An Anatomy of an Attack ----

--- on a CCM artist. Now it is YOUR chance to write one of these personal smears! Hopefully this will show you the type of mental processes involved, and therefore the mentality of the critics. I guarantee you, in spite of their disclaimer that "they have nothing against these people", they definitely make unfounded statements (bearing false witness), tell half truths (bearing false witness), and otherwise display lovelessness and lack of respect for their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I can also tell you that even if my convictions were different, this process would still be distasteful to me. No matter what I think of somebody, I could not participate in the the type of heartless slander these Christian rock critics display. Reading the final product of this essay grieves the Holy Spirit within me. Even if every word was true - it would still make me sick to my stomach to post such things. I am of the conviction that satan has so filled the hearts of these critics with hatred for a musical style - that their conscience and hearts are seared to the point they don't know what they are doing.

Are you ready? OK, lets get started. You are "Reverend Bigmouth", you are 50'ish. You pastor a little church somewhere in the rural midwest. You believe the King James translation of the Bible floated down from heaven on a parachute in 1611. You only listen to good 'ole country gospel and hymns. You can't understand why anybody would like this new fangled beat music, it grates on your nerves. So you are on a "mission from God" to rid the church of this "abomination". It has become the entire focus of your ministry, you can no longer be "bothered" with non-esssentials such as preaching and visitation. But somebody has to do it --- your staff can take care of the rest.

You sit in your plush office, paid for by donations from your flock, and decide its time for another web page. So let's pick today's victim - somebody so mellow and non-offensive that if we can get dirt on them, it will prove our point that the entire CCM industry is rotten to the core. Actually, I will let the critics give us a start. They produced the following quote on the band "The Allies":

"---- whose album entitled "Virtues" favorably depicts on its cover a red Soviet-type flag composed of a Satanic triangle within a circle."

OK, there's a pretty blunt statement. Also pretty vague - what exactly does "favorably depict" mean? This is also a pretty safe accusation, considering that the album "Virtues" came out in 1986, and is now out of print. It would be very difficult to obtain a copy of the cover to prove or disprove the statement. Of course, once the claim is made, the damage is done to the reputation of the artist. One thing we cannot do is show the actual cover - it might be ambiguous in some way! This claim is just bristling with the old "mom, the flag, and apple pie" patriotism against the evil "communist conspiracy". But, lets use it as the starting point against our selected victim. He could be anybody - but today we are after the "Butterfly Kisses" artist, Bob Carlisle!

This song presents an enormous challenge to our entire anti-CCM "ministry". Not only has it acheived unprecedented popularity among Christians, but it has also introduced Biblical purity in family relationships to the secular world as well. The writer - Bob Carlisle - has been on many national talk shows, including Good Morning America on ABC promoting Christian family values. We simply cannot ignore this song, or we are going to lose whatever credibilty we still have!!!

It is going to take quite a stretch to make people believe this man is evil, but the bigger the lie the more chance the uninformed will believe it! Most people only look at web pages for 30 seconds and will not research them, so we can be pretty sure we won't be challenged in our assertions. We can handle what few objections come up by ignoring email - but we need to be sure we don't do anything that will get us sued.

TV Guide did us a huge favor, they published an article on Bob Carlisle in their September 20th, 1997 issue that connects him with the secular music business - we can use it. Looking at the article:

He co-wrote "Butterfly Kisses" with somebody named "Randy Thomas" - lets file that away in case we can't find anything more bad about Bob, then we can research Randy - guilt by association. We found out by accident he was in the "communist" Allies group with Bob -

Much of the article is benign - but WAIT - he was a session musican for Motley Crue! Whoa boy - we got him now!!!! We will really play that up! I got some song lyrics off a Motley Crue web page that will disgust even a liberal believer!

