Biblio-Porsche: Tires

These articles relate to tires and Porsches (specifically 911s at the moment).

I am interested in more tire information for this portion of Biblio-Porsche. If you have an article to which you have reproduction rights (so I can include it in full), or have a reference to send me, drop me a line.

                Magazine: Panorama
                   Issue: April 1987
                  Column: Tech Q and A
           Article Title: Recommended Tire Pressures Revisited
                  Author: Bruce Anderson
            Page Numbers: pg. 73
             Description: Recommended Tire Pressures

                Magazine: European Car
                   Issue: March 1994
                  Column: Tech Letters
           Article Title: 911 Winter Tires
            Page Numbers: pg. 14
             Description: Recommendations for winter tires: same ones,
                          same pressures

                Magazine: European Car
                   Issue: July 1993
                  Column: Getting Technical
           Article Title: Tire Temperatures: The Way to Quicker 	
                  Author: James Sly
            Page Numbers: pp. 6-9
             Description: How to measure and understand tire

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