The torches are lit around World Showcase Lagoon

a primitive flute melody fills the air

a wise voice invites us to gather around the fire for a storytelling

as the torches are blown out to begin

"Illuminations 2000: Reflections of Earth"

drumbeats start slowly, then faster

and faster, then stop

as shooting stars collide over World Showcase Lagoon to ignite



the fiery beginning of our planet.


Chaos subsides


and a slowly rotating globe floats to soft music into the center of World Showcase Lagoon,

"Order" comes to Earth

as the white-hot planet cools it depicts scenes
  of life on planet Earth.  


the celebratory finale

  with a barrage of fireworks and uplifting music  
as the globe slowly opens   a lighted torch rises from its center
 heralding the countries of World Showcase    to celebrate the dawn of a new millennium.

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Updated 07 Aug 02