Q: How does my company get listed here?
A: Just email me at: , it is that easy! Sorry for the graphic - you know the problem with spammers ---- Please consult the submission guidelines.

Q: Can I link to this page?
A: Yes - any individual or company may add a link to this site on their Internet page or Intranet.

Q: Are there any mirror sites?
A: Yes, but they are not under my control, and some are not updated at all. Versions seven years old are still on the Internet.

Q: Can I copy these links?
A: The power of the internet is the FREE exchange of information. Feel free to copy anything you find here if you want. This site is not and never will be copyrighted. I encourage you not to do it because there is no way you can keep up with me finding new links! You are welcome to try but if you are that good at it, why don't we collaborate in making this page better for everybody instead of competing?

Q: Have you done any other similar pages?
A: Yes, of course - one example is my hurricane information page. Not all of my sites are as complete as this one, however.