For which species above is the sun setting? Which species may not see the next dawn? The answer is:

All of the above!

--- And many more, including man himself. Did you know that during the next century, we could lose most of the large species of life on earth? The familiar animals above could be just pictures on a page, and test tubes full of DNA samples - awaiting funding to re-create the species for zoos. The cause? Men of greed, who are heedless to the natural world, its beauty, and the interconnectedness of all life on our planet. Or men of desperation who have no hope of a better life but to go slash another marginal field out of the forest in the hope of farming another few years - just to feed their families. In many areas of the world, these two types of men live side by side: Logging trucks of the rich and powerful rumble past subsistance farms of the powerless.

What can you do? PLENTY!

  • Be careful what furniture you buy. The cheap "particle board" type of furniture is most likely made from rainforest lumber. Rainforest lumber is generally poor in quality, and is chopped into particles. The environment takes a "double hit", because chemicals are needed to glue the particles into "wood". Do not buy particle board furniture. You will find that it is poor quality furniture anyway, and wood swells when it gets wet. It also breaks easily - forcing you to discard the old (contributing to landfills), and buy more (patronizing the destruction of more rainforests).
  • If you are Asian in descent, you have a special responsibility to educate your elders about the foolishness of their "traditional medicine". It is time for the Asian apothocaries full of their endangered animal parts and endandered animal remedies to be SHUT DOWN! It is time for the sun to set on traditions, rather than species.
  • Do not forget the oceans. Buy only dolphin and turtle safe products. Boycott goods from nations that still practice commercial whaling.
  • Watch what leather and bone products that you buy, especially abroad. Endandered ivory, endangered skins from endangered animals may look pretty as trinkets or trendy handbags or belts, but the price of driving a species to extinction is too high.
  • Do not own exotic pets, especially birds. For every one that makes it to the pet store, ten died on the way. This also includes tropical fish, which are often stunned with explosives or poison - the survivors being shipped to pet stores.
  • Do not support hunting and fishing of exotic animals.

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