Triad Area Porsche/BMW Autocross

By Gary Bumgardner

Photos By Jeff Baggett

Sunday, April 20, 1997 was our First Annual Porsche/BMW Autocross. It was held at Groves Stadium parking lot in Winston-Salem. Our first attempt at this event, on December 1, 1996 was rained out. This second time around the weather cooperated and gave an almost perfect day for the event. The beautiful day provided an excellent turnout for the event. Thirty seven cars participated in the autocross. And although heavily out numbered, by 29 to 8, the Porsche Club made a terrific showing.

Name ClubTimeModel
FTD 1Billy RevisBMW 1:35:364M3Hot 4-and 6-Cylinder
2Gary BumgardnerPCA 1:36:686'72 911TP-11
3Marv JensenBMW 1:37:5562002tiiHot 4-and 6-Cylinder
4Scott EllisPCA 1:39:731'79 911SCP-14
5Carl BennettBMW 1:40:253M3Hot 4-and 6-Cylinder
6Burke JensenBMW 1:40:2902002tiiHot 4-and 6-Cylinder
7Cliff HudginsPCA 1:40:520'96 993P-17
8Al TaylorBMW 1:41:208323Hot 4-and 6-Cylinder
9Truett RayBMW 1:42:211M3Hot 4-and 6-Cylinder
10Ken Lloyd, Jr.BMW 1:42:596Z3Stock 6-Cylinder

Gary Bumgardner's '72 911
As you can see from the Top 10 FTD, they had to bring out the "Hot 4- and 6-Cylinder" cars on R1 race rubber to beat up. (Hey, ya gotta have an excuse when ya lose!)

P-81st PlaceChris Smith 1:45:076'88 944 Turbo
P-11 1st PlaceGary Bumgardner 1:36:686'72 911T
P-141st PlaceScott Ellis 1:39:731'79 911SC
2nd PlaceJeffrey Baggett 1:45:011'80 911SC
P-161st PlaceTom Chan 2:07:090'94 911RS
P-171st PlaceCliff Hudgins 1:40:520'96 993
2nd PlaceJohn Daniels 1:44:685'95 993
3rd PlaceRobert Darby 1:45:778'96 993 C4

If you missed this one, you missed a good one. We had several new members participate in this their first ever autocross. If you can get the grin off their face, just ask them if they had a good time.

Our First Annual Porsche/BMW Autocross was a tremendous success. The BMW crowd is a great bunch of folks and they did a fine job setting up the Event. I would like to especially thank Burke and Marv Jensen of the BMW Club for bringing "everything" that was needed to put on the autocross. I hope we can do it again real soon.

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