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Unfortunately, the main Christian rock critics are making personal slams at various Christian artists. I am not going to reproduce them all, they can always manage to dredge up more dirt on somebody. But I don't have to - I think the comments here will show the mentality of these people and the boldface lies they are spreading.

Audio Adrenaline
DC Talk
Amy Grant
Jars Of Clay
Sandy Patty
Point Of Grace
Rez band
Michael W. Smith
Steve Taylor

Some very obvious omissions in their list of "hypocritical" artists: The Newsboys and Stephen Curtis Chapman. If I were out to destroy the credibility of Christian rock by finding fault with all of its leading artists, discrediting the Newsboys and "SCC" would be a high priority. They are so high profile, so important, that they could not be left without criticism. Interestingly, nobody has been able to attack them. Does this mean they haven't tried? Not likely! It means they CAN'T! Cracks in the bastion of their logic - big enough to make my point that they can't find fault with more than a handful of artists!

Update! See the list above - they got around to atacking the Newsboys! Read my response here.

I think that this strategy - to discredit a few artists and use that as an excuse to call the the entire genre of Christian rock evil - is POINTLESS! The secular world uses the exact same strategy to prove that all Christians are hypocrites - they point to a few cases like Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart as their "proof". Even if all the examples they quote pointed to artists that are hypocrites, they only adress a handful of artists. There are 1035 artists on the Lighthouse artist list - if the critics want to try to find dirt on all 1035 - I wish them luck, it is a massive project. I can absolutely guarantee that a small percentage of the artists are not saved, or are hypocrites in it for the money. I am NOT the one to judge them - God knows and He will not be mocked. I can also guarantee that the artists on the list who ARE saved are sinners saved by grace, and you can find some sin in their lives if you look long enough.

In conclusion, let me give a parting exhortation Christian rock critics, when you are tempted to level more personal attacks at other artists:

Proverbs 19:11

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