of 5 different species of salmon that inhabit Alaska waters. Average weight of the pink salmon is 3.5 to 4 pounds with a length of 20-25 inches. Pink salmon enter spawning streams from late June to mid-October. Pink salmon does not travel a great distance upstream to spawn as do other species of salmon. Female pink salmon carries from 1,500 to 2,000 eggs, digs a nest with her tail and lays her eggs. The eggs are immediately fertilized by the male. After spawning, both males and females die within a couple of weeks. Mid-winter the salmon eggs hatch and in late winter or early spring, young fry pink salmon migrate out to sea during the hours of darkness. Pink salmon mature in two years and return to the stream that they were born in, repeating their life cycle.

The largest Kodiak bear taken is on display at J.C. Penney's store in Anchorage, Alaska.

Vital Ground - The official home page of Bart the Bear with more information on Bart the Bear, Bart's resume and the new cubs. It has great pics and is devoted to the Vital Ground Foundation started by Doug and Lynn Seus which buys up vital grizzly bear habitat.

silver salmon sport fishing (91kb jpg)
Photo credit Douglas Jager. Sport fishing at Brown's Lagoon, Amook Island Pass, Uyak Bay.
Brown's Lagoon located in Uyak Bay at Amook Island Pass and is approximately 7 miles from Larsen Bay. Doug claims Brown's Lagoon as his own favorite spot, but it is also a very favorite spot for the Kodiak brown bear as they fatten themselves for winter. Brown's Lagoon is a lagoon at the end of a salmon-silver salmon (coho) spawning river that is full of salmon in the summer and fall of the year. A great place to go sport fishing silver salmon (coho) in the fall of the year. I have a 10-acre plot of land approximately 10 minutes by boat from this spot.

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