The Characteristics of Christian Music

I have actually taken bits and pieces from two or three essays that give the qualities Christian music out to have - and answered them. Surprisingly, there is a lot here we can agree with! I think their perspective is limited by their personal musical taste, however, and the bias shows in a few cases. Please wait for the table to load...

The other side says My response

This tract carefully details the Biblical screens any music must pass before it can be labeled as Christian (Eph. 5:18,19; Col. 3:16);

what about Psalms 150?????

Its lyrics should be edifying, spiritually oriented, clear, conforming to biblical truth, and point our focus to Jesus Christ. Our spiritual songs must be sufficiently clear so as to convey the truth plainly, and must be consistent with biblical revelation (i.e., sound doctrine)-the words should focus upon the Lord Jesus Christ and encourage practical submission to God's order in all our personal affairs.

AMEN!!!! Anybody who disagrees, you might want to read our salvation track. I will make a distinction between songs that are performed in a church setting and those that are performed in a concert setting or recorded on a CD for entertainment purposes. The acceptable lyrical content under these circumstances can be expanded a bit to include Biblical principles, family oriented issues, etc. I also think that songs that convey the desperate situation of an unbeliever are acceptable. Certainly there are songs done by CCM artists that are good, positive songs in an entertainment setting that I would not want performed during a worship service. But for radio airplay, they are fine.

Most contemporary Christian music can be rejected on the basis of lyrics alone-even when the lyrics are audibly clear, the predominance of false doctrine and/or the shallow view of the person and work of Jesus Christ is often appalling.

But not all? What exceptions do you make?! I have to disagree categorically with the "most". The critics could only document problems with 50 artists out of over a thousand. That is no excuse for shallowness or hypocrisy, and when I find any of that I immediately exclude them from airplay. So does every other responsible Christian radio program and / or station.

Its score (the arrangement of the musical notes) should not overshadow the message conveyed by the lyrics, but should compliment it. The meaning of the word psalms originally denoted a striking or twitching with the fingers (on musical strings); only later did it come to mean a sacred song sung to musical accompaniment (Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words). Our psalms, or the arrangement of the musical notes, is a vital ingredient of the all-encompassing term we call music.

Absolutely no disagreement here - although those of us who enjoy the style of rock music do not have a problem with the score overshadowing the lyrics - we can hear the lyrics just fine. Perhaps you need better audio equipment? Obviously somebody who does not like rock music stylistically won't want to get past the score to hear the words. I also think that songs about the unbeliever can have a disturbing score, to highlight the unsaved condition of their soul. I think that in general, the score of music performed in a church setting is more generally confined to worship, whether that score is upbeat or subdued. I have also heard a negative score used effectively in "Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames".

This is because it is the area in which we are usually the most ignorant; i.e., medical research clearly supports the contention that musical tones and rhythms in and of themselves (i.e., without lyrics) can cause physical and emotional reactions over which the listener may have little or no control. Since the score of contemporary Christian rock music, with its syncopation and slurring of notes, is virtually indistinguishable from its secular counterpart, one has to wonder if spirituality is being eroded and carnality is being propagated. (One should always assess Christian music thusly: does it stir the flesh to boogie, or the spirit to praise the Lord?)

They took a really good idea and totally ruined it with their own musical bias here. Where they hear syncopation, I hear precision. Where they hear noise, I hear creative new ways of creating music. It is all in your point of view. My point of view is centered squarely in one direction - the praise of Jesus Christ when I am in church, when Christian rock is being performed! When I hear the music in an entertainment setting, I am always looking for that meaning in the lyrics. But that doesn't mean I can't also be having fun, both in a worship setting and an entertainment setting. If your worship isn't fun for you, but an obligation, I pity you. You are missing the joy of the Lord that is supposed to be a fruit of the Spirit. No wonder so much meanness comes out of you towards your brothers and sisters in Christ who perform music you do not personally like! My prayer for you is that the Lord will restore your joy.

Its character (the attitudes in the music and of the performers) should be consistent with the purity of the message it claims to convey (reverence, worshipful, etc.). Our hymns, or the character of the music, is its most obscure component.

I also agree whole heartedly with this statement. It would be highly inappropriate for Christian music to be perfomed in a disrespectful manner. A similar situation - I was appalled with the rest of the country when Rosanne made a travesty of our national anthem before a sporting event.

