Magic Aire II Advanced Food Dehydrator

Price: $119.95

According to the FDA, dehydrating retains 95-97% of the nutrients in the original food. Canning and freezing retain only 20-30% and 40-60% respectively.

Twelve square feet of drying space- enough to dry 1/4 bushel of produce at one time. With 16 trays it will dry almost 1/2 a bushel of produce at a time.

100% solid state circuitry precisely controls the drying chamber temperature to a plus/minus 1 degree of optimum drying temperature. The Magic Aire II operates by forced air, not convection, a feature, which decrease drying time and prevents spoilage.

Dehydrator trays and housing made of KJW and ABS high grade, high impact material, which adds rigidity and strength to the structure. Dehydrators made with less expensive plastics eventually lose their shape.

Costs only $.04 per hour to run!

Includes 8 trays with capacity up to 16 trays.

Dehydrator Accessories

Mesh Tray Inserts--set of 6: $12.99

Accessory Dehydrator Tray--set of 2: $20.00

Also available Air Preserve II

Price: $179.00

The Air Preserve is round and comes with 8 trays which can build to a total of 30 trays.