Kurt Cobain page is closed

Well, not quite. I orginally posted this page as a guide to parents to understand who this man was. He had, and continues to have, a tremendous influence not only on the music business, but on his fans as well. I painted a picture of a man tortured by guilt - under conviction of the Holy Spirit, and unable to deal with it. I may have been wrong. I took this page down because - in painting a picture of a man tortured by guilt that drove him to suicide - I may be unwittingly be helping a guilty individual literally "get away with murder".

Let me introduce this paragraph by saying that I am not a conspiracy buff. I do not take everything I read on the web as fact. I am not readily swayed to popular opinions. In studying this man, however, I have come across a well presented, intelligent sounding web page that indicates that Kurt Cobain may not have committed suicide - he may have been a murder victim. The person presenting their case established plausible motives, opportunities, and more than one piece of evidence supporting their case. I am not saying that the authorities who investigated the case did not do their job, but it would be all too easy to dismiss the death of another rock star to a drug-induced suicide. Perhaps some crucial evidence was unintentionally overlooked by an overworked detective. I don't know, but it may be time to re-open the case. No matter what you think of Kurt Cobain or his music - nobody deserves to be a murder victim. I cannot name any individuals as suspects here, nor provide a link to the site for legal reasons, but any search engine can provide you with many links to pages discussing this topic (some better than others).

Comments on this page

Many people have written pros and cons on this page. Kurt's fans are, or course, delighted that I would devote an objective article to him on a Christian rock music page. Most of the cons come from Christians, or people who have lost relatives to "copy-cat" suicides.

I have a really neat cousin, that I have almost never seen face to face. She puts a lot of things into words better than I can, and I decided not to edit her review of the page in any way.

Katherine's review of the old Cobain page

I understand the message you were trying to send and I like it, however, a more direct approach may have been more effective. I think that many children who like that sort of music will read that page, and hopefully, the artists themselves will too. I feel that that type of music may be an expression of the artist's anger and dissatisfaction with their lives. Unfortunately, I think that the reason why young people enjoy the music is because they feel the same way.

Young people feel sympathetic towards Cobain because they feel that he was shunned by so many because of his music and appearance. They also feel that adults do not understand the music or the lifestyle.

I think that when young people read the Cobain page they may think that if even the religious people of the world feel badly for Cobain, then they can too. Furthermore, they may think that if the Christians are taking responsibility for Cobain's actions, than they do not have to take responsibility for their own actions. Although your message was meant to tell Christians that they had a responsibility to help people like Cobain, I hope it did not give a message to young people that they do not have to take responsibility for themselves and their actions, because the Christian community will do it for them. If they screw up, it will be the church's fault for not finding them and helping them.

Ultimately, I am simply speculating as to how the readers of this page react when they read it, but I feel that the ones who have not found God are probably not reacting in the way you had hoped.

SO, here are some brainstorming ideas which may help you to send a message that will effect the people who are really in need of help; those who think behavior like Cobain's is to be emulated:

People who are in the public eye, espeially those who cater to young people, have a RESPONSIBILITY, to act in such a way that they affect their fans positively. If an entertainer, such as Cobain, shuns that responsibility, they affect young people negatively. By the time they shun this responsibility, however, the youths already adore the entertainer, and find the things they do, whatever they may be, admirable. Moreover, the young people tend to emulate the behavior. Hence, it is our responsibility as a society, to send clear and unambigous messages depicting the lack-of-coolness in the entertainer's behavior.

This may be done in any setting, whether religous, political or otherwise, but the message should be read by many people (most importantly those to whom the message is directed) BEFORE it is sent. By allowing segments of the prospective audience to peruse the message and by observing their reactions, one may formulate an idea as to how the message will be perceived.

I realize that it may be hard to find head-banging-mad-at-the-world youths in your church to test the messages on, but maybe some of your members know some who would be willing to test a page.

Additionally, those who are in the public eye need to be reminded of the aforementioned responsibility. Their actions are never private because the media follows them. As a result, they need to be aware that they are shaping young minds as a result of their role model status, and should behave accordingly. This is precisely why a web page, like one about Marilyn Manson, should be directed to the audience of the entertainers and to the entertainers themselves.

I guess my conclusion is that it is important to know your audience and cater to it. Most people reading this particular page will be "head-bangers" who have put the name "Cobain" in the search section of Yahoo to find out more about their idol. If Curt Cobain can shape their minds, I certainly hope we can.

It is a huge and admirable task you take into your hands, Bruce and I wish you all the luck in the world. I hope my ideas helped.

That is awesome! Great work Katherine - we need to get together more often somehow!

She referred to a Marilyn Manson page that I was working on, but abandoned. Not for a lack of material, just a lack of need. His day is fading rapidly because his music is just not that good. If I programmed secular rock on the radio, I wouldn't play him. There is not one single radio playable track on his last two albums. Not because of profanity or lyrics, because of musical quality. Lack of talent eventually will catch up with an artist. All he ever had was shock value. Where do you go from pretending to be the anti-Christ? That is about as shocking as anybody can get. He could never top it. I think he would do better with another style of music - maybe pop, where the musical quality is not important (like the Spice Girls).