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Subject: Re: rear hatch motor
From: "kaberez" 
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 14:16:35 -0500
X-Message-Number: 22

Ok, I've BTDT.  So, let me give you the drill.

Is the motor attached to the hatch release?  You will have to take the tool
cover and feel around to confirm they are attached via a metal bar.

Is the release pushing the nylon release pivot?  I used a black magic marker
to blacken the white nylon piece to confirm the hatch release was striking
the nylon and where.

Observe that when the hatch closes that the male hatch mechanism is centered
in the female piece,  If they are not in alignment the hatch the hatch
release could be hitting the metal.  This will cause the symptoms you wrote
about.  It will also possibly crack the male piece like mine -(.

Rule: The farther away the motor is from the hatch the farther out the hatch
release lever will move.  You will note the motor is bolted to the car via a
pair of slotted holes.  According to the manual the correct way to adjust
the position of the motor is the loosen the two mounting 10MM bolts close
the hatch.  The position it is in should be the correct position.

I finally got mine to work after I replaced the motor and shimmed the
lockset to get better contact with the release.



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From: Van Bemmel, TJ 
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Date: Friday, November 20, 1998 1:00 PM
Subject: rear hatch motor

>My rear hatch motor works, but after I pull the knob/boot to open it will
>make the sound that it has opened, but nothing happens?  I have tried
>lubricating the parts in the back, but this has done nothing?  Is there
>something simple that I am overlooking??
>84 S bk 5spd
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