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Dylan P. has sent me the following shots of his 1981 924 Weissach Edition with 106k miles. It is garage-kept except on the weekends. He's completely rebuilt the motor and transmission and it runs like a champ. He's about to have her repainted due to some minor dings, and is waiting on a certificate of authenticity to come in the mail from Porsche. Thanks for the addition to the Weissach collection, Dylan!

Four Weissachs in a Row
9/29/02 Redwood Region PCA concours at Ledson Winery in Northern CA.
Kurt Fischer (the photographer) said he met Bruce Anderson there!
Kurt is putting together a Weissach registry, all Weissach owners, 924, 928, and any other models are welcome to contact him via e-mail at truk50@ix.netcom.com...

I paid far too much on Yahoo Auctions for a copy of this 924 Weissach ad924 Weissach Edition advertisement... If I could have just bid on the entire magazine, it would have seemed a better deal, but now I can't even tell which issue of which magazine it came from - anybody know when the Weissach 924 came out?

Just discovered! Information on a Weissach 928 model!

Weissach 928

Here's some info on what the 928 version's options are purported to be:

  • all of the cars were the "champagne gold" color (sorry, no reference material to provide you with the correct name/paint code for this)
  • the cars came with 16"x7" forged slot wheels that were anodized in a "gold-tone" finish
  • probably the most unique thing about the Weissach cars was that a color-coordinated LUGGAGE SET was available for these cars!
Thanks to 'Brad' from the Rennlist for this info!

***NEW!*** This also in from Chris B.:

I ran across your website and own a 928 Weissach Edition. A little info on the 928 Weissach Editions:

  1. Only made in 1982
  2. Only 205 Made
  3. Paint: "R6R6" Interior "TR"
  4. Option Code "462"
  5. 928 - Special Model 82 "WEISSACH" - Hellbronze Metallic w/Leather Medium Brown Int.

Some further reading for those interested in Weissach Edition 911s.
Includes the following:
Magazine Articles
Weissach Classifieds

Magazine Articles:

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September 1980
Special Edition Weissach Coupe Arrives
pg. 20
Basic product announcement accompanied by photo of platinum metallic car. Note: car does not seem to have headlight washers. 400 units produced. Colors of interior and exterior mentioned. Wheels one inch wider than standard. Front and rear spoilers. Other options included as standard: sport shocks, electric mirrors both sides, rear speakers, electric antenna. Halogen sealed-beam headlights a new item from the factory.

August 1989
Porsche 911SC Limited Edition Weissach Coupe
Dom Miliano
Cover of platinum Weissach, photo on table of contents. 400 produced, half Metallic Black, half Platinum Metallic. Doric Grey leather with burgundy piping. Original tires: Pirelli CN36 15" (185/70 VR 15 and 215/60 VR 15). Several photos of platinum car, with a good interior picture.

European Car
November 1991
1980 911SC Weissach Coupe
Dennis Adler
Cover photo plus general exterior/interior photos. Car displayed has polished wheels without painted spokes and carpeting matching the Doric Grey interior - so much for originality. This was apparently due to fire damage, and replacements had not been located at that time. Mention is made that the carpeting is no longer available from Porsche. Headlight washers not depicted nor mentioned either. Classified as 'boulevardiers' and a 'marketing ploy', though performance options are credited.

October 1994
The Changing Table
Steve Anderson
pg. 10
Another Weissach owner writes in - changing baby's diapers on the tail.

December 2011
Tech Notes
1980 911 SC Weissach Edition?
Mentions M439 option code, other specs as above. Plus, the following valuation:
"Today, a good 911 SC Weissach Edition shouldbe worth a low of $17,800 and a high of $27,100.An excellent example with low mileage and superb original paint may be worth quite a bit more."


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Reynold, Bill
Porsche The Pursuit of Excellence
New York: Crescent Books,1993

This is basically another coffee-table book, with some nice pictures inside. It was given to me as a gift by my girlfriend's mother, who did not realize the car on the cover was a metallic black Weissach just like mine, though with Euro headlights. The same car is shown on pages 62 through 65, though no mention is made of its special edition status. The car has Indiana plates.

Wright, Nicky
Porsche The Enduring Legend
New York: Gallery Books,1990

Another coffee-table book, though with more text than the previous item. The same car is included, in the same poses, with a couple extra shots. Here, however, it is referenced as a Weissach Edition in the captions, and a short description is given. Original price is listed as $32,000. Photos and descriptive text are on pages 11 and 96-101.

Weissach Classifieds

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Note that all descriptions are provided by the seller, not me (unless noted otherwise). Carolinas Region PCA holds no responsibility for sales occurring in this forum.

Here's a very nice Weissach Edition 928 that was listed on eBay as of Jan-24-01, though it looks like the special wheels are missing.

AutoTrader: 1980 PORSCHE 911SC, WEISSACH Limited Edition, 1 of 200 made, new dash, 1 1/2 yr old paint, have records, garaged color: Metalic Black (dk gray) mileage: 93000, $16,500.00, (503) xxx-xxxx Location: Portland, OR

Color: Metallic Black

Tires: Yokohama AVS 205/50-15 front 225/50-15 rear

Interior: Full "Special Edition" leather (slight dash warpage, seats replaced with identical seats, though with Doric grey piping instead of burgundy, rear dash in bad shape, otherwise in good condition)

Misc: SSI exhaust system (will remove if desired), cast aluminum airbox with metal popoff valve, pressure-fed (Carrera) tensioners, turbo tie rods, slightly lowered with steering rack spacers, Permatune CD. AC blows nice and cold.

Mileage: 160,000 miles, driven regularly. Owned it over 10 years.

Condition: Good condition, needs new paint. Picture at top of page is from several years ago. Engine rebuilt a couple years ago, slightly enhanced. New tires waiting to go on car. Just rebuilt half-axles.

Price: Sorry, I've decided I'm no longer interested in selling, but I'm leaving this info here in case I change my mind...

Contact: Blaine DeLancey via e-mail

or phone: Work - (803)788-5808 or Home - (803)788-5808

I have also heard of Weissach edition 944s. If anybody has information on these, please e-mail me at blained@mindspring.com. Try putting the words Porsche Obsession: in the header of your message.

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