Christian rock causes dissent - isn't that proof enough it is wrong?

This a mis-interpretation of the "eating meat offered to idols" principle. Paul rightly did not flaunt his personal freedom to the detriment of weaker believers around him. Notice I did say "weaker"! Still - he knew he was responsible for their ignorance, and this is a valid scriptural principle. The fallacy comes where you apply it to every contentious issue, with the intention of controlling the behavior of individuals engaged in "questionable" behavior. On the one hand, you have your personal conviction that they are WRONG. On the other hand, they have their freedom from bondage in Christ. Where do you strike the balance? The highest rule in scripture is LOVE. That means Christian rock fans not flaunting their freedom in front of you, and you not flaunting your opinion to them. Accept them as they are, and believe that they, themselves, have already brought the matter before the Lord, and he has not convicted them of sin. What may be sin to you - due to the representations the music has to you - may NOT BE SIN to them, because they are sincerely worshipping and being brought closer to Christ through it. Actually - the Bible comes as close to supporting rock music as it does slow music. I support this in my essay on reverence. So you have absolutely no scriptural basis for criticizing. It is a GREY AREA - you are entitled to your convictions, but you cannot preach them as dogma! You ARE scripturally responsible for your attitude of love for your fellow believer. That applies to you Christian rock fans, too - don't drive up beside a critic and blare Christian rock music at them! And you opponents - do not go around calling us backslidden, not saved, having no spirit of life, or language similar to that. You cannot know our heart, our spiritual condition! You may find us closer to the feet of Jesus in the rapture than you are!

I think the big problem here goes much deeper than just "Christian rock". The church seems to offer a haven to those who like to control other people - to "shepherd" the "weaker" brother. There have been some very bad cults that are based on the shepherding principle. What is your motivation for speaking out against Christian rock? Is it love? Or CONTROL of your "rebellious" teenagers? Did you ever stop to think that maybe even teenagers can have revelations of truth equivalent to, or even more profound, than your own? Do you really give your own kids, or your youth group, so little credit for spiritual depth? Are you looking at clothing styles and hair styles and making judgements based on surface appearance, rather than spiritual performance? Remember that these young people survive as Christians in a very culturally hostile environment - the state school. The church is under extreme persecution there, with the name of Jesus being excluded from discussion, except as an object of ridicule. Would you survive in that environment? Would you dare to play your radio on a Christian station at work? Or would that compromise your "professionalism"? Do you play Christian music on the radio in your car when you go with co-workers to a "power lunch"? What about that important client? Would you risk playing Christian music in their presence? Some of your teenagers would, and WILL when they are older, because they are doing it right now!!! They are listening to Christian rock around their unsaved friends, and inviting them to Christian rock concerts. Learn not to be ashamed of your Lord from them, and be humbled!!!

A slightly different perspective on "eating meat offered to idols". If you remove every action from your life that could prove to be a stumbling block to some weaker believer somewhere - you will end up not able to do anything. You will be afraid say "its a nice day" to some of them. I have seen things that ridiculous - a miniature "cult of separation" in the singles department at a large Baptist church. Any male approaching a female to speak to her was treated with stares and suspicions "what's your motivation, brother?" I didn't stick around that singles group long after that. I went to a neighboring church, found a nice young lady, and got married! THAT was my motivation, "sister"! I wonder how many of them ever got married???? I think some separation, though, is in order between Christian rock fans and traditional music fans. Just as there are separate denominations for different doctrines, so there should be separate services for Christian rock and traditional music fans. Otherwise neither group will be ministered to on a level where they are comfortable.

Other things cause even more dissention - some of them pretty ridiculous. For example - laughter. If you laugh around some people, they will tell you that the Bible condemns "idle jesting" - you ought to be serious. There is not one mention in the Bible that Jesus ever laughed. Why, then, do a lot of preachers break the ice by telling a joke? I have seen the books for sale in Christian bookstores - jokes for preachers to tell from the pulpits. You better hope that one of your members who recently came from another church hasn't heard the same "personal illustration" from another pulpit! Did you know there is a whole denomination that does not allow musical instruments in their service - simply because they are not mentioned in the New Testament? I guess they don't believe in the Old Testament, or they would have to deal with Psalm 150. I wonder if they tell jokes in that denomination, since there is no mention of Jesus laughing. They have no direct connection between their sanctuaries and their Sunday school rooms, because Christian education is not mentioned in the New Testament - really - I have seen this construction over and over again in every one of their churches!!!!! Gee - I wonder if they have bathrooms in their church. There is also no mention of Jesus using the bathroom in the New Testament. Yet I sure hope He did, or His complete humanity (as important as His complete Deity) is seriously in question!!! At one time, people were condemned for teaching the "heresy" that the sun, not the Earth, was the center of the solar system. What a disgrace those people brought to the name of Jesus Christ - linking His inerrancy to an argument propagated by merely human authority! These days, controversy is stirred by any mention of "evolution vs. creation". If we apply the same logic, there should be no discussion of Creationism (or Evolutionism) in the church, because it causes dissention. The only difference in some minds is that Creationsism is an "acceptable" issue, while Christian rock is "unacceptable". In reality, there is no difference. If you want to get rid of dissention, get rid of ALL issues that raise dissention, don't single out just one!

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