I don't write in a very linear fashion. I tend to jump around a lot. This means I'll start something, then skip ahead to a later chapter, then go back and rewrite everything that came first before going on with what comes next. It's not very efficient, I know, but it works for me. Still, I thought, "Why not post something anyway?" So here's what I've done so far. Have a look.
Remember though, it's all very rough, and subject to change at any time. You have been warned. Read at your own risk.

One Nation

Last Update: August 6, 2000

This began as a follow up to "As Long as Earth Endures," and I think is going to finish as a series of three stories that will serve as my alternative (ahem) to X:WP Season Five. It involves Amazons (hence the title), Xena's mother, and some unfinished business from "One Against an Army." I've had the basic idea for over a year now, and at this point all I'm sure of is that it's gonna be long, and probably a major tear-jerker.
Chapter One Chapter Two

Lunacy's Review
(Highly Recommended!)


Straight Through the Heart

Last Update: October 8, 2000

Welcome to my first "Uber." Inspired by (among other things) a documentary I saw on PBS, then another one I caught a month or two later on The Discovery Channel. It's set in the US around 1890, and as with most Ubers it's about the joy of soulmates reunited, and an ageless love that never dies -- as soon as they sort through a few issues and figure all that out of course. I may wind up changing the title, although all things considered, I can't help giggling at the somewhat ironic pun.
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three

Lunacy's Review
(Highly Recommended!)

Bracer's Realm