Ivette and the 996
Santa left us a wonderful Christmas present (too bad he didn't pay the loan off!)

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Blaine and the 996

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***NEW!***911SC Weissach Edition FAQ Some updated info on 928 Weissach Editions 04-Feb-2007 5:09 PM ET
***NEW!***Porsche Obsession Swap Meet For Sale: Porsche 928 S4 16-JUL-2006 7:29 PM ET
***NEW!***Porsche-Related Sites Added links to 928 Specialists and their 928 Option Code page 07-Sep-2003 8:56 AM ET
***NEW!***Swapshop Bookshop Tech Spec Handbooks! 11-Dec-2001 11:25 PM
***NEW!***Blaine's Bargain Bin 911: Brake Calipers, Heater Duct Fans, 914: Floorboard, Relay Board, 928: lock relay, wheel bearing! 10-Oct-2001 9:25 AM ET
***NEW!***Swapshop Steering Wheel Recovering Moved to my Stuttgart Swapshop server, and added info on The Process. 28-Oct-2000 10:30 PM ET
***NEW!***Swapshop Parts Wanted Added some more stuff that I want to buy from YOU! 02-Apr-2000 11:10 AM ET

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