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Rez, which features a mother goddess type woman with serpentlike stringy hair standing on a Satanic circle on one of their albums; and Glen Kaiser of The Rez Band says, " . . . We're musical John the Baptists . . . I think God's called us to be prophets . . ." Whose prophets are they? In their song "Fiend or Foul" they sing for Satan IN THE FIRST PERSON:

I kill the children
before they're born
their little feet begin to form
Don't buy them shoes, they won't be worn
I kill children
I am not scorned.
To show her contempt for God, Jefferson Airplane (a.k.a. Jefferson Starship), singer Grace Slick named her illegitimate child "god". Jefferson Airplane's song "The Son of Jesus" spews their hatred and blasphemy of the Lord Jesus Christ, they sing, Jesus was involved in the occult, had illegitmate children by Mary Magdalene, and that God the Father was sexually attracted to Jesus' daughter. BELIEVE IT OR NOT! One of the songs the REZ band does is a cover of "BLASPHEMOUS" Jefferson Airplane's song "Somebody to Love"! And the REZ band, SUPPOSEDLY a follower of Jesus Christ, sings songs by BLASPHEMERS like Jesfferson Airplane! But that's not all! Another cover song the REZ band does is "Bargain" by the Who. The Who's rock opera Tommy was a BLASPHEMOUS mockery of the Lord Jesus Christ. Peter Townsend (who wrote Bargain) is a devout follower of Meher Baba.


"The folly in our passions
The prisons of desire
The foolishness of bigots
Tinder for the fire
In bitterness and exile
As foolish as it seems
In the coldest, darkest spirit
Silence screams
Silence screams
The echoes roar
Silence screams forevermore..."
It's pretty sad when the heathen produce more scriptural lyrics than so-called Christian! So much for the, "It's the LYRICS that are important" argument. Try finding spiritual guidance for your life in that morbid mess REZ calls Christian lyrics and you'll be a long time looking.

Rez is not attempting to be a prophet of satan - they are portraying him as a murderer of unborn children. It is a very good pro-life message. If we use your logic, then the writers of the Bible are also prophets of satan, because they describe the slaughter of children in the time of Moses and the time of Jesus.

I did not reproduce the lyrics to "The Son of Jesus", because they are totally offensive and also totally irrelevant to the discussion of Rez band. Rez did not record the song.

As for "Somebody to Love" - I think this is an excellent candidate for a cover version, because it is a song exhorting the listener to find a lover, and could be easily adapted to become an exhortation to find the true source of Love. I will attempt to find both sets of lyrics and add them here in the near future.

Here again, the artists are temporarily, as least, protraying non-believers or satan to make a stand on a social / moral issue or to contrast life as a believer to that of a non-believer. Anybody who has seen the play "Heaven's Gates / Hell's Flames" knows what I am talking about. I remember a very nice Christian man at my former church who was very embarrased at being cast as satan!!! And I have seen people ostracized for no other reason than they portrayed Judas in Christmas pageants. SAD!!!! But the same exact thing is going on here - in the critic's essays.

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