That Day in Dallas THAT DAY IN DALLAS:


Newly Revised and Updated

Illustrated with 125 Photographs By:
Cecil Stoughton, White House photographer
James Altgens, Associated Press photographer
Jim Murray, Dallas free-lance photographer

About the Author:
Richard B. Trask Richard B. Trask is the archivist for the Town of Danvers, Massachusetts, formerly known as Salem Village.  He is the curator of the 30-acre Rebecca Nurse Homestead, was chairman of the Salem Village Witchcraft Tercentennial Committee, and is a descendant of several witchcraft victims.  He lives with his wife Ethel in a circa 1681 house in Danvers, Massachusetts, which they have restored. 

An authority on the Salem Village witchcraft delusion of 1692, Trask served as historical consultant to an American Playhouse documentary-drama on the subject.  The author of several books and dozens of magazine articles, Trask lectures extensively, has taught college courses on history and architecture and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and documentaries.  His research into the Kennedy assassination began at age 16.  In 1999, having received accolades and recommendations from many, including Dan Rather of CBS News, Trask received an honorary doctorate from Salem State College in recognition of his arduous research and contribution to the historic record in both the Salem Village witch hysteria and the assassination of President Kennedy. 

His other books are Pictures of the Pain:  Photography and the Assassination of President Kennedy, and The Devil Hath Been Raised:  A Documentary History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Outbreak of March 1692.

Published By:
Yeoman Press, Danvers, Massachusetts,
© 1998 and 2000, Revised/Updated Edition of 2000, ISBN 0963859536, 
144 pages, acid-free paper, 8-1/2" x 11" Hardback issued without Dust Jacket.
About the Book:
Follow three professional photographers as they scramble to record the most dramatic and far-reaching news story of the last half of the twentieth century.  This volume preserves the work of White House photographer Cecil Stoughton, Associated Press photographer James Altgens and Dallas free-lance photographer Jim Murray.  Hear these articulate observers recount the traumatic, historic and sad events they witnessed.  Examine their photo coverage in large-format, full frame images made on November 22, 1963.

This new and enlarged hardcover, acid-free paper, 144-page, 8½" x 11" book reproduces 125 photographs.  Included here is coverage of President Kennedy’s Fort Worth morning activities, his reception at Love Field in Dallas, the motorcade and assassination scene, activity at Parkland Memorial Hospital, the casket arriving back at Air Force One, the swearing-in of Lyndon Johnson as President, activity in and around Dealey Plaza and the Texas School Book Depository following the assassination, the Dallas Trade Mart, the Dallas Sheriff’s office and activity at the Dallas Police Department, the showing of Oswald to the press, the Tippit funeral and Jack Ruby’s December bail hearing.

Also included are the circumstances relating to several later controversial photographs taken by these three photographers, including “the wink photo,” Oswald in the Book Depository doorway, Ruby in Dealey Plaza, activity around the sewer cover, and the “second assassin” gun.  Many of the photographs in this book have never been published before, including a newly discovered photo of the Grassy Knoll just after the shooting, taken by LIFE photographer Art Rickerby from the motorcade. Photos also include scenes of the “Impeach Earl Warren” sign, Trauma Room Two, Oswald at Parkland, and portraits of Rev. Huber, Marguerite Oswald and Jack Ruby. 

The skill of these three photographers and their ability to locate themselves at the right place at the right time allows us to experience in dramatic words and with on-the-spot pictures, one of the seminal events of the 20th century history.  On that day in Dallas, American history was changed forever.

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About the Book and About the Author, as well as the pictures, are used with the permission and through the courtesy of the publisher.

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