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About the Author:
Richard B. Trask Richard B. Trask is the archivist for the Town of Danvers, Massachusetts, formerly known as Salem Village.  He is the curator of the 30-acre Rebecca Nurse Homestead, was chairman of the Salem Village Witchcraft Tercentennial Committee, and is a descendant of several witchcraft victims.  He lives with his wife Ethel in a circa 1681 house in Danvers, Massachusetts, which they have restored. 

An authority on the Salem Village witchcraft delusion of 1692, Trask served as historical consultant to an American Playhouse documentary-drama on the subject.  The author of several books and dozens of magazine articles, Trask lectures extensively, has taught college courses on history and architecture and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and documentaries.  His research into the Kennedy assassination began at age 16.  In 1999, having received accolades and recommendations from many, including Dan Rather of CBS News, Trask received an honorary doctorate from Salem State College in recognition of his arduous research and contribution to the historic record in both the Salem Village witch hysteria and the assassination of President Kennedy. 

His other books are That Day in Dallas:  Three Photographers Capture on Film the Day President Kennedy Died, and The Devil Hath Been Raised:  A Documentary History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Outbreak of March 1692.

Published By:
Yeoman Press, Danvers, Massachusetts,
© 1994, ISBN 0963859501, 
640 pages, 8-1/2" x 11" Hardback with Dust Jacket.
About the Book:
Read first-ever interviews of
  • Dave Wiegman
  • Tom Craven
  • Frank Cancellare
  • William Allen
  • Henry Burroughs
  • David Miller
  • Clint Grant
  • Robert Croft
  • Jim Murray 
  • among others
And new interviews of:
  • Phil Willis
  • Jim Altgens
  • Cecil Stoughton
  • Charles Bronson
  • Tom Alyea
  • F. M. Bell
  • Tom Atkins
  • Tom Dillard
  • and others
Delve into topics including:
  • Media coverage of the Texas trip
  • The Fort Worth reception
  • Love Field arrival
  • The motorcade and assassination
  • Activities at the "Grassy Knoll"
  • Search of Dealey Plaza and the Book Depository
  • Events at Parkland Hospital
  • The casket arrival at Air Force One
  • Oath of office
  • Oswald at City Jail and his murder
  • The search for photo evidence
  • The full story of the Zapruder film  (96 pages)
  • The "magic bullet"
  • "Z-313"
  • Analysis of Jean Hill's testimony
  • The "assassins" discovered in the Moorman Polaroid
  • Stories about each photographer and camera
  • History of the use and abuse of photo sources by the government
  • Media and critics
  • Photos misidentified
  • The Justice Department's botched use of the Bronson film
  • The story of James T. Hankins and his Polaroid
  • The DCA film
  • The establishment and findings of the Warren Commission
  • House Select Committee on Assassinations
  • Garrison investigation
Learn of the important photo research done by:
  • Richard Sprague
  • Josiah Thompson
  • R.B. Cutler
  • Harold Weisberg
  • Robert Groden
  • Gary Mack
  • and others
Weigh the results of the film and photo analysis done by:
  • Aerospace Corp.
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • FBI Laboratory
  • Dr. Don Monroe
  • Francis Corbett
  • Stanford Research Institute
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Itek
  • Luis Alvarez
  • John Lattimer
  • Tom Wilson
  • Failure Analysis Associates
  • Image Processing Institute
Consider the evidence surrounding controversial questions including:
  • Was Oswald in the Book Depository doorway?
  • Were the tramps impostors?
  • What happened to the gun clip?
  • Why was the V.P. follow-up car's door ajar prior to the shooting?
  • What happened at the round sewer cover?
  • What was the curb mark?
  • Who were "The Umbrella Man" and "Black Dog Man"?
  • Did the police or others rearrange the "Sniper's Nest" boxes?
  • Was a second gun found and filmed?
  • Was Jack Ruby photographed at the Depository shortly after the shooting?
  • Were Gordon Arnold, Beverly Oliver, Norman Similas and Ralph Simpson actually at the assassination scene?
Some Comments About the Book from Witnesses:
"Richard B. Trask, historian and archivist, has focused his scholarly eyes on but a few moments in time, but the picture he gives to us will continue to haunt 'til the end of time.  Fast, solid, informative, food for the hungry  'buffs' ... not just another theory. A collectible collage."
-- Cecil W. Stoughton, White House Photographer 1961-1965 

"Trask has done a superb job in reliving that tragic day.  He has somehow followed every step and thought of the Willis family.  His account is correct in every detail."
-- Phillip L Willis, Photographer-eyewitness to the assassination

"A powerful display of words and pictures graphically illustrating one of the most tragic moments in the history of the United States.  Actual photographs, eyewitness reports, and the author's standard of thoroughness qualify this book as a 'must read' chronicle of the real event taking place that fateful day."
-- James W. Altgens, AP photographer on the scene that day

Comments From Reviews and the Research Community:
"A magisterial book.  Scrupulously researched, well written, and admirably designed and printed."
-- Anthony Frewin, The Lobster, England

"The book will become recognized as one of the seminal reference works on its subject."
-- Brian Woolley, Senior Reporter, The Dallas Morning News

" invaluable addition to my library."
-- Gerald R. Ford, 38th President, member of the Warren Commission

"An essential basic book for every researcher on the case ... a masterful job."
-- Martin Shackelford

"... his chapter on the history of the Zapruder film is brilliant and riveting."
-- Choice

"Some of his observations are very perceptive, others even eloquent.  The book is a blessed relief from assassination literature loaded with assumptions stated as fact, polemical  diatribes, etc.!"
-- Jim Folliard

" exhaustive, very interesting, very revealing study on the history of the photographic record."
-- Dr. Kermit Hall, member Assassination Records Review Board

"I have found your scholarship incredible.  Despite its length and scholarship, the book is quite intimate and personal."
- Dennis Ford

"You've done for the photo evidence what Sylvia Meagher did for the Warren volumes.  We are all in your debt and the historical record is now much more accurate and complete."
-- Gary Mack, Archivist The Sixth Floor, Dallas

"...the finest work in the photographic evidence that has been or will be produced."
-- Harrison E. Livingstone, author of Killing Kennedy

“Never before Richard Trask’s Pictures of the Pain has any book provided such an exhaustive, even-handed survey of documentary evidence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Most writers on this subject succumb to the temptation to skew or manipulate the evidence:  Richard Trask never does.  He has written the definitive book on the subject.”
-- Dan Rather, CBS News Anchor

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About the Book, Some Comments About the Book from Witnesses, Comments From Reviews and the Research Community and About the Author, as well as the pictures, are used with the permission and through the courtesy of the publisher.

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