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This modified longbow design results in a longbow that shoots smoother and faster than the straight longbow. This bow comes in lengths of 62", 64", 66", and 68". The hand grip is covered with leather and laced with sinew.
The following are some examples of  the Deluxe Reflex-Deflex longbows 
Click on picture for larger view
All bows come with leather wrap
Click on picture for larger view
All bows have decorative overlays on the belly

Remember, you can choose your own wood combinations for a truely one of a kind bow!

Click on picture for larger view
Each bow has decorative overlays on back of bow
Click on picture for larger view
This shows the reflex-deflex limb unstrung
Information Needed to Design Your Own Deluxe Reflex-Deflex Longbow
Bow length, choose 62, 64, 66 or 68 inch length
Draw length and bow weight at your draw length(example 55#@27")
Right or left handed bow
Riser woods(examples, cocobolo, bocota, osage, walnut, bloodwood, ebony, purple heart, persimmon, and others)
Limb material (examples, bamboo, osage, red elm, walnut, maple, persimmon, and others)
Basic bow:  Includes riser made from one wood (no stripes), your choice of limb laminations, Moose antler tips or 3 layer wood tips both fast flight compatable.  Decoratice overlays on back and belly.  The bow also comes with flemish twist fast flight string, beaver fur silencers and string nock.                   $595.00
Extras:  Carbon laminations inside limbs(max 3 lams) add $60.00 per lamination.
Single stripe in riser, add $40.00
Teo stripes in riser add $60.00
Riser woods that we don't normally carry may cost extra. 


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