Another one - he co-wrote a song by Dolly Parton called "Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That?" You know we GOT to research that one - if it is lustful we can not only drag Bob through the mud, but also the enormously popular "Butterfly Kisses" can be slammed as being hypocritical! Well, an extensive web search didn't come up with lyrics - so we got to skip this one. Criticizing country music is treading on thin ice anyways - a lot of parents who don't like rock do like country. We will file this in our "useful dirt file".

Here we go - something very useful - a direct quote from Bob that puts down a heavy gospel message in songs! Here is the quote: "I'm not trying to stealth the gospel down people's throats." We are going to town on this one - making it look like he is ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ!!!

Anything else we can use in the TV Guide article? Another quote, not as powerful as the last, but we can take it out of context and make him look like a money grubber! "I think there is a silent giant out there, and it has car keys and knows how to get to a record store, and it hasn't been to that record store lately because there was nothing there that it could relate to. I think we've tapped into that." Good - we can ignore everythign else he said about why he wrote "Butterfly Kisses" and make it sound like his whole motivation was for money. "Good" stuff ----

Ah - his wife's favorite network is "Lifetime", maybe we can use that. But attacks on spouses might not be as well received, we better not go with that.

That's about it for TV Guide a secular source, by the way! nothing else much of use in there.

One thing we can do to really smear him is to use his ties with the secular music industry to associate him with evil. This ties in nicely with the popularity of his song "Butterfly Kisses", we can even imply that it is getting airplay because he is "one of their own!"

Another thing that we can do is to use his appearances on secular talk shows to discredit him, considering the long list of guests on these talk shows, we can make him "guilty by association" with anybody that we want. The critics have used this technique sucessfully in several essays, a subtle change in subject from the person they are attacking to another subject, something bound to be objectionable to even the most liberal believer. Casual readers might even think that Bob, himself is one of the perverted guests we are talking about. All we have to do is get his name in close proximity to the perversions of talk show hosts, and the next thing we know - there will be vicious rumors out there about him, doing our work for us! We are completely safe from lawsuits, because we haven't said he IS a pervert, that was a mistake a casual reader made!

OK, Reverend Bigmouth, lets smash those obnoxious butterflies! Let's do it in our typical style, and we can borrow from our other essays. Except I am MUCH better at html than they are. Don't forget our other tricks - use big fonts, centered, and red letters!

--- our final version


Consider the case of Bob Carlisle. Surely the singer of the teary eyed song "Butterfly Kisses?" is OK?

You better think again!

Bob Carlisle was once a session musician for the secular rock band "Motley Crue"! A session musician means he played right along side them! What was Bob "playing along" with? Here are some of the sickening lyrics:

All In The Name Of...

She's only fifteen
She's the reason - the reason I can't sleep
You say illegal
I say legal's never been my scene
I try like hell but I'm out of control

All in the name of rock 'n' roll
For sex and sex I'd sell my soul

Pretty, pretty so innocent
She says you ain't seen nothing yet
Brings me a dirty, dirty magazine
There she was for all the world to see
I try like hell but I'm out of control

All in the name of rock 'n' roll
For sex and sex I'd sell my soul

Says to me daddy
Can I have some candy
Wanna be your nasty
Anytime you want
You know you can have me

All in the name of rock 'n' roll

How is that for sexual purity? Still think the same way about "Butterfly Kisses" - knowing Bob's early work? Want more?

Anarchy In The U.K.

Oh I am an anti-Christ
And I am an anti-Christian
Don't know what I want
But I know how to get it
I wanna destroy your passion boy
'Cause I, I wanna be, anarchy

Shout at the Devil

He'll be the love in your eyes
He'll be the blood between your thighs
And then have you cry for more
He'll put strength to the test
He'll put the thrill back in bed
Sure you've heard it all before
He'll be the risk in the kiss
Might be anger on your lips
Might run scared for the door
But in seasons of wither
We'll stand and deliver
Be strong and laugh and

Shout at the devil

Another Motley Crue song is blasphemously titled "God Bless the Children of the BEAST"! Where is Bob's public renunciation of those blasphemous words? Remember - he was RIGHT THERE, "boogie'ing" along with them when they were sung! The answer is all too clear - there was no renunciation because:

He did NOT renounce satan!!!