The character of much of what is called Christian music may best be characterized as charismatic, irreverent, universalist, socialist utopian idealistic, superficial religiousness, neo-evangelical, expressionistic, ostentatious, or in a myriad of other contexts (e.g.; What is the character of the music at a so-called Christian rock concert when whatever message is presented is punctuated by screaming guitars, smoke bombs, and a general atmosphere of frivolity?) And because the character of the music is not always readily apparent to the listener, it can have the most insidious effect on believers; i.e., tolerance or acceptance of false doctrine can arise from constant subjection to deficient and improper attitudes in music. The character of Christian music is easily adopted by listeners, which can then draw them away from the firm foundation of the Word. Music worthy of the name Christian ought to stimulate and simulate emotions compatible with true spirituality-the appropriate response to God and His Word.

I take exception with this part of the paragraph. Again, they have taken a really good thought and sprinkled in an anti-Christian rock bias. Notice what is included here - things that no Christian in their right mind would believe in - universalism, socialism, etc. But what is first on the list? "Charismatic!" I think there are millions of Christians that belong to Charismatic churches that would take strong exception to including that in the list! This essay is supposed to be about Christian rock, and all of the sudden you are bringing the interpretation of a passage in Acts 19:2 concerning the Holy Spirit into the discussion? I don't think this is the forum. If you do not believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as a separate experience from salvation, go write an essay on it but leave it out of here! Now - as for the "atmosphere of frivolity" - are we talking about a worship setting or an entertainment setting? A concert, as I have argued elsewhere, is neither, and both. It depends on the heart of who is attending. I wouldn't recommend that you go, because in your mind it is a fleshly experience. But I have seen impromtu Bible studies in foyers, witnessing during and after, prayer, people prostrate before God - while others are dancing in the aisles. Whether the person attending is a Christian and there to have fun in their youth, or whether it is a parent sitting quietly in the back enjoying the music (or enduring it), or whether it is an unbeliever being introduced to the gospel for the first time, the heart of every person there is different. You cannot make a generalization about them.

I cannot make the stretch you do that the character of rock music is automatically incompatible with Christianity. Your argument makes sense to you, because rock music is a sin to you. Many of your essays are built on this assumption, and if that basic assumption is incorrect, much of your work falls apart. Sorry - its just not fleshly to me. It doesn't inspire me to "boogie" - it inspires me to worship in Spirit and in Truth, and in JOY - in a church setting. It is fun in an entertainment setting, and I come home encouraged at the large number of committed Christian young people who I have been with. It gives me hope for this next generation when I see multitudes of young people who choose things of God, often paying quite a lot for tickets - passing up secular entertainment. A conscious choice for God - in a youth culture hostile to God - this is a good thing!

(Each of the above screens must stand on its own; i.e., one good aspect of the music's nature cannot sanctify any of the others.) (Please refer to Eph. 5:18,19 and Col. 3:16 at the end of this report.)

oops - you can't include Psalms 150, it doesn't agree with you! What else do you ignore in the Word of God when it doesn't agree with you?

What kind of music truly honors God? Ernest Pickering lists ten primary guidelines for Christians to follow (The Kind of Music That Honors God, pp. 11-12):


1. Its message is Scriptural (Col 3:16). Good Christian music must present a message that is true to the Word of God and doctrinally sound.

I totally agree, but I reserve the right to add music that talks about Biblical viewpoints on family and other issues - perhaps only in an entertainment setting.

2. It should lead us to think in Biblical patterns and not be suggestive of evil either in message or in musical arrangement (Phil. 4:8). The text and music should not be cheap or tawdry.

I would re-word slightly "suggestive of evil". I don't think that is what you really meant or you couldn't sing any hymn that talks about sin prior to salvation. I would make it a more forceful "promote evil", that way you can sing Amazing Grace and not be in violation of this guideline. I also think that music that conveys lack of salvation is acceptable as a way of disturbing the unbeliever. I do not associate the rock style with "cheap and tawdry". I could apply that to any style of music I wanted, provided it was badly performed. That would rule out 90% of church choirs - sorry, but most sound like what they are: AMATEURS!

3. It should help us to honor God with our bodies (I Cor. 6:19-20). Music which tends to imitate the effects of godless rock upon the human body or which either destroys or impairs one's hearing is not Christian music.

