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Barbara Here is a little information about me. My name is Barbara and I am a homemaker with a 3 year old named Sarah. Sarah is a joy to me and my husband and we enjoy doing things for her when we can. We adopted Sarah at the age of 3 days old and have an open adoption. It is really working out well and we are glad that we were able to have it open for Sarah.

We also have a 16 year old named Sindy that has been with us for about a year and she helps with Sarah when needed. She is a 10th grader and enjoys playing Volleyball.

I have been married for 14 years and have lived in Michigan, Georgia, and Florida. We lived in Michigan for 3 years and enjoyed seeing all the changes in the weather. It was nice to have snow but it was also nice to not have it for so long. We lived in Georgia for a few months and was nice to see the hilly terrain and some of the mountains. We also had the changing seasons which was very nice. We have been in Florida for right at 7 years and have made 3 moves in Florida. It is nice to have the beach and ocean but it sure would be nice to have all the season changes. At our first house we were only 3 blocks from the Ocean and it was nice to talk walks and feels the ocean breeze. In our second house, we were about 10 minutes from the Ocean but did not get to it as often. In our present house, we are about 20 miles from the Ocean, so we hardly ever get there but we try once in a while. I am not a real beach person because I do not like the sand and gravel between my feet but do like to see the Ocean once in a while. I also like seeing the mountains and nice scenery.

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas which is where I met my husband Bruce and married. I was raised by my Grandparents because I lost my Mother at the age of 3. My older sister and myself had a very nice life and my Grandparents did what they could for us. My Grandfather passed away when I was 12 and it was left on my Mom (Grandmother) to care for us the rest of the time. We eventually moved to the Northwest side of Houston for a better area and also due to mine and my sisters' jobs. My sister married in 1980 and they moved 2 blocks behind my Mom and me. Then I married in 1983 and we lived 2 miles from my Mom. We would visit my Mom every Thursday evening and when we moved, we would call her every Thursday night.

I like different types of music because of being raised by my Grandparents. The music includes Christian music, some classical, some country, some rock - n - roll, and even some band music. I like to listen to Z 88 and the oldies station. I also like doing needle point, painting, and some crafts when I get a chance. I also like bowling but it has kind of gone up in price, so do not do it as much.

I like watching Zena, Warrior Princess, Hercules, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Early Edition, Walker Texas Ranger, Star Trek, Touched by an Angel, Promise Land, and sometimes Family Matters. Once in a while I like to have a show that I can laugh with and just have fun. I like some of the old Westerns, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune and many others.

I like helping with little children when I can. Sarah has friends that come over to play and they all have fun.

A Tribute to my Mom

My Mom (who was actually my Grandmother) raised both my sister and I and we were raised in a Christian Home knowing the Lord at an early age. When we did watch TV, my Mom was always there to tell us about things in the shows that were not good and to stay away from. In a sense, my Mom used the TV as a teaching tool rather than a babysitter and I will probably do the same with my daughter. Mom always loved little children and was so happy when we adopted Sarah. Sarah was very special to her and we have pictures so that Sarah can know how Mom felt about her.

Mom was a very independent person and always did what she could on her own without anyone else helping. Up till she was about 88 years old, she would do her own yard work and own garden. She drove a car till about the age of 87 at which time she took herself off the road. During my school years, my Mom always took me to and from school because the schools were not within walking distance and there was no bus to pick me up for school. If either my sister or I was sick, Mom was always there to help us through and make sure that we took our medicine. Once I started working, I would ride with my sister to and from work till I could get a car of my own. Mom was glad to see that we were becoming independent on our own but she always liked it when we would rely on her for advice.

It seemed that Mom was always taking care of children and helped take care of my two nephews while my sister and her husband were at work. She always made sure that they had something to eat when they came home from school and enjoyed being there for them. When we adopted Sarah, she gave me as much advice as possible in knowing how to take care of Sarah and what to do for her when and if she got sick.

In September 1996, my Mom became ill and passed away March 1997. Mom was 89 when she passed away and we will always remember her being there for us when we needed attention or advice. Mom, we have always loved you and will miss you deeply.

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