Personal Stuff

Tickle me under the chin to see what I look like in the normal world...

If you'd like to give me a job, have a glance at my resume (in Word97 format).

Here are some pictures of our soon-to-come baby and stuff

Here are some pictures of Ivette and me

La Casa Que Queremos

Our Trip to Cameroun (in installments)"

Snow in Carolina Jan. 3, 2002

The Middle Finger

Concocted at The Cellar's in conjunction with Chris and Steve the week before Ivette's and my wedding. Originally all equal parts, mainly due to South Carolina's idiotic mini-bottle law. I suggest somewhat less (perhaps half) the amount of Cinnamon Schnappes:

Give your 'friend' a few of these, and by the time they come to in the morning, they'll realize you've given them 'The Middle Finger'!

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