December 10 UK Unsilent Night in Middlesbrough (contact Judith_Croft@middlesbrough.gov.uk)
Dec. 13-17 NYC Everywhere at Brooklyn Academy of Music
December 17 San Diego CA Unsilent Night in San Diego (sounds@accretions.com)
December 17 Sydney, Australia Unsilent Night debuts down under (filmcement@gmail.com)
December 18 New York City Unsilent Night begins in Washington Square (boombox@mindspring.com)
December 18 Vancouver BC Unsilent Night begins in Alexander Park (colin@crypticmusic.com)
December 19 Philadelphia PA Unsilent Night begins in Rittenhouse Square (www.relache.org)
December 21 San Francisco CA Unsilent Night begins in Mission Dolores Park (colinb@sonic.net)
December 21 Whitehorse, YT Unsilent Night in the Yukon! (christine@tarius.ca)
February 10 Torino, Italy World premiere of new boombox piece at Winter Olympics
May 24 NYC Locus Solus:Prologue at Whitney Altria space
June 10-11 Philadelphia PA Locus Solus at Ryerss Museum
November NYC World premiere of Mass at World Financial Center Winter Garden

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