AMEN! Finally someone hits the nail on the head - in a couple of areas! Any Christian young person who is sexually stimulated by the music has no business listening to it - PERIOD! They should abandon it for softer styles - IMMEDIATELY - and beg for forgiveness. I think that this is a rare problem, though, because the music itself is not capable of sexually stimulating, it is an attitude of the heart that does. This attitude is independent of the style. I remember piles of Elton John albums being burned after church youth rallies, because his music led to sexual sins, even though he performs soft and melodius love songs for the most part. Oh - and were you touched by his rendition of "Goodbye English Rose" during lady Diana's funeral - shame on you liking the songs of a sinful "rock" artist! There is no way those albums stirred up frenzies through the beat. It was the passionate lyrics --- and the attitude of the hearts.

A separate point - I think that the Christian rock critic has made perhaps his most valid point when he talks about the music destroying hearing! This cannot be justified under any circumstances, and I call on every Christian artist to turn down the volume during the concerts for the health of the young people!!!! I personally wear ear plugs at Christian concerts, and urge every person attending to do the same.

4. It will maintain a balance between spirit and understanding (I Cor. 14:15). Music that is primarily emotional froth would not fulfill this requirement.

AMEN to this one, too! But I would have to put a lot of hymns in this category as well. I have seen worship leaders, particularly in Charismatic churchs, try to "force" tongues and singing in the spirit. I do not say that tongues or singing in the spirit are emotional froth or invalid. I say bluntly, though, that attempts to force them artificially, as an expected part of worship, is emotional froth!!! Sadly - in the church service, the mere chanting of mantras like 'hondaaaa', 'shallla', caused an automatic response in the congregation that inevitably led to "tongues" and "prophecy" and "interpretation" that had more to do with emotional fluff than it did the Holy Spirit. I prefer scholarly dissertation on the Word of God from the pulpit rather than emotional froth. I was gratified when the attempt was made in youth group of that same church, the song leader and the youth pastor, after trying for 5 minutes, looked at some bewildered and bored eyes in their youth group, and promptly took the tempo back up! The true Spirit of God returned shortly.

I do not associate a musical style - rock or otherwise - with emotional froth.

5. It will contain words that are full of beauty, dignity, reverence and simplicity, words that are worthy of the worship of a holy God (Isa. 6:1-6).

I agree with this whole-heartedly! However, I would add "in the context of a worship setting". This requirement is also independent of any musical style. I think there is room for broader categories of lyrics in an entertainment setting, providing that they do not violate scriptural principles.

6. It will be free of mental association with worldly musical styles and evidence a holy consecrated character (Rom. 12:2; I Jn. 2:15). Music that seeks to copy the worldly approach is not honoring to God.

This is where I choose to respectfully disagree. To you, this is truth, and rock music style music is a sin. That does not make it binding on me, however. I will eat my idol meat in private, away from your eyes, so you will not stumble. Don't come looking for idol meat, you will get disturbed. But if you seek it out, its your problem, not mine. I cannot be responsible for every action I take in my liberty given to me as a believer that might make you stumble. I wouldn't be able to get out of bed for fearing it would cause a weaker brother to stumble. That's not liberty, that is BONDAGE!

"Standfast therefore in the liberty, wherein Christ has set you free, and be not entangled again in the yoke of bondage"

Yes, I know the scripture is talking about the bondage of sin, but I think it can also be interpreted my way as well. Here is an example of liberty - in Christ: God is doing marvelous things in the Orlando "Metro" fellowship, they are growing weekly in membership, depth of teaching, and so impressed even the conservative First Baptist Church that they allowed the use of their facilities for services, when they outgrew the theater they were meeting at on Bumby Avenue. Don't limit God to working in churches that feature your style of music. He is free to work anywhere He chooses through whatever style of music He chooses! There are many Godly men and Godly pastors who use up-tempo and rock music, and the move of God in this direction is growing daily!

Lets be careful, too about ALL mental associations. Not just secular rock ones. To me, too much church music is done in nightclub "crooning" style. I will say it again - nightclub ANYTHING has no place in God's house!!! Your deep throated soloist bellowing out "How Great Thou Art" gives me mental images of dimly lit, smoky, alcohol stinking BARS! Where people go to pick up and get picked up for SEX. Just how many cigarettes did that man smoke to make his voice that low? Does he still smoke? You are letting a SMOKER lead you in praise and worship? Besides the obvious problem with tobacco abuse and addiction, have you considered the native American RELIGIOUS RITUAL basis for smoking?

