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Stryper: In Which "god" Do They Trust?

The #1 "Christian" rock group is Stryper. Take a look at the reverse side of their million seller album, To Hell with the Devil. Notice the Satanic symbols. There is the upside-down crescent moon which to occultists is the sign of the witchcraft goddess, Diana. You'll also discover the tiny splotch of black blood.

Not convinced? Then examine the cover of this decadent group's latest album, In God We Trust. The question is, in which god does Stryper trust? Stryper's records are produced by Enigma Music Company (Enigma means "mystery") which also produces secular Satanic rock albums. The cover of one of Enigma's current top secular albums, titled Poison, features a young man with demonic looking paint on his face. Vilely, he unleashes a nine inch long bloody red tongue that sticks straight out of his mouth.

Stryper was a secular heavy metal rock band before they and their record company decided to make money off the gullible and deceived Christian community. The group is unisex. All have long, feminine-looking hair, in disregard of the Bible's admonition against it, and all wear heavy feminine makeup and rouge.

Stryper's atrocious behavior is not unusual on the tumultuous "Christian" rock scene. At a concert in Los Angeles, the popular group Petra played to a packed audience. A young Bible student who attended told me that after the concert the Holy Spirit convicted him and he began to cry out and sob in repentance. "I'll never go to another Christian rock concert never!" He promised God, "Lord, I know you don't want me to straddle the fence you want me far away from the fence on your side of it."

Tragically, to confuse and deceive young people, Stryper actually distributes tiny Bibles at its concerts. But God is not mocked. Jesus prophesied that at the Last Day, before His throne will come those who will boast of the many things they had done in His name. Then those who have attempted to use God for commercial gain and for vain glory will hear Jesus pronounce this momentous and shattering judgment: "Depart from me ye workers of iniquity. I never knew you."

You are really out of date here! To call Stryper the #1 Christian group???? They disbanded years ago! Update your web page! PLEASE!

As for album covers, they are MOCKING the devil, not glorifying him!

Here we go again with the tired old "guilt by association" heresy. You talk about the albums produced by Enigma records. Enigma is in business to make money - if they make money doing Christian albums, maybe they will make fewer satanic albums. Then you go on to talk about POISON in a STRYPER essay - still using Satan's tool of deception!

Here we go with the "long hair on men" argument again. Another version of this essay refers to it as "long womanish hair". I got some advice for you Christian rock critics - don't go saying that to actor Kevin Sorbo of the "Hercules" TV show or actor Joe Lando of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman". Both men are rather large and muscular, I don't think you would come out of the conversation with very many teeth left! I think some of the wrestlers have rather long hair, too, but I do NOT watch "World Championship Wrestling". Of course, Kevin and Joe are in good company - most depications of Jesus show him with long hair. If you start quoting this scripture, then you also have to quote scriptures about short hair being a disgrace on women. I bet your church is filled with women that have "short, manly" hairstyles. Face it - this topic is RIDICULOUS!

As for makeup - all entertainers wear it. Have you looked at Charlton Heston in "The Ten Commandments"? More makeup than a street prosititute. But a lot of that is because of a bad restoration job on the movie. The original film had more subdued colors. Criticize Stryper's stage makeup artists for a bad job, not Stryper. Try going on any stage without makeup yourself. You will look like a fugitive from a zombie horror movie with facial shadows and bad skin tones.

I have no argument with the young Bible student who did not like the concert. I would admonish him never to attend another one if that is his conviction. But his personal opinions and convictions are irrelevant - they are not binding on me or anybody else.

Come ON guys - do you really think the devil would pass out Bibles?! Get real - the LAST thing he would do is pass out Bibles and let people read the truth. The devil STEALS the Word away from people, not distributes it! Although I am convinced that if he can't stop the Bibles from being passed out, he will at least make sure it is an archaic translation that very few people can understand.

I have also noticed that the Christian rock critics list Bob Larson as being on their side. This is interesting, because I heard an interview with Stryper on his talk show over 12 years ago. For two hours, they were assailed by Christian rock critics on the phone. Stryper's loving attitude towards their detracters impressed Bob Larsen so much he became a defender of theirs during the broadcast! If I had to face two hours of somebody insulting my faith, my ministry, and my integrity, I might crack and say something unpleasant. But Stryper remain humble and loving for the entire two hours. WHERE does THAT attitude come from? The Holy Spirit or Satan?! Who gives the ability to love and forgive?! Listen up and listen good:

These guys were the REAL THING, spiritually!

They will know you are Christians by your love.

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