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The whole thing is supposed to be moveable, with nothing really fastened in

Based on my '75 (are 912's different??), the fender has a captive nut which
slides into a slot in the fender flange. The spiral screws have two washers
on them, a fibre washer which goes against the inner fender (inside the
trunk), a smallish metal washer (which keeps the spiral screw from chewing
up the fiber washer). In between the fender and the inner fender (body)
there is a strip of flexible sealant, I used a Wurth product, but I am sure
that any body shop would have an equivalent. It is abotu 3/4 inch wide and
quite thin (say 1/16) and is really just a caulking or sealing material in
strip form.
I would make sure all the old stuff is removed, clean it up to perfection
and touch up any rust spots that might be there. I would clean up the
captive nuts (they slide out fairly easily) or buy new ones if necessary.
The fibre washers should be renewed, either look for an equivalent or buy
them...the dealer can get them for you...I think mine were like 10 cents
each. I used some new spiral screws (again..reasonably cheap from the
dealer) as well as just getting the old ones replated with zinc dichromate
which is what the factory coating was originally...turned out wonderfully.

You will need to be able to wiggle the captive nuts to get them to line up.
I put on the sealant/ribbon/strip on the body side. Put the captive nuts
inroughly the correct position (center of range) and then get all of the
bolts started ...tighen and you should be done.

Hopefully this helps

Dennis Kalma

'75 911S with Kremer 3.2

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