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Excerpts from Porschefans:

Subject: Re: Door Vinyl Repair
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 1998 03:52:48 EDT
X-Message-Number: 2

to all,

   Boy oh boy do I know his one!!  i've had to take my door panels off 6 times
in the last 2 months!  ok here goes.  i sent this to John individually but i
thought i'd post it for anyone who needs to know how to remove the door panel.

1.  take a very small screw driver or pocket knife and remove the center of
the lock knob.  it just pops in and out.

2.  remove the philips screw that you find under the cover of the lock knob.

3.  spin the trim ring for the lock (about 3 inches around)  counter clockwise
and remove it. (not as easy as it sounds)

4. remove the philips screws at the bottom of the doot panel.  they are
usually buried under the shag of the carpet, you just have to feel and look
for them.

5.  pull out the door release handle and find the philips screw that holds the
bezel for the handle on.  remove it and slide the bezel over the release

6.  remove the access panel to the power window regulator.  its the cover
right above the arm rest.  pull the top of it toward you to pop thte clips out
and then pull it up and out.

7.  grab you 10mm socket and remove the screw/bolt inside the hole for the air
vents at the front of the door panel.

8.  open the storage compartment in under the arm rest.  remove the two 10mm
bolts at the front and back of the compartment.

9.  remove the three 10mm bolts that are under the access panel.  you should
have a total of six 10mm bolts now.

10.  start at the front of the door panel and pry it away from the door as
there are still plastic clips holding the panel on.

11.  there is a slot cut in the panel to slip over the palstic tube that
carries all the wires into the door.  pull the panel over the tube but do not
pull the panel too far away from the door.

12.  support the panel (i used the door sil) and disconnect the speakers,
power mirror switch, and courtesy light. LABEL YOUR WIRES!!

13.  now you can slide the panel about an inch or two forward and off of the
door.  there is a metal hook just above the lock that you have to get free.  i
just slides out.

installation is just the reverse.  once you get it off. its pretty easy to get
it back on.  just remember where everything goes.  its likely that the bolt
locations are cracked or broken so invest in some washers that are bigger than
the factory ones.
hope this helps, good luck!!

Bobby W
'85 928 S 5spd


Subject: Door Vinyl Repair & A Second Question
From: Patrick J McGinnis 
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 08:11:09 -0400
X-Message-Number: 5

Coincidently, I just completed this same repair this weekend on my pass door.

1. Remove the center cap of the round door lock release mechansism & remove the screw holding the knob. Unscrew the round trim piece. Remove the trim around the door release handle.

2. Remove the rectangular door panel in the center of the door, just above the armrest. The top is held in by two snaps. Pull or pry the top edge out away from the door to release them. Lift up the panel to disengage the two
spring clips at the bottom edge.

3. Open the armrest compartment door. There are two bolts in there covered with small trim caps. Remove remove.

4. Remove the heater vent trim ring in the door. Remove the screw inside.

5. Disconnect any switches in the armrest. Remove the three screws remaining that hold the armrest and remove the armrest.

6. Remove any remaining screws holding the panel to the door. The panel is held in place by snaps around its perimeter. Pull out on the panel edges to unsnap them. The panel should be free but will be held in by a small bracket
near the lock button. Swing the front of the panel away from door to disengage.

7.  On my car ('89) remove the trim piece surrounding the tube where the wires enter the door. On earlier models, (no kidding according to the manuals, ) you will need to hacksaw a slot in the panel (once it is completely
separated from the door), to slip out the wires.

8. Disconnect any speaker wires etc.

I used Duco contact cement to re-attach my vinyl.

While I was in there, I re-greased the window guides and sprayed lithium grease on anything that moved.

Now help me.

I noticed that the bracket on the car frame holding the lever that props the door fully open was loose so I tried to tighten it. It appears to be a non-standard bolt as it would not accept either hex or torx drive. Does anyone
know what type of drive to use?


P. McGinnis
89 S4 5 speed


Subject: Re: doorpnl removal...
From: "Kevin Berez" 
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 19:32:46 -0500
X-Message-Number: 31

Here's something I pulled down:

How to remove a door panel:

To remove the door panel the service manual helps considerably. However,
here are directions to do it without a manual. Open the inside door handle
to reveal the phillips tapered head screw, remove it and the cover beneath
the handle. Remove the leather panel by popping out the top tabs, then pull
it up and out. Two 10mm hex-head screws are now accessible. Remove them.

Remove the round air flow channel director at the front of the door (by the
jam). Remove the long hex-head screw now exposed. Open the door pocket and
take the black covers off the two hex-head screws in the pocket area. Remove
them. With a thin flat head screwdriver, remove the cover on the rotation
knob for the lock to expose a phillips head screw. Unscrew it and remove the
knob. Now unscrew the large round plate that is under the knob. Now,
carefully pop all the door panel tabs from their seats. Once they are all
off, pull the panel away from the door and then pull up. Take care not to
pull up too far as the mirror switch and wires will pull out. Note the wire
locations and disconnect them. With the panel off, the lock and the outer
handle mechanism can be seen from the inside.


Kevin Berez (
'86.5 928S Auto Meteormetallic
928 Owners Club (

-----Original Message-----
From: Alan Jones 
To: 928 <>
Date: Thursday, November 26, 1998 7:14 PM
Subject: doorpnl removal...

Would somebody please give me detailed instructions on door panel
removal and rattling window fix?  I've had this problem for about a
month now, and the noise is driving me crazy!  I'd really appreciate any

Alan Jones
87 s4 Black/Tan

Subject: Re: Door trim removal
From: Jim Stadter 
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 12:20:35 -0500
X-Message-Number: 27

Chris Ford wrote:
> OK, the procedure posted must have been sent during the 'lost archive'
> dates, does anyone have a copy ????

  Vince Yu wrote these for me and they're right on the money.

Jim Stadter
'83 928 S 5-speed (U.S. spec)
'88 928 S4 5-speed
Hill Country Region PCA (Austin)
928 Owners Club (


Pry off the door knob cover.  I used a small putty knife against the
ridge's edge and the plastic button cover.  DON'T PRY BEHIND THE KNOB.
THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO REMOVE IT!  Remove retaining screw and pull out
knob.  Use your palm to put pressure against the round piece and rotate
it counter-clockwise.  Remove recessed screw behind door handle.  You
need to slight open door handle to see and access it.  Pry off small
panel piece close to door handle area and above arm rest.  Open arm
rest compartment and pry off  plastic nut caps and unscrew bolt.  Go to
hinged-side of door.  Remove the circular ventilation plastic piece.
There will be a plastic nut caps and bolt; remove it.  Lift arm rest
assembly off door panel carefully.  You'll see a bunch of wires going
to the mirror switch assembly.  Disconnect it and note the wire color
and where it is connected.  Pry off panel along side of door and lift
it up off the lip on top of panel.  I suggest that you get a panel
removal tool from your local parts house.  Cost about $6 and will
prevent you from damaging the door panel. ($$$)

I can almost bet that the clunking sound is coming from the window
motor assembly not being bolted down.  If it is loose, use some blue
lock-tite on the bolt along with a locking washer.  Just reposition the
assembly to its original position; use the scratched paint caused by
the bolts as guide.  If it is the window guides, then you're into some
more serious disassembly.

This is also a good time to inspect/lubricate your door latch and such.
 Pay particular attention to linkages.  The couplers are plastic and
subject to wear.

By the way, I was told that there is a tech bulletin on the window
guides.  It has to do with an upgrade that will prevent the rattling of
the window glass.

Let me know how it work out and best of luck!

Vince Yu
'83 928S


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