The Hallelujah Chorus is Satanic!!!

The Hallelujah Chorus contains a HARD, driving BEAT. What instrument do you hear more than any other in the Hallelujah Chorus? What instrument is it that pounds out that heavy beat?


(Boom boom BOOM ---- B'boom boom bo-om BOOM, even though the lyrics say "King of Kings, and Lord of Lords" - notice that it also talks about MORE THAN ONE GOD?!)

The Bible lists many kinds of instruments: Psalms 150:3-5 says:

3 Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp.
4 Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.
5 Praise him upon the loud cymbals:praise him upon the high sounding cymbals. Psalms 150:3-5

With all the many references to musical instruments, there is one instrument that is NEVER mentioned! The DRUM! Why is that? The drum was a very common instrument in Egypt and the lands around Israel. And yet the DRUM is NEVER mentioned in a King James Bible.

Did the Lord just forget to include the DRUM or is there another reason?

Is it because — drums are associated with voodoo, shamanism, paganism and magic rituals?

"[Drums] represents the beat of the heart and is played to summon up magic powers (Miranda Bruce-Mitford, The Illustrated Book of Signs & Symbols, DK Publishing, 1996 p.80)

"The shaman was draped in leather, dancing POSSESSED to a rhythm banged out on A DRUM." (Danny Sugerman, Appetite for Destruction, p. 208)

In Siberia, in northern Asia, drums are used in shamanic rituals to heal people. It is believed that the shaman can communicate with the spirit world THROUGH DRUMMING. (Louise Tythacott, Musical Instruments, Thomas Learning, 1995, p. 37)

"Pagan dances and rituals are always accompanied by the incessant BEAT of DRUMS. Rhythm plays a major role in these demonic activities." (Hart, Lowell Satan's Music Exposed, Salem Kirban Inc., 1980 p.71)

Robert Palmer is a contributing editor to Rolling Stone. Palmer has also taught courses in music at Yale, and many other universities. Here's what Palmer says about the drum:

"Bata drums [drums used in voodoo], sacred to the Yoruba people of Nigeria and Cuba: Their push and pull provided a template for the inner rhythms."

"The idea that certain RHYTHM patterns or sequences serve as conduits for spiritual energies, linking individual human consciousness with the gods, is basic to traditional African religions, and to African-derived religions throughout the Americas. And whether we're speaking historically or musicologically, the fundamental riffs, licks, bass figures, and drum rhythms ... can ultimately be traced back to African music of a primarily spiritual or ritual nature.

Palmer describes how drums are used in "voodoo" possession — and the same drum patterns are part of the Hallelujah Chorus!

"Bata drummers tap out their toques, or rhythm patterns, like signals to the realm of the gods, inviting and enticing them to come on down and mount or POSSESS their horses, or devotees. . ."

Here's an episode from the occult, new-age magazine, New Age Journal, describing the "possessing" power of drums. Notice, even the devotees of the occult stay away from those drums:

"I remembered a conversation I'd once had in Cuba with a reporter from The New York Times, 'Stay away from those drums,' he had told me, referring to the ones said to call down the gods in Santeria's sacred ceremonies. 'If I ever really gave in to those DRUMS, my life would change in ways I'm not prepared to take on,' he had added. I knew what he was talking about. It was all there in the drumming. Listen long enough, and some energy field, some kind of interconnectedness, became palpable. I was hungry for those drums. Yet I still ran from them." (A Shaman's Story, by Elizabeth Hanly (A Vodoun priest leads the author on a journey of understanding, New Age Journal, March/April 1997 pp.56-57)

Little Richard readily admits Satan’s control and influence in his life:

"I believe this kind of music is demonic . . . A lot of the BEATS in music today are taken from voodoo, from the voodoo DRUMS." (Charles White, The Life and Times of Little Richard, p. 197)

Danny Sugerman, writes in Appetite for Destruction:

"The shaman was draped in leather, dancing possessed to a rhythm banged out on a DRUM. . . To these people, communication with the gods was synonymous with DRUMS . . .the body can become the conduit for a deity, a deity not necessarily the same sex as the worshiper, and DRUMS are the catalyst for the whole process. The trance of the RHYTHM then begets the hysteria, which begets what Westerners simplistically call 'possession'." (Danny Sugerman, Appetite for Destruction, p.208, 181)

David Tame writes in The Secret Power of Music:

"Today's DRUMMER differs but little from the shaman in his incessant beating out of a rhythm, and likewise often enters into a form of trance while performing." (The Secret Power of Music, David Tame, p. 199)

The DRUM has always been associated with the paganism and the devil. In fact, a little more than a hundred years ago, drums were forbidden (except for the military) in America!

"The arrival of African slaves has had one of the strongest influences on North American music. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, millions of African people were taken as slaves to the U.S. to work on plantations in the South. They brought many of their own traditions with them but were forbidden to play their DRUMS." (Louise Tythacott, Musical Instruments, Thomas Learning, 1995, p.19)

Do you know why New Orleans is the voodoo capital of the U.S, and also the birthplace of jazz? Because drumming was forbidden in the U.S. – except in New Orleans!

"This was especially true in New Orleans. African-based DRUMMING, singing, and dancing, discouraged and repeatedly banned elsewhere in North America, had flourished there since the early eighteenth century. This unique heritage has informed and enlivened New Orleans music ever since, as well as distinguishing it from the rest of American musical culture, making the city an ideal incubator for a nonmainstream music ---.

When the first blacks from Africa were converted to Christianity they knew the power and evil influence of DRUMS. And the converted blacks strictly forbid the use of drums! They referred to the drums as "the Devil's drum".

"Historically blacks had drawn the line between particular instruments and practices; They permitted tambourines, for instance, but not DRUMS."

One simple guideline for Christian music is NO DRUMS!

WHAT???!!! You are asking yourself! This guy is totally OFF THE WALL! Believe it or not, this essay is almost VERBATIM what Dial the Truth posted on their web site as a portion of their new essay "Biblical Guidelines for Christian music". The ONLY things that I changed were:

That's all I did, folks!!! The rest of words are identical to the drum portion of their essay!

This points out, once and for all, the danger of blind adherance to a particular translation of the Bible - in their case, the 1611 King James translation. When the Bible seems to forbid one of the most powerful pieces of worship music of all time - the Hallelujah Chorus - you know something is wrong somewhere. What went wrong here is that they FORGOT to check what the instruments described in Psalm 150 actually were. There were no "organs" in King David's time - the word translates "DRUMS"! Yet I doubt that Dial the Truth would even acknowlege their error. To them, the 1611 King James translation floated down out of heaven on a parachute, and if it says "organs", that must be an instruction to the present day church. That, or maybe they think that King David actually invented the organ.

This sad devotion to an outdated translation is tragic. When the book becomes more important than the message, something is way out of balance. I have stated my reasons why these essays do not use the King James translation in another essay, so I won't repeat them here. Their challenge to us is "give us King James reasons or we won't read you". I am not going to challenge them back. That is not the reason I wrote these essays. I will not argue. I will not debate. I simply state the TRUTH in LOVE - the truth from God's word. Whatever translation (including the King James) expresses it best.

If you use the King James, and it is God's best revelation to you, that is wonderful. Whatever translation you have, READ IT! It does no good sitting on a shelf gathering dust. I would rather have one Christian reading a poor translations working in this ministry than 100 Christians who do not read their Bible regularly.

If anybody from Dial the Truth reads this, I hope you don't mind my poking some good natured fun at you. In this case, you deserved it!!! (Time for a retraction???)

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