Your "fat lady" opera style soloist is offensive to me, too, because the lyrics to some Italian opera are amoung the most PORNOGRAPHIC words ever penned by the mind of man. WHY do you have music with its roots footed in lustful pornographic opera in your church?!

7. It should be expressive of the peace that accompanies the Christian life, not the clamor, confusion, din, and turmoil of the world (Col. 3:15-16). The various forms of rock music do not contribute to peace of heart but partake of the constant jangle of the sinful world. Christ promises peace to His people (Jn. 14:27).

Again, I would have to point out your personal bias in this characteristic. There are many people who do not hear clamor, they hear beauty - that stirs an inner excitement for the worship of God that remains dormant when slow music is played. They are passive in a traditional church setting, coming alive where the music is exciting. I would rather have someone actively involved in worship that passively reciting hymn lyrics. If some young person is shouting out the lyrics of "Not Ashamed" from the depth of their spirit to God, it is more pleasing to God because it is what they believe. I challenge the harshest Christian rock critic to tell me what they sang in church last Sunday. Not the title of one or two hymns - not a recitation of lyrics learned in childhood. What did you sing? From the depths of your heart - the exact way you felt about God - all to his glory - totally from your heart. If it is one "character" of Christian rock that you have missed - it is the character that absolutely demands total involvement by the listener. It is not meant to be passive, it is meant to be the focus of your attention and involvement. Maybe you seize on that as a negative, but when the young person is totally involved in singing lyrics that honor God, and understands every word and enthusiastically agrees with it - it is a much purer form of worship than many a church has!

8. It should be characterized by musical preciseness, finesse of poetic technique and should evidence a structure of harmony and order. God is a God of order and not disorder (I Cor. 14:40).

AMEN! But where you see disorder I see a new type of musical discipline and style. Something sadly lacking in amateurish church choirs - most of which are well intentioned but have no business performing in public. I may be stepping on a lot of toes, but I think the church should find its most talented musicians and call on them to perform in a small ensemble rather than put 3 dozen lay people in robes, rehearse them once a week, and call it a "choir". The end result leaves much to be desired, and is a monument to the church membership's tolerance to badly performed music than it is "worship". I have been there, "drafted" for a choir - and I had to pray to God to forgive my incompetance. Church settings with a small ensemble are thankfully becoming more common, and offer some real hope of worship to long- suffering congregations. It is not for all churches - the church I described above with the forced "tongues" had an ugly split over it. The well liked song leader sounded like Jim Baccus (Mr. Magoo) and kept the church organ tuned like a circus calliope - well intentioned and sincere, but not very appealing to anybody who knows good music and wants to hear it used to praise God!

A challenge to traditionalists: there is nothing I like more than attending a service where traditional hymns are performed by a really good choir with a good organist. I haven't heard anything like that in YEARS - and I have visited some of the largest churchs in the country. What is wrong? I will tell you - the simple, traditional, good arrangements of these hymns and anthems have been replaced by new - absolutely LOUSY arrangements! I would think at Christmas at least you could do Christmas carols the way I remember them. But no - I haven't heard them. I hear different stuff, some of it pretty secular by the way, at your pageants and singing Christmas trees. GARBAGE is too mild of a word. I want to hear the stuff I remember from childhood - I miss it! Maybe I would come to your services more if you would go back to your classical roots. Particularly at that season - I do not want new arrangements!!! For a true traditionalist, there may soon be NO place to go worship!

Another challenge to traditionalists - WE ARE NOT ALL SOPRANOS!!!!! I simply CANNOT SING hymns in most churches because all I hear is the high stuff. I had the great pleasure of attending church with my grandfather, who could teach you all a thing or two about the congregation singing - he sang the second lowest set of notes out of four - I don't know what its called, but my voice fit perfectly! I sounded really good when I sang the way he did. But everybody around us looked at us like we were doing something wrong. After he died, I couldn't sing anymore, I didn't have somebody singing the right notes next to me. It happened again when I was drafted into the choir. I could sing along with the guys near me, who sang the low notes (I think that is called bass). For the sake of the 75% of your congregation that can't sing high - turn up the mikes on the choir members who sing the other parts. I even heard that some churches purposely tell the choir members to all sing high - and that leaves out 3/4 th's of your members. My point is that if you have a church of traditionalists who like this type of music, even if they WANT to worship God in Spirit and Truth from the depths of their being, their voices can't make the high notes. You are driving the young people in those churches right to rock music because its simple enough anybody can sing it and sing it well! Enough of my soapbox.

