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The Devil Hath Been Raised THE DEVIL HATH BEEN RAISED:


Revised and Expanded to Include a Collection of 19
Newly-Located Witchcraft Documents

Also Includes:
• Witchcraft sermon Christ’s Fidelity, delivered by Reverend Deodat Lawson and reprinted here for the first time since its 1704 publication

10 Rare illustrations:
• An early map of the center of Salem Village
• A portrait of Reverend Samuel Parris
• Artifacts excavated from the minister's parsonage in 1970
• Pictures of sites, houses, and documents

About the Author:
Richard B. Trask Richard B. Trask is the archivist for the Town of Danvers, Massachusetts, formerly known as Salem Village.  He is the curator of the 30-acre Rebecca Nurse Homestead, was chairman of the Salem Village Witchcraft Tercentennial Committee, and is a descendant of several witchcraft victims.  He lives with his wife Ethel in a circa 1681 house in Danvers, Massachusetts, which they have restored. 

An authority on the Salem Village witchcraft delusion of 1692, Trask served as historical consultant to an American Playhouse documentary-drama on the subject.  The author of several books and dozens of magazine articles, Trask lectures extensively, has taught college courses on history and architecture and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and documentaries.  His research into the Kennedy assassination began at age 16.  In 1999, having received accolades and recommendations from many, including Dan Rather of CBS News, Trask received an honorary doctorate from Salem State College in recognition of his arduous research and contribution to the historic record in both the Salem Village witch hysteria and the assassination of President Kennedy. 

His other books are Pictures of the Pain:  Photography and the Assassination of President Kennedy, and That Day in Dallas:  Three Photographers Capture on Film the Day President Kennedy Died.

Published By:
Yeoman Press, Danvers, Massachusetts,
© 1992 and 1997, Revised/Updated Edition of 1997, ISBN 096385951x,
196 pages, 10 illustrations, acid-free paper, sewn binding, 6" x 9" Paperback
About the Book:
The Devil Hath Been Raised, first released in limited issue in 1992, has been expanded to 196 pages and reproduces 19 previously ungathered witchcraft documents.

The Salem witchcraft outbreak of 1692 is one of the most notorious incidents of colonial American history.  Historian Richard B. Trask has re-examined, newly transcribed, and arranged in chronological order all the surviving sources relating to the beginnings of the witchcraft hysteria during March of 1692.  Included is the important witchcraft sermon Christ’s Fidelity, delivered by Reverend Deodat Lawson and reprinted here for the first time since its 1704 publication.

The important characters of the witch outbreak come alive to the reader, who learns what they said and did, and how this local incident evolved into the largest “witch hunt” in American history.  Cases represented include those of Sarah Good, Sarah Osburn, Tituba, Martha Cory and Rebecca Nurse.  To capture an inclusive picture of the 1692 village, biographies of the 67 chief characters, excerpts from English witchcraft volumes used by the Salem inquisitors, and narratives of the March events recorded by 17th century writers are included.  Rare illustrations include an early map of the center of Salem Village, a portrait of Reverend Samuel Parris, artifacts excavated from the minister’s parsonage in 1970, and pictures of sites, houses and documents.

Nineteen witchcraft documents, previously thought to be lost forever, have been discovered and gathered by the author and are reproduced here together for the first time.  Dating between April and September 1692, these documents include examinations, indictments and depositions in the cases of Giles Cory of Salem Farmes, Mary English of Salem, Margaret Scott of Rowley, Rachel Clinton of Ipswich, Mary Lacey Sr. and Jr., Richard Carrier and Rev. Francis Dane of Andover, Margaret Prince and Joanna Penny of Gloucester, Mary Green and Hannah Bromage of Haverhill, and Reverend George Burroughs of Wells, Maine.  The preliminary examination of Cory, who was later tortured to death, is the only record of his words to the court in 1692; while the six documents relating to Margaret Scott, who was executed on September 22, 1692, add significant information to the only two previously known manuscripts concerning her case.

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About the Book and About the Author, as well as the pictures, are used with the permission and through the courtesy of the publisher.

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