Is the Anapestic Beat Evil?

The other side says: My response
"Dr. David Nobel, another medical doctor and an authority on music, has done extensive research on the value of music rhythms [score] corresponding to body rhythms. He writes that, None of these qualities accrue to the rock sound. Instead, rock contains harmonic dissonance and melodic discord while it accents rhythm with a big beat. In fact, the anapestic beat [two short beats, a long beat, then a pause] used by many rock musicians actually is the exact opposite of our heart and arterial rhythms [thereby causing an immediate loss of body strength]."
  1. The anapestic beat in question can apply to all musical styles. One example is the Presto section of Franz Schubert's "Fantasy in C Major (Wanderer Fantasia)", Op. 15, D.760. Are we to discard this classical selection along with anapestic rock music because it constitutes a health hazard?

  2. The effects of the beat are completely subjective - the song "1979" by the Smashing Pumpkins employs the anapestic beat. It is not a Christian song, and I do not recommend the lyrics. However - it has been added to the play list of just about every "soft rock" and easy listening station in the country, because it really IS mellow and soothing.

  3. The same critics assert elsewhere in their documentation that rock music matches the body's rhythms and energizes the body, by stirring it into a sexual frenzy. Here are two exact quotes out of their material:

    Dr. Granby Blaine acknowledged an element of sexuality in the primitive rhythm and Dr. Bernard Saibel, supervisor of the State Community Services in the state of Washington reported a Beafte concert by stating, "The music is loud, primitive, insistent, strongly rhythmic and releases in an undisguised way the all too tenuously controlled, newly acquired physical impulses of the teenager."

    And, finally, Frank Zappa of the Mothers of Invention put it very plainly, "Rock music is sex. The big beat matches the body's rhythms."

    Yet in the quote on the left, they assert that it causes an immediate loss of body strength. Come on, guys, you cannot have it both ways!!!

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