9. It should promote and accompany a life-style of godliness, modesty, and holy quietness, and not modish fashion, suggestive acts, or sexual aggressiveness (1 Pet. 1:16; Tit. 2:11-12).

AMEN! I have no problems at all with this. Any Christian artist who does not have a lifestyle worthy of emulation will not get airplay from me! Just be a little careful not to be too much of a fruit inspector - think of how your church would react if John the Baptist walked through the door - stinking to high heaven, no footwear (doesn't that violate a health code), wearing skins, unkempt hair. Would you shake his hand with a smile at the front door? Sit by him all through the service (with his body odor?) My point is that there are some Christian artists out there living Godly lives and being good witnesses that you would not be comfortable with. You must allow them to be individuals, used by God as they are, where they are - without your limited judgement of their usefulness in the Kingdom of God!

10. It should not contribute to the temptation of new or weak believers (Rom. 14:13,21; 15:2). Music that reminds newly-saved converts of their old life of sin is to be abhorred and rejected.

AMEN! I have no problem with this. If rock music was a stumbling block, and remains one after salvation, they should shun it! PERIOD - no discussion! If it is neutral, having no bearing on their spiritual life, or adds to their worship experience, then it is acceptable for them to listen. I think the vast majority of young people fall in this category.

The erosion of musical standards among contemporary Christians parallels the erosion of convictions and practices in other areas as well. It denotes a spirit of compromise with the world which must be vigorously opposed by strong Christian leaders. As in all areas of our lives believers should ever follow the admonition of Paul: Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God (I Cor. 10:31).

This pre-supposes an erosion in musical standards. Where he see an erosion, I see new and creative musical styles. It also pre-supposes a connection between changing musical styles and changing morals. The two are occurring simultaneously, but I do not see the connection he does. At the very least, it is a chicken and the egg syndrome. Is the changing musical style leading the changes in society, or merely a reflection of the culture that exists around it. I think the latter makes more sense - causes of societal decay probably have much more to do with materialism and the influence of European philosophies on our soldiers during two wars. The decay of the church in continental Europe due to these new philosophies spread to the United States when our young people were exposed to them.

I have some more extensive comments here, so I am breaking out of the right column for a while:

If rock music, and therefore Christian rock, is merely a reflection of our society - then is it evil? The critics say yes - I say no. You decide which side you are on. I can tell you that I am going to bother them by these essays. I present a very real threat to their entire system of logic. I am their worst nightmare - a true man of God, uncompromisingly walking for and with God, who is ministered to and ministers with Christian rock music. According to them, I cannot exist, or at least must be discredited - or they must acknowlege an exception. I have no problem with their exceptions - if they can produce 42 letters or however many it was from Christian young people, I have no problem with that - for those young people it is a sin and as a youth leader I would counsel them to stay away from it. I would help them do it by suggesting soft hymn CD's, maybe even buying them myself if they couldn't afford them. That is the balance that comes from adhering to ALL of the word of God, not just "proof texts".

Contrast that with the attitude the critic would have when confronted with a young person saved at a rock concert. It happens - guys - so what would you do? OK - two kids get saved. One comes to your church, one comes to mine. Lets start discipling - you in your way, and me in mine!

Your kid - YOUR way My kid - God's way

Your pre-conceptions force you to tear that young person's "salvation" down and re-mold them to your own musical convictions. You could not accept a simple conversion experience as valid, because you think the venue was not valid.

I would have the young person start attending youth services - with lots of up-beat (though not necessarily rock) music, and meeting young people - making a new peer group away from drugs and sexual permissiveness.

