1. Submittals are free.
  2. This site is narrowly focused on Electrical Engineering. I make some exceptions, however, especially if something has been particularly useful to me as a working engineer. I have been receiving a disturbing amount of solicitations to add gambling, pornographic, and other objectionable links to this site. Do not bother - this is family safe site.
  3. No purely academic sources - when I need to design something for work - I need practical, REAL WORLD information - in a hurry! I think the vast majority of Engineers trying to do a job on a tight schedule, and hobbyists trying to do that interesting project would agree.
  4. No forums or discussion groups - go look up a newsgroup.
  5. No international or non-English Web sites when a US or English site exists. I freely admit - this site is Anglo-centric.
  6. No in-line advertising for your company.
  7. Distributors are welcome, but no distributor generated manufacturer pages with only addresses and phone numbers on them - these never have the depth of information that you need anyway. The whole idea of the web is that you can come here for technical information and data sheets - not call some salesman at a distribution office. Sorry, guys - consider it payback for all the times you wouldn't give some kid in high school working on electronics a free databook or sample. I was one of those kids.
  8. No temporary sites such as Engineering trade show links.
  9. No Engineering book club links, or commercial sites that want to sell information.
  10. It would GREATLY help me if your submittals could be formatted as follows for my page:

    <LI><A HREF="">Your Company Name</A> your products and / or services, up to 80 characters

  11. I do NOT support email addresses, phone numbers, or addresses in the link - put them on your web page.
  12. It would also help if you indicated the desired category for your company. Be honest, don't request 4 categories - and don't request components if you make some specialized little niche widget that only a handful of customers buy.
  13. No addition timeframe is guaranteed - your link will be up when I can get to it. For instance - I recently had to move, and was totally absorbed in the process of job hunting and relocation for 3 months. I have your submittal - this is a spare time effort for me, but your link is important to me and will be added. Just don't get irate if it doesn't happen immediately. If for some reason I lose submittals due to a computer crash, I will call for resubmittals on the user guide page.
  14. Correctness of the link is YOUR responsibility. With thousands of links, I am not able to regularly check all of them. With that said ---- This is a page I use at work, and when I look for something for my job - you better believe I verify accuracy of links! If your URL has changed, and the link is broken - you are OUT OF HERE! I make one attempt to find you based on your company name, then I give up. Let me know if your URL changes.