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Book Searches:
Please feel free to use our Order Form for Book Search Requests

We will promptly respond to your request for a book search.  We will make every effort to find the book you want, in the condition you want, and in the price range that you are willing to pay.  If we cannot locate the book for you, we can list a want for it on our Books Wanted page on our web site, where we advertise for books wanted.

We do not charge an advance fee to search for a book for you, so you are under no obligation at the point that you request a book search.  If we do not have the book in stock, we will attempt to locate the book from another book seller and broker the book to you.  When we have found the book you requested, we will make an offer to you, which will include our fee and shipping costs.  You may at that time decide to accept or decline our offer. 

Also, please read our Refund/Return Policy on Book Searches, below.

If you are a book seller, please check our Books Wanted page.  You may use our Quote Form to make a for-sale offer to us, or you may send us an offer by e-mail.

Descriptions of Books:
Guarantee: We guarantee the accuracy of our description and condition on all our books.  We also guarantee the authenticity of all authors' and illustrators' signatures in our signed books. 

Book Condition: We use the following terms for describing the condition of our books:

As New   =  Perfect, no defects or damage.
Almost like new, not as crisp, no defects or damage.
Near Fine
Almost like Fine, may have some small damage or light wear.
Very Good
May be used, may have some light wear, but no tears.
  =  May be used, may be worn, may have tears.
Worn, may lack end-pages.
Very worn, may be lacking pages.
Reading Copy
Poor condition, does have the complete text.

Whenever the book is an Ex-Library copy or a Book-Club Edition, a statement of such is included in the description.

We list the condition for the book first and the dust jacket second.  "Fine/Very Good" would be the description for the Book/Dust Jacket, for example, where the book is in Fine condition and the Dust Jacket is in Very Good condition. 

Every effort is made to accurately describe our books.  If we have only used the condition categories above, without listing damage or defects, we will promptly provide a complete list of all damage or defects, upon your request.

Please feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions about our books.

Hold Time for Receipt of Payment:  We will hold the book for you, for receipt of your payment, for 10 days, unless another arrangement is agreed to by us.  We will wait longer if you notify us of the date that your payment was mailed.

Payment Methods Accepted:  Payment can be made by check, money order, cashier's check, or through PayPal, a credit-card payment service.

Checks & Money Orders are accepted only if they are drawn on USA bank and payable in USA dollars.
We will be happy to accept your personal check,  however, we reserve the right to hold shipment for 10 days for check clearance.

Outside USA Buyers:  Please contact us if you need suggestions for making payment in USA dollars drawn on USA bank.

Payments by Institutions:  If payment will be made by a library, governmental agency, or other institution which requires purchase orders, advance billing,  pro forma invoices, or time for check processing, please notify us at the time the order is made.
Payment Instructions:
Use PayPal Button Next to the book listing, if any of the following apply:
  • Payment will be by PayPal
  • Your shipping address is within USA 
  • You are only ordering one book (or multiples of the same book)
Use Order Form, if any of the following apply:
  • Payment will be mailed
  • Your shipping address is Outside-USA, 
  • You are only more than one different book
Check and Money-Order Payments
Or If You Need An Invoice for a Paypal Payment,
Please Use Either:
Order Form to Mail Payment:
Send E-mail to Book Dealers:
Send us author's name and book title.
Credit-Card and Electronic Payments:
Use PayPal and you can pay by credit card, electronic check, or electronic-check transfer.

E-mail confirmation of receipt of your payment by credit-card or electronic payment service will be sent as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours or sooner.

Click Logo to Sign Up/Pay Via PayPal
Click Here to Pay with PayPal
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Electronic Payment, & Electronic-Check

You must be registered with PayPal to pay via PayPal.

USA Residents:  USA residents may sign up with PayPal while ordering with the shopping cart.

Non-USA Residents:  Non-USA residents need to sign up for PayPal separately before making a PayPal payment. Registration with PayPal for non-USA residents can take up to 4 days to complete.

Please Note:  Temporarily, PayPal's shopping cart does not allow for adjustments on shipping costs for multiple orders of different books

If you are ordering multiple copies of the same book, PayPal's shopping cart can adjust the shipping costs to combine shipping for more than one of the same book. 