You would take your precious young soul and confuse the issue of salvation with the issue of music. You would schedule them for extensive counseling sessions to "set them on the CORRECT path", put them in a traditionalist church service full of older married couples who would shun them - after all, a newly saved young person may still have a very un-traditional wardrobe or hairstyle. You would be very lucky if you didn't lose them after the first week. Another soul back in Satan's Kingdom, and your traditions and convictions in tact - after all, they were never really "saved" anyway at that "rock and roll filth show".

Meanwhile, my young person would be dating Christians, perhaps able to give up smoking and drugs, their wardrobe and hairstyle would be changing, their new easy to read Bible getting devoured in that "quiet time" they have grown to love - visions of mission trips to South America might be growing in their mind, dreams of that Christian wife or husband and family might be a long range goal. Christian rock concert trips are a relatively minor part of it - they might be once every 2 or three months at most, experiences to be looked forward to - for the fun AND fellowship of other believers.

Your young person is on the street, in the gutter, soliciting prostitution, getting solicted / abused by a pimp, dealing drugs / using drugs - after all not even Jesus worked, they didn't accept me in the church.

Coming home from a concert late at night on the church bus, the young person trusts me with some deep dark secret - from their past life they are pregnant or have AIDS, are abused or are addicted - or maybe that they are just totally in LOVE with Jesus Christ and their NEW LIFE.


As for me, an effective youth leader, in spite of the fact that God uses me mightily in His efforts to change lives, I have been categorized as "compromising with the world", "selling out to Satan", "in rebellion", "boogying instead of worshipping", "being shallow and fleshly", prone to "frothy emotionalism", being a drug user, a communist, an atheist, a Satanist, infecting the church with unGodly music.

Where did you do that to me personally? You didn't even know who I was! Paraphrasing the Word "whatever you have done to my brothers and sisters in Christ, you have done to ME". Is there something wrong with this picture? There better be! Wake up, critics and examine your heart before it is too late ----

The other side says My response

It is our conviction that rock music cannot be used to communicate spiritual truth.

Finally - instead of making dogmatic statements, they admit it openly! Sorry guys - your convictions are of no interest to GOD! I assure you that many Godly men disagree totally with you - after much prayer.

Often the melody in the Christian version of rock music is obscured and overpowered by the heavy beat-the accompaniment is so predominant that it completely overpowers any message that might be present.

YOU PERSONALLY cannot hear the lyrics, but many a young person can recite Godly lyrics of Christian rock songs BY HEART - which is much preferable to the same young person knowing Godless secular lyrics by heart!

How can rock music, with its origins in demonic activities,

This statement is not factual, as I have documented in my history of rock music essay. The origins are negro spirituals of the last century, coming out of the injustice of slavery

and with its proven adverse medical and emotional effects, apply to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Rock music is such a broad emcompassing style that you cannot make a statement that it causes "adverse emotional effects" - much of it is quite beautiful and soothing. It only causes YOU adverse emotional effects! I do part company with rock fans (Christian or non) at unprotected hearing, though. I have called publically for hearing protection measures.

Convictions must be based on the Word of God and not personal tastes, likes, and dislikes.

No argument, but have you examined your motives lately? You ignore important scriptures when it suits your purpose. At the end of this essay, I look at every scripture you quote in context.

Since most of religious rock, or so-called contemporary Christian music, has its roots in, and draws its inspiration from, secular rock 'n' roll, the result is worldliness in the music, and even worse, worldliness through music invading the church.

Sorry - I just don't equate a musical style with worldliness. Why don't you go back and argue against negro spirituals, or go back furthur and argue against Classical style and opera style? Because it was just a musical style, and one you happen to like. The rock style is indeed a new style of music, and is being performed by Christians. But this is no more evil than Christians in past centuries adopting other styles that were present in the culture in which they lived.

Further, it authenticates the rock sound by having professing Christians playing the music.

Not "professing Christians": get it through your thick skull, they are CHRISTIANS! Don't presume to judge the salvation or motivation of any other believer. The book of life was still owned by The LAMB - the last time I read my Bible. When did YOU borrow it?

When one applies the standards of Scripture to this form of worldliness (e.g., II Cor. 6:17; I Thes.5:21, 22; Rom. 12:2; I Jn. 2:15,16; Js.4:4; etc.), the wrongness of such music should be obvious to all who truly desire to please their Lord.

OK - its time to get out our Bibles. If they want to quote scriptures, at least ones that agree with their point of view, lets do it and see what the Bible says IN CONTEXT:

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