Well guys - its been fun, BUT ----

It is time to move on to other web pursuits. I am therefore considering the site "finished", and closed to comments. In the past 5 years, I am happy to say that the comments ran almost 20:1 in favor of what is posted on this site. I am also impressed at the demographics of those who have written in favor of the site - pastors, youth pastors, youth workers, and professional Christian musicians. Thank you for all of your wonderful support and prayers.

The remaining 5% or so of comments have been evenly divided between those who are genuinely pointing out errors or expressing concern - and those who demonstrate a total lack of spiritual discernment by their inappropriate attitude. To those who respectfully disagreed with me - yet were willing to engage in friendly dialog: my thanks and love. I have made a few good friends this way. It does not matter to me if they ever choose to agree with my position. They agreed to disagree, and opened their hearts in love to me as Christ commanded.

To the very few who agrily assailed me - you received nothing from me but my love, and a prayer that you soon will return to the true doctrine of salvation by grace through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Just as the Shepherd knows His sheep - so can one of the sheep discern the difference between another sheep and a predatory wolf. When you responded to me with hatred, I ran straight to the Shepherd - my Savior Jesus Christ and His Word. I shielded myself from your curses with the Word of God, and with the protection of other sheep around me - my pastor, the good members of my fundamentalist, Bible believing, Bible preaching church. Your hatred cannot topple the house of God, or the authority my pastor. Your curses pronounced upon me are returned to you four fold in accordance with the Word of God. I will not miss your lies, which come from the father of all lies himself. Ichabod. I will not see you in eternity. I will be in the company of Jesus Christ, worshipping at His feet. You who know only how to hate - have chosen another eternal destination. May you be "happy" in your choice of "savior".


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