Questionnaire About eBay's Insurance with Lloyd's of London

To Provide Information That Will Be Used in an
Article about eBay's Insurance

By Tessa Hebert

Your help is needed to obtain the information I need to write an article about eBay's insurance.
Please complete the Questionnaire as accurately and complete as possible.
If for any reason you do not want to answer a question, please leave it blank.
All personal information provided will be kept in strictest confidence and
will not be revealed to anyone without your written permission.
Information provided will be used for a statistical summary and
might be used as anonymous quotes or information in the article.
If you have any questions or need any information, please e-mail the author at:
Many thanks for your help!

Author Background Why I Decided
To Write An Article
Purpose of Article Questionnaire
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User ID of the other eBay user involved in the auction (buyer or seller): 
Amount of the final bid in the auction: 
Shipping costs: 
Date the claim was filed:   (Month, Day, Year)
Please state the reason you filed a claim (giving all the pertinent details):
Result of the Claim:
Claim was paid.  Amount of claim paid to you:Date claim was paid:
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How satisfied are you about the results of your claim?
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What do you suggest that eBay could do to make filing an insurance claim a more positive experience for you?
What do you suggest that eBay could do to make filing an insurance claim unnecessary?
Please add any comments or feelings you have about your experience in filing a claim with eBay's insurance:
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Author Background: 

My name is Tessa Hebert and I have been a seller for over two years on eBay, 
where Bill Fulkerson and I sell books together under the User ID of Bookdealers. 

I often post on eBay's Q&A Board for users, and I have written articles to help auctions users that are posted on our web site ( and are available for free to help those who need the information that the articles contain.  My "Auction Help Articles" are listed with links to the articles at this location:

I am also the author of a 1999 self-published book titled:  Sell Books on the Internet!:  How to Identify, Describe and Market Books on the Internet or Almost Everything I know About the Business of Selling Books, which I sell on my web site at this location:

Why I Decided to Write an Article

I noticed a question being asked on the Q&A Board that no one seemed to have an answer for, although there were opinions being given about it.  The question that was being asked provoked me to decide to write another article, an article that I hope will answer the question:

"Does anybody know anyone who has ever received a payment on an insurance claim from eBay's insurance?"
When I pondered this question and wondered why someone would ask it, I realized that I did not know anyone or have not seen anyone post on the Q&A Board about successfully filing a claim with eBay's insurance.  So I thought this might be a question that needed answering, and that is when I decided to do research and write an article about eBay's insurance.

Purpose of Article:

My purpose in writing the article is to provide information about the process of filing a claim and the results received by those who filed a claim.  I plan to include information about the requirements for the claim process, and I hope to include information from interviews of those who filed claims, as well as provide statistics from this questionnaire.  I know nothing about the claims filing process, because I have not filed a claim.  I have no preconceived ideas about the results of this questionnaire, nor do I intend to slant the results in any way.  I plan to provide facts that hopefully will be helpful to those who want to know those facts. 

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Author Background Why I Decided
To Write An Article
Purpose of Article Questionnaire
Ongoing Report on Results of Questionnaire
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