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If you use this applet please let me know what you think (or indeed if it works for you), as it's a first primitive attempt at Java code for me.

First, pick whether you wish to check a VIN number or an Option Code, then enter the VIN or option code in the text box and press Enter. Note that when you first select the Option Code button, all options will be listed (if the text field is empty). You can still enter a specific Option Code if you don't wish to scroll through the list.

Note: This version is based on Bruce Anderson's first edition of Porsche 911 Performance Handbook, and thus does not handle anything newer than '87 models. I do have the new edition on order (since I'm getting some work done on my engine) and it should be here by 5/23/97, at which time I'll update the algorithm. Most option codes should still be valid, however.

If you see this message, then you don't got a Java browser, or it's turned off - so get one! (Actually, send me feedback, so I know my 'user base', and I'll get you the DOS version.)

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