After he became a "Christian", he was a member of the group The Allies, the album "Virtues" favorably depicts on its cover a red Soviet-type flag composed of a SATANIC TRIANGLE WITH A CIRCLE!

WANT MORE PROOF? The song "Butterfly Kisses" contains only references to "god". Which "god" does Bob Carlisle worship - Jesus or satan? Your guess is as good as mine, with lyrics from his time with Motley Crue and album covers like "Virtues".

But WAIT - it gets WORSE!!!

The song "Butterfly Kisses", supposedly a "Christian" song - has been on secular rock stations! UNGODLY! UNSCRIPTURAL!!! Christian music, supposed to be used exclusively to worship a Holy God - used by secular radio stations to make money and bring in more ratings for the rest of their "rock and roll" filth shows!

Instead of keeping his song in the church, where it belongs, he chooses to secularize it and "cast pearls before the swine" of the world!

There is just one problem with that, Bob:

MY LORD calls us to be SEPARATE from the world!

"If the WORLD hate you, ye know it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the WORLD, the WORLD would love his own: but because ye are not of the WORLD, but I have chosen you out of the WORLD, therefore the WORLD HATETH YOU." John 15:18,19

Based on this scripture, it's perfectly reasonable to assume that Christians are supposed to be DIFFERENT from the rest of the world. Surely this applies to the multi-billion dollar Christian recording industry and the millions of fans supporting it. But no - Bob Carlisle takes the success of his song and promptly turns it into a mega-hit - IN THE SECULAR ARENA!

Need more proof of Bob's compromise with the world?

He even recorded a special version of "Butterfly Kisses" - JUST FOR COUNTRY MUSIC!

more MONEY $$$$$$

What fellowship does light have with darkness? Lots, according to Bob! He has appeared on several secular talk shows, shows which have featured homosexuals, pedophiles, and every other manner of God-hating pervert! Is this the proper place for a "man of God" to appear? His very presence makes money for these perversion promoters, and cheapens his "testimony".


Listen to this inspiring quote Bob has about the true purpose of his music:

"I'm not trying to stealth the gospel down people's throats."

In other words, he is not preaching the gospel AT ALL through his music! And do you want to know the true motivation for his music? Bob says it best himself:

"I think there is a silent giant out there, and it has car keys and knows how to get to a record store, and it hasn't been to that record store lately because there was nothing there that it could relate to. I think we've tapped into that."

There it is, from his own lips:


Pathetic ----- that God's people applaud this man's song as promoting "family" values!

--- all apologies

Not the Kurt Cobain song - but apologies to Bob Carlisle. The stuff above is not written to defame or criticize him in any way. It is so full of lies, half truths, and distortions I hope nobody takes it seriously. "Butterfly Kisses" is not a song that fits our format, and therefore we did not play it. As the father of a two year old, however, you can imagine it has a special meaning a big impact on me.

The whole purpose of this essay was to show how small, narrow minded men pick a victim almost at random and, approaching from a pre-conceived notion, proceed to asassinate his character and ministry. Hopefully after this when you read one of their "factual" essays, you will know not to take them seriously, either!

Oh - one more thing: you Christian rock critics - please do not use this Bob Carlisle critique in your material! That is not why I wrote it. I wrote it to convict you of your lovelessness, and factual distortions that I have been documenting elsewhere. If you do post it, may the conviction of the Holy Spirit redouble on you with every "hit" on the web page or printed copy of the essay you produce:

"Whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven ----" portion of Matthew 18:18

I would advise you not to violate my wishes not to publish this fabrication of mine - unless you want repeated redoublings of conviction from the Holy Spirit!

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