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Here are some of our past Web page 'covers':

Ivette and the 914

Ivette and our new '74 914-4 2.0
Although the previous cover photo with Rich and Eve McSweeney's daughter was so well-loved, I had to replace it when we had our own new child - figuratively...

Why Learn to Walk?

Why Learn to Walk When You Can RUN?
Rich and Eve McSweeney's daughter Mikayla and her favorite toy - a 71 Targa with 2.9 twin plug, crankfired fully sorted street/track 911.

This was definitely our most-loved front page!


The First Ding is the Worst
Submitted by Dave at Motorsports Road and Race (who informed me the car had only 1200 miles on it)


IROC RSR at Sebring
Submitted by Kyle

Here 'tis! My new (for the last few months) water-cooled friend! 86.5 928S
Modified '71 911T

Submitted by James Taylor (no comments, peanut gallery):
Here's a pic of my recently restored 1971 911T. Car was completely dismantled, bead blasted, flared and painted with Glasurite gran prix white. Added 16" Fuchs and RS style bumpers with the rear being an update to the late styling with the Porsche reflector.

'94 Turbo
Sent in by DeVaughn Rader, who writes:
This is my newest obsession, a 1994 Turbo.This is an insurance salvage car - and you're seeing the car just as it was purchased from the insurance co. I'm new to the world of Porsche, but it is easy to love the tradition and refinements these cars have.
Thanks for letting me share this story, DeVaughn

To celebrate the arrival of my new car, I managed to dig up a picture of Franz Nyhuis' 87 928S4 he sent me some time ago. Sorry about the delay, but there you go!

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