Please e-mail us and we will combine the shipping and send you a PayPal invoice, if you wish to use PayPal

Credit-Card Payments:
If a credit-card is used to make a payment, we will only accept the payment if the buyer provides a "Confirmed Address," which is the same address at which the buyer receives a monthly credit-card bill.
Electronic-Check Payments:
We hold shipment until notified by payment service that payment has cleared, usually in about 5 days.
Order Confirmation:
E-mail confirmation of your order will be sent as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours or less.
Sales Tax:
Texas residents must pay sales tax according to their residence, or provide a resale certificate.  If you  live in Texas, please send your Texas address by e-mail (, so that correct sales tax can be computed.
Shipping For USA Delivery/Residents:

Shipping costs for USA Delivery-Addresses include 4th-class postage, postal insurance, and packaging.  The cost for shipping for the first book is $4.50 per hardback and $3.50 per paperback, and for each additional book when shipping is combined is $1.00 per hardback and $0.50 per paperback, unless otherwise specified.

We will not ship without insurance.

If you prefer another shipping rate or shipping service, please e-mail us for the costs.

Shipping For Outside-of-USA Delivery/Residents:

Shipping costs for Outside-USA-Delivery Addresses will have to be calculated and provided upon request.  Please e-mail us for the costs and include your delivery address.

Insurance on your delivery is an optional expense that you may decline, at our discretion, because of the high costs of the rates which provide insurance, if you agree to assume the risk of loss or damage during delivery.  Please see Refund/Return Policy below for more information on our policy about non-insured deliveries on outside-USA deliveries.

The Customs Form will be filled out with "merchandise" selected, the book will be described as "book" or "used book" and the value entered will be the amount of the purchase price.

Combined Shipping:

We will combine shipping, to lower your shipping costs, if you buy more than one book from us at the same time.  If you want to order more than one book at the same time, please e-mail us or use our Book-Order Form, so that we can combine the shipping costs.

Shipment Notification:

We will notify you by e-mail of the date your book has been shipped to you.
Return/Refund Policy:
Refunds:  Because we are very careful to accurately describe our books, returns will be accepted and complete refunds given only if:  (1) the book is not as described, (2) the buyer notifies us within 7 days of receipt of book, and (3) the buyer returns the book promptly.

Lost Shipments:  In the event a book is lost during insured shipment, we will not refund until the post office or delivery service completes its lost-mail/insurance investigation.  We will file a lost-mail/insurance claim with the post office or the delivery service and we will require the buyer's cooperation in the completing the paperwork and assisting in the claim process.

Damage During Delivery:  We require the following if any book is damaged during an insured delivery: 

If the book was mailed, the buyer must bring the book, along with all the packaging, to a post office and file an insurance claim with the post office.  After the post office completes its investigation, we will refund either (1) the cost  of the book, plus the shipping costs paid by the buyer, or (2) any difference between the sum of the cost  of the book, plus the shipping costs paid by the buyer, less the amount the insurance pays on the claim to the buyer.  Otherwise, we will not refund on damaged books when the damage occurs during shipping. 

If a delivery service other than the post office is used, we will require the buyer to cooperate and assist in filing an insurance claim, and we will not refund until such investigation is completed by the delivery service. 

Please contact us immediately if your book is damaged during an insured delivery, and we will assist you in filing the insurance claim. 

Uninsured Shipping to Outside-of-USA Addressed:  At our discretion, and if you are willing to assume the risk of loss of damage during delivery, we may ship without insurance if the cost of the insurable rate is greater than you are willing to pay.  We may require payment for registered-mail cost, instead of the insurable shipping rate.  In the event of loss during shipment, we will assist you in filing a lost-mail claim and provide you with a copy of the Certificate of Mailing receipt to prove that we shipped your book.

Book-Search Deliveries:  When Book Dealers is the broker between the buyer and the seller, we will assist in every way possible to obtain a refund or return for undisclosed damage/defect or loss/damage during delivery, subject to the policies of the seller.  We cannot guarantee the results.  Please inquire when buying through our Book-Search Service about insurance and the seller's return/refund policies.

Privacy Policy
Book Dealers respects your privacy.

This Privacy Policy covers all parts of our site.

We will not reveal your personal information or e-mail address to anyone, except when we would give your shipping address to another book seller to complete your order for a book search.

We do not collect e-mail addresses for the purpose of advertisement or sending spam, nor will we provide your e-mail address to those who do.

We do not use Cookies or any other devices to collect information about you or your use of our site.

The only information that we will know about you is the information that you transmit to us either by e-mail or by completing an order form or survey.  You are under no obligation, at any time, to reveal any information about yourself that you do not want us to know.

We will only use the information you provide to us for (1) completing your order, (2) answering your inquiry, or (3) the purposes stated in a survey.

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