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These articles relate to the 911 engine (and 356 too, it seems at this point).

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Alternator/regulators and proper charging of the electrical system (postings from Porschephiles)

Engine-mounted heater blower motor (postings from PorscheFans)

***NEW!***Heater control cables, replacing (posting from PorscheFans)

Pulled/broken head studs (postings from Porschephiles)

Pressure-fed/hydraulic/Carrera tensioners (postings from Porschephiles

Rebuilding 3.0 liter CIS engines versus swapping in 3.2 liter Carrera engines (postings from PorscheFans) liter CIS engines

      Magazine: Panorama
         Issue: February 1988
        Column: Tech Q&A; Article Title: Rebuilding 911SC Engine
        Author: Bruce Anderson
  Page Numbers:
   Description: 170,000, 212,000+ miles with no problems.  Rebuild to 3.2 when

      Magazine: Panorama
         Issue: May 1988
 Article Title: Tech Tactics 1987: Questions for the Experts
  Page Numbers: pp. 30-41
   Description: Engine Paint: Masury satin black (enamel), acrylic urethane
                with flattening agent, Glasso paint.  911 swaybars

      Magazine: European Car
         Issue: March 1995
        Column: 356 Restoration
 Article Title:
        Author: Brett Johnson
  Page Numbers: pp. 74-76
   Description: Restoring a ragged-out 1951 1500 Normal

      Magazine: PANORAMA
         Issue: August 1995
 Article Title: Tech Tactics 1995: Questions for the Experts, Part 2
  Page Numbers: pp. 40-50
   Description: CIS and oxygenated fuels, synthetic oils, sparkplug indexing
                (consensus: hype), airtools, 911 engines in 912s, 911 oil
                scavenge pump problems

      Magazine: PANORAMA
         Issue: August 1995
        Column: Tech Q & A
 Article Title:
        Author: Bruce Anderson et al.
  Page Numbers: pp.58-59, 65
   Description: Maintain same oil change schedule with synthetics and 356/912
                engines, stainless steel brake lines, 1987 911 oil temperature,
                928 idle speed stabilizer

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