On personal musical taste -------

With all music being produced by the following basic elements:

  1. The blowing of air across a sharp surface, such as a reed.
  2. The plucking of a tight string.
  3. The striking of two objects together.
  4. Vocalizations produced by the human voice.

One begins to wonder at what point you should draw the line on certain combinations of elements. If you combine too much percussion at such and such a tempo, combined with the plucking of strings at a certain intensity - do you cross the line into "Satanic" music instead of "Christian" music? If you presume to draw such a line in the sand, how do you justify it scripturally?

This may sound like an oversimplification, but many of the essays attempt to do just that. Some of them would have you believe that anything above 80 beats per minute, and the song loses any spiritual significance, instead leading the elect astray. It cannot have the spirit of God, it offers no hope, etc. Some would make the argument about the intensity at which some instruments are played, etc. This is strange, especially in light of Psalms 150, which is clearly not talking about hymns.

It is far more likely that just as God allows a myriad of denominations to exist for every taste in the worshipper - from the traditional structure of the Episcopalean and Catholic churches to the most Charismatic Holy spirit miracle type church. Provided certain basic constraints are met, such as the deity of Jesus from before the creation of the universe and the inerrancy of the Word - the important thing is not the sign on the door but the message preached in the pulpit (and the integrity of the man delivering the message). I submit that the same criteria should be applied to musicians. Style is meaningless - it is the gospel message that is important, and the walk of